Explain to me why some of you (Non-French) faggots actually like France?

Explain to me why some of you (Non-French) faggots actually like France?



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I like France I just can't explain it

It had a good culture that the country is trying to destroy

it seems that it has less bydlo than here

>omg there's muslims there, this means every facet of the country is bad
Jesus christ.

France is atheistic, lewd, riots a lot and has a sexy language.
If they had some of the german autism it would be heaven.

They are our cousins, but now they are a new country, similar to usa. Earth of all and at the same time nothing. France culture is dying

amazing culture and history senpai

>liking France
What the fuck ? It's a muslim shithole.

I love everything about France, their culture, their language, their history, their painters, their authors, their people and specially their women. When I finish college I will probably move to France, some of my family lives in a little town that is very close to some very beautiful medieval castles and forests, it is a dreamland to me, and the weather is perfect.

I like their food, music, and language.
I've never been there, so I can't really say that I like France.

>When I finish college I will probably move to France
Be quick, next year borders will be closed and immigrants sent back.

I will jump the wall...


That was our fault. We kidnapped his king and foreced him to sign a humiliating treaty. So when he went back to France he became BFF with the muslims to try to fuck the Habsurgers.

come to Spain, spend two years in this hell to get your citizenship and then move to France

You'll be very happy here

Stockholm syndrome

t. Harki

>and then move to France
Yeah, because we will stay in Schengen zone when le pen is elected, right ?

I secretly like more france than the UK

>le pen
pick one frogger

Southern-France is really beautiful desu

I dont get it either.

France was more aesthetic and all but both are shit. UK is slightly better though as they pretty much colonised and civilised most of the new world.

We'll see.

I definitively will, you people don't know how lucky you are, you guys live close to Spain and Italy, which are amazing countries, too. The only thing stopping me from moving there is college, just five more years and I will be set.

I have family in Spain, too, so that's a possibility, but I've heard finding a job in Spain is very difficult and I don't want to be a burden for my family there but hey, never say never.

You're welcome sweetheart, don't listen to the butthurt peasant.

I-If you're studying something ICT related, you're always welcome here

>I definitively will
Dream on. Go to germany.


I'm in my fourth year of medical school so no :( to be honest I was dumb in choosing a career like this because I already knew that I wanted to move to another continent and ICT careers are in high demand in Europe or so I've heard. Thanks for the invitation, though!

Finding a job as waiter is easy as fuck considering tons of waiters in Spain are latinos or eastern euros.

>you guys live close to Spain and Italy, which are amazing countries, too

First, that's false, second, frogs dislike Spain, so I don't think they give a fuck if the border us

We also have many latino doctors but if you can move to another country. Spanish doctors have a small salary compared to other EU countries.

It's gonna be Juppé or Macron.

>frogs dislike Spain
Not true, both you an Italians have this feeling we hate you, but that's wrong, we just don't care I think.

Nice! I will keep that as a possibility then. Thanks for the advice.

Shared values, historically and culturally very interesting, historically friends. I just fucking love France

I was more talking in the sense that you can travel to Spain and go to their touristic places in literally just a few hours, all those cultural experiences is something that you will never experience here in America.

>We also have many Latino doctors

That's nice to hear, to be honest finding a job as a doctor for my uncles in France was very hard, so maybe in Spain is a little bit easier. And I don't care about the salary thing, as long as they give me enough money to survive I will be happy.


The Atlantic is a big wall, hombre

Le Pen will get elected and he will build one around France. That smug son of a bitch will not get between me and my dreams.

Marine Le Pen is a woman...

>so maybe in Spain is a little bit easier

Usually the language is the biggest barrier. So a doctor from another country being able to perfectly speak spanish is a big advantage.


No te preocupes de le pen porque NO PASSARAN

I've literally heard the sentence "Le Pen will save France" so many times and I always assumed she was a man... I don't know if I should cry or laugh.

You know that's something that I haven't considered, French is a very easy language grammatically, but when it comes to pronunciation it is a pain in the ass. Spanish is well, obviously not a problem for me so searching for a job in Spain first might be a good idea.

>I don't know if I should cry or laugh.
I don't give a fuck what you think about my country.

We're the OG mehico.
You think the Pyrenees have ever stop us?

>You think the Pyrenees have ever stop us?

because they are our best buddies and we rule EU together

Enjoy it while it last, hans.

>he hates France because we had ONE alliance with muslims

France is God's present to humanity.

Truly the best nation to ever be created.

>he likes the globalist construction of multicultural and negrified society that was once glorious and called "France"

is France really that negrified? That's the only thing keeping me from learning French and getting French citizenship.

>and getting French citizenship
France won't always be that whore every nigger fucks at will. Make babies in your country instead of coming in mine.

Au moins, écris bien comme les gauchiasses, stp

Their culture, language, cuisine and people are all incredibly refined.

Plus French Girls are effortlessly classy and sexy.

They're second in terms of cultural reach to Anglos, and the cuisine is infinitely better.

How can anyone not love France?

>muh assburglar ruler of urop
François I did nothing wrong.

Ma che cazzo dici.

i don't want any baby i just want to drink good alcohol and read bande dessinee. It's easier to have a good lifestyle because the state in France works better than in Italy.

inculati coglione di merda. Vive la France.

Is there any good Italian bande dessiné ?


Ah too bad

never been I like Germany and UK more desu I hope France is not ruined by Muslims by the time I get around to visiting it

Work at making your state work better in your country instead of bringing your failure here.

lol, englsihmens always have shitty culture and shitty food.

only americans can generarate something worthy but they have little connection with true anglos.

italians/ romans in europe number 1 in culture always been

English are dickheads but their culture is cool as fuck tho

Maybe because there would be no civilisation without France

>you people don't know how lucky you are
Well, that's really part of being French
>second, frogs dislike Spain
Not really,no, what makes you think that?

>is France really that negrified?
It's Cred Forums...