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>the aircraft
It's like that last time Liechtenstein went to war except the opposite effect I believe

Wait. How can one lose more aircraft than they have?

I'm wondering about that too
I know the Liechtenstein thing, they sent 80 of their 100 man army to guard some mountain pass facing Italy and some random Austrian liaison officer befriended them and joined up with them on the way back

Maybe it's German help?

those estimates are propaganda
the 150,000 strong army was the entire force in egypt and cyrenaica
we never had 1,200+ aircrafts to field in a single operation and if we lost that number in two months we could have never recovered (which we did up until 1942 when the losses became irreplaceable)
less than 140 of those 600 "tanks" were actual tanks, the rest were tankettes vulnerable to even small arms fire
stormtroopers tactics employed by the allies lead the deaths of two generals, panic spread among italian soldiers
and last but not least, we didn't have supplies for artillery, mortars or even small firearms
check this out: youtube.com/watch?v=IqoOk5nZEKw

tl/dr: operation compass was a decisive blow to an unorganized, poorly equipped and overextended army but those wikipedia numbers are inflated

always remember to read the whole article if you want an actual explanation as to why these defeats happen

why would you care about one defeat when you won the war? (-:

I love studying history.

Oh yeah? Alrighty then if you're so smart, when did the Italians unify?

1861, but unification was not complete until 1870.
Some irridentists claim that full unification only happened after the defeat of AustriaHungary in 1918.

Malta, Fiume, Istria, Dalmazia, Corsica, Nizza, Savoia, Creta, Negroponte, Corf├╣, Naxos.

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Malta is pretty badass when it comes to fighting thought

Maltese people are ethnically Italians.

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I thought they were Italians with some tunisian area mix, and more importantly
Did Italy get a little close to declaring war on the us around maybe the late 1800s/early to mid 1900s because of some shitalian immigrant lynches down south in Lousiana or some place, I think I've read that somewhere and it was very interesting actually


Yes it's true.
Frankly we should have sent some warship to shell New Orleans after that.

Italy's fame truly is eternal

Tell me more about that or give me a link on Italy's view of the incident if it's in English, even if it's just a broad Wikipedia page I'd like to read on that incident, what do you think would've happened if we would've fought, would allies have gotten involved?

From wikipedia:
>In 1891, eleven Italians in New Orleans, Louisiana, were lynched for their alleged role in the murder of police chief David Hennessy. It was the largest mass lynching in U.S. history.[1][2][note 1] The lynching took place the day after the trial of nine of the nineteen men indicted in the murder. Six of these defendants had been acquitted, and a mistrial had been declared for the remaining three because the jury failed to agree on their verdicts. Believing the jury had been bribed, a mob broke into the jail where the men were being held and killed eleven of them. The mob numbered in the thousands and included some of the city's most prominent citizens. American press coverage of the event was largely congratulatory, and those responsible for the lynching were never charged.

>The incident had serious national repercussions. Italy cut off diplomatic relations with the United States, sparking rumors of war. Increased anti-Italian sentiment led to calls for restrictions on immigration. The word "Mafia" entered the American lexicon, and the stereotype of the Italian-American mafioso was firmly established in the popular imagination.

There were some tensions between European powers and America back then.
The Venezuelan crisis and the Spanish-American war sparked many anti-US sentiments in Europe. The Monroe doctrine limited the influence of European empires over the Americas and anything could be used as an excuse to go to war and weaken the US.

You know it


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And is that incident really why the Mafia became a widely known thing? It would make a lot of sense

1565 never forgetti
I'd say we are only a bit italian afterthe british


How do you get frostbite during summer ?

America had a serious problems with lynchings back in the day. Blacks, whites, immigrants, foreign workers, just one false accusation and the entire community mobilized to deliver mob """justice""". Those men didn't even have the money to bribe anyone.

I say the Kingdom should have retaliated one way or another, expecially considering the US government didn't condemn these actions.


Question is would you have won it

I think Mafia became way more important during Prohibitionism

I have a serious doubt that either of us would have landed troops anywhere, and if we did they probably would've just got wrecked by either side once they did

i have a degree in history, this is the reason why i hate wikipedia. 100% fake information

Of course not.

Fake information?

not at all. You just have to read the article to understand how it was possible and not the little pic on the right with the number of troops etc...

there is snow and cold winds in the mountains even during summer user

Still, terrible army and ressources management, they had to go really far up to get frostbites, its not some small mistakes.

Why not? I don't think you really would have lost in a sense, and also extremely obviously none of us would have lost or gained territory, I honestly can't even imagine where we could've fought

It would have been a naval skirmish, most likely. I'm not really an expert on the status of the US Navy in the 19th century, but ours simply didn't have the strength to win a battle against America, expecially on the other side of the Atlantic.
But still, it didn't have to be a giant confrontation, just a way to show the US government that the Monarchy would not have tolerated such atrocities perpetrated against Italian citizens. Hell, it could have even inspired others countries who had very poor diplomatic relations with America (such as the German Empire) to take actions against American imperialism in Latin America and the Melanesia.

Would there have been any European countries who would not have liked a new rising United Italy though and seen it as a a chance to get at you, who would mind you have been a simpler target than the US


France, Britain and Russia all actively tried to undermine Italy's success, both in Europe and overseas.
The German Empire and Austria-Hungary, ironically, would have been our only allies in this conflict.
However, neither the Albions or the French wanted an even more powerful America.

Chances are, they would have supported us diplomatically while keeping economic ties with the United States.

It's hard to think about this scenario because unlike Spain, whose empire was in full decline, we were a rising power. Slowly slowly getting more and more relevant on the world stage.

The French would have been the first in line against us, they did it in Tunisia, they did it in Somalia, they did it in Eritrea, why not in a conflict against America?

Its amazing how a war could have happened when all of the countries military so incompetent, except maybe Serbia.

Luckily most countries got better during 1915.

Well war was evolving pretty rapidly at the time
Interesting to think about, that is not even taught in our school system here, even if it did happen it very well may have started just to end, but also it could've changed the course of North America or Southern Europe completely if something drastic happened

How'd you do it

>1 submarine destroyed

Yeah, it would have changed the balance of power and basically secured Italy's position within the Triple Alliance, which was nothing more than diplomatic friendship in reality.
The Italo-Turkish war would have never happened, since the Germans were very pro-Ottomans, instead a German-Italian-Ottoman alliance would have been made.
The Balkan Wars wouldn't have happened and thus WWI would have been delayed for at least a couple of years.
Italian isolationism and the lack of imports from hostile Britain and France would have meant economic recession and Italy becoming more and more dependant on Germany. We would have been their bitches.

They only fielded 331 aircraft. The others were probably destroyed while still in the hangar.

read it was LITERALLY impossible for Italy to field that many aircrafts for a single operation
that's half of the entire air fleet stationed in Italy
the air force never deployed such a number in libya, expecially not so early into the war
those numbers are inflated, they mean nothing

by comparison, Germany AND Italy lost 2500 aircrafts in 7 months of air operations in Britain and Germany, which had a much larger war industry than Italy, had to cancel the operation due to heavy losses, so go figure

and we're supposed to believe Italy lost half that number in 2 months and somehow managed to recover by the end of 1941?

whoever trusts those wikipedia "battle templates" is legitimately stupid, no offense