Why russia is so good at the chess?

why russia is so good at the chess?


because they like anime

>tfw to intelligent to play chess

nation wide programs installed during the communist period i guess, and a general culture of chess as a sign of intelligence

>during the communist period
surely thats long enough ago for them to drop back somewhat, the gap still seems rather large

>tfw too intelligent to dismiss chess as an artifact to dismiss chess.

not just any russia, either jewish russian or ussr-satellite russian

I used to play chess with dad and every single fucking time and hate it since then

*and lost

I like to think fo it that a good habit doesn't go away that easy, since playing chess definitely isn't detrimental to anything.

Better question yet: why are women and men competing separately in a sport that is not at all physical? I'm sure women would teach men a lesson or two :^)

that's cause your dad molested you every single time

Definitely this. Chess is also a fairly simple game for children, if you want to play a game for adults play Go.

ironically modern chess as we know it was invented between Spain, Italy and Portugal and afaik all of us suck at it

russia has a lot of intellectual heritage and culture, just look at any international comp that russia is in, that involves anything intellectual. Russians are more intellectually inclined and disciplined than western nations will ever be. Hence why we have to have fucking meme shit and pop-sci autism to actually get people to do anything outside of a vague arts degree, psuedo-science health memery or law and business

Ugh.... Racist and sexist much?

very long winters I would imagine

East bloc had some dank traditions in competitive science.
It's sad how much is being slowly lost due to the cult towards money.

>Chess is also a fairly simple game for children, if you want to play a game for adults play Go.

Supreme gentlemen play checkers and checkers only.

Because tetris

there was no starcraft in soviet russia unfortunately. we could've got qt starcraft grils.

I'd rather take a look at the whole picture. At the Chess Olympiad (by far the most prestigious team event in chess) in Baku earlier this month, Russia finished third, behind USA and Ukraine. India finished fourth, Norway fifth.

>take in a bunch of Russians
>your cunt is now great at Chess