Find a more American picture than this

Find a more American picture than this

To be fair the Hillary simply sounds tastier.

thats a great idea. Im going to set up a lemonade stand under the same principal and everyone will feel compelled to drink their candidate.

haha doesn't get more "murrican" than this xD pls upvote and subscribe

well hey would you look at that


Mushrooms aren't that popular. of course the other one would win

>I feel really smart, shitting on americans; it's not like as a canadian I enjoy more american imports than the chinese on a daily basis

hehe, you're so right! We can't enjoy some tongue-and-cheek politics without going absolutely berserk.


>come on Jimbo, we godda go and help trump win, cän't let dat crooked god damn hillary be the presidunt
>*drives to a burger restaurant*

dog bless :D

>more American picture

this is factually true

holy hell what a deal, DPMS may make a shitty M4 but dog bless

>panther arms
>black panther logo

isn't that a bit inappropriate


Who cares?


Looks cheap desu, is it big?

I'm a Muslim but I'd eat the Trump, just sound tastier.
But both seems really small.

>I'm a Muslim


Who would have thought of a combination of burgers and politics?

"Some people say I'm too idealistic. Well, that's how I know I am an American. America is the only idealistic nation in the world."