What happens here?

What happens here?

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Today its just a poor country with no prospects for the future. A lot of cars here are stolen from W Europe. Albanians immigrate and create gangs. Its a shit country but at least it has the most bunkers per capita.

I find out they speak an ayy lmao language, I always thought they were rogue turko-slavs

No they are a independent breed of whites seperate from slavs. their language isn't even related to any language. for centuries they just more or less accepted whoever conquered them. Ottos, Soviets, Italians. Today, they relate more to Russians because both were communist and both are shit. Bulgarians are the turko-slavs btw.


i heard jessica alba is albanian

Under-developed muslim country trying to develop their tourist industry, it might be in an OK country in a couple of decades but right now it's yet an other balkan shithole.


Nothing happens there.

God takes a shit

Kidneys for sale.


My friend is from here. His dad was a professor at the top university there but left during the 90s. Now they are poor as shit, literally living in a shithole apartment while he goes blind and his mom works 70 hours a week at a factory. Last i heard, he went to UChicago. His parents told him that the university system collapsed when they stopped being communist so they had to find a new job, hence coming to america.

Proud 2 be Albanian

I expected this


Its true tho. You guys have more native turks than any other nation outside of turkey

why ?

Their lsnguage is not an isolate, it is Indo-European, just a separate brach.


Turkish settlers harvest tourist organs and prepare to suicide bomb Serbs. Also ice cream.

zog submits to italy

my sister's ex bf was a kosovo albanian. he was a pretty cool guy, but he dumped my sister after she accidentally cheated on him in agia napa

how do you do that

This without the first sentence.

>accidentally cheated
How does that work?


Exporting terrorism.

I'm guessing she thought he was there.

Since Albanians look like Turks.

And it took place in the Turkish part of Cyprus.

And Albanians are Turks.

norgayan women are all whores
gas them all

Care to think again?

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You are not white. You have to go back. Cross the Bosphorus Strait.

I have pale skin. If that doesn't count as white then you'll have to cross the Bosphorus Strait too.

Why are Bulgars always pissed

because when some autistic shiptarlet calls me a turk even though albanians are literally turks, he deserves to die

i sincerely want to kill him with all my heart

I have pale skin and dark hair, as well. But I have blue eyes and I'm 186 cms tall. Cross the Bosphorous Strait, my dude. Anatolia awaits you.

But bulgarians decend from turkic tatars while albanians descend from the ancient illyrians

albanians descend from the middle east and caucasus

I understand you want to sound edgy in the internet but this is pure cringe.

>and dark hair
You go first dear.

shiptarlet, you don't have light hair

when your head bounces off the concrete you will know its not all talk, subhuman

Not realy. Perhaps some genes. But most of them descend from ancient greeks/ illyrians

albanians historically descend from illyrians, while genetically being middle eastern/caucasus people

bulgarians historically descend from bulgar nomad warriors while genetically being slavo-thracians

Technically Europeans are from near East.

Blonde no, brown. If those are your standards then you shouldn't be talking in the first place.

You are annoying.

Bulgarians come from a. Central asian rogue tatar tribe


you have to go back

100% illyrians

After you.

>alexander my son

you have the same average height as Turkey

take the hint and go back

are you a girl?


>from the Caucasus
where the fuck did this meme come from? Albanians have nothing to do with the Caucasus. Caucasian Albania is a completely different thing.

Ta qifsha budalene nanen

cheating is when you go behind your bf's back and when there is feelings involved. accidentally cheating is when you get too drunk and just fuck a hot guy for just one night and regret everything the next day

that's just cheating, autismo

alcohol is no excuse, in vino veritas: your sister is a slut


I bet you support FK Shkëndija, scum



Fuck you. Looks like he's a great dad.

nothing, they all moved to Italy
t. cancer of Italy and Europe


There was an Albania in the Caucasus at some point in history, so some people make the connection between Caucasian Albania and modern Albania.

really made me think...

me on the left

But you are a turk though. Your whole country is filled with turkroaches and gypsies.

>Bulgarians are the turko-slavs btw.

there's more romanians than albanians in the world my turkic friend

4% gypsies and 8% turks is filled lmfao fucking little faggot your president is a nigger, no need to bark at your superiors

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Romania has more gypsies and Germany has more t*rks. Fuck off.

Honestly, I think Bulgarians might be even more subhuman than Turkroaches. You have to be pretty shit to let yourselves get conquered by Turks. They didn't even put up a good fight (unlike Romanians and Byzantines). Your entire legacy is being raped into oblivion until the USSR came around and put you in less shit conditions.

t.Fatmir Bubregears

Yeah, if you ignore our entire history before that, faggot. And it took over 50 years to fully conquer Bulgaria.

we killed and deported 2 million roaches
while your niggers and spics are multiplying and will outnumber you soon and you will die out

o kuku pepeqshi pu mashala
me on the left protesting with the boys

subhuman things

Land stealers


I once went on a tour of Western Europe and there were gangs of Bulgars (I know because I asked them where they were from) were making a living off of pickpocketing little asian girl tourists. This happened in Lisbon, Madrid and Vienna. Most of the time these roaches didn't even have the balls to snatch a purse or a wallet. They would have one guy try to offer maps or souvenirs while a bunch of Bulgars and Gypsies snuck up behind the tourist and tried to take money out of their pockets or purse. It was pretty sad. Idk why we donate so much money to Africa every year when Bulgarians clearly need it more.

bulgarians =/= gypsies 2bh blerim

a russian, an american, and a canadian walk into a bar

bartender says: i will give you drinks for free, but only if you answer what's 2+2

russian says: it's clearly 4

canadian says: it's clearly 4

american says: I dont know, I'm retarded brainwashed fucking faggot son of whore white male I wish mom aborted me so there was one less american white male in this world retarded whoreson

bartender pulls out a shotgun and shoots dumb american in face

Those were gypsies with Bulgarian passports, not Bulgarians.


I once met a Bulgarian woman and she was really gross. 20 years old and she was putting Russian babushkas to shame. She had this really powerful stench that made it so that we could tell whenever she was within 20 feet of us. I think that there needs to be a certain level of inbreeding and turkrape to have genes that bad. Really made me think

Fake and gay. Europoors aren't allowed to own guns :^)

>he lives in a western multicultural progressive sjw state where tyrone and diego rape his mommy and sis

They were Bulgarian, but you're right. Ethnic Bulgars and ethnic gypsies are different. Ethnic Bulgars are worse because they have Turkish rape genes. The Gypsies were always the group ringleaders because they seemed to be the only ones who weren't literally retarded.

clearly you are new here

WTF are you

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shiptarlet or no, my statement is true
he is a cuck

Bulgarians are honestly the biggest charity case the world has ever seen. They got BTFO of central asia so they had to settle down in unwanted land in the worst part of Europe. Then they got raped over and over and over again by Turks and Slavs. That's it. That's Bulgarian history. It would only be worse if they somehow managed to get raped by Somalians or something lol.

you on the left me on the right

You seem to be confused. There is no one on the left or right, just one man being filmed by another. lol


>Gypsy Turk beating Gypsy Romanian because he doesn't want to be as Gypsy as the other Gypsy. Such is life in Bulgaria.

Bulgarians are truly fascinating in the cringiest of ways

explain how that's cringy you little shitskin redditor god i would love to put my cock in your arab mouth

ubij se novopederu

Norway... I...

i didn't realize how much bulgarian sounds like turkish

god what a disgusting turkish language never speak to me again in that asian-arabic speech ever again you subhuman faggot you even speak like a turklet with that "cringes" shit lmfao kil lurself 2bh pham

>god i would love to put my cock in your arab mouth

Is it the Turk genes or the Slav genes that make you a gaywad who wants to blanda upp with arabs?

Why did the gypsies all decide to settle in the Balkans?

its a domination factor, i will make him my bitch, i will make him call me daddy

i will own the arablet, just like i will do to you

found a picture of the bulgarian dominating the american

too light skinned to be american

'Turkish gene' does not exist, you fucking burger. It's like saying you have American genes. The Ottoman Empire consisted of countless ethnicities.

Is this the national sport of Bulgaria?

Doesn't seem gay enough for them, desu. Maybe a hundred-turk dicksucking relay would make more sense.

I have 2 Albanian friends that are cool and have nice families.
But most Albanians here are scum.

Keep telling yourself that and let's all hope that the Netherlands ends up better than Bulgaria after willingly letting in so many Turkroaches, Syrians, and Arabs.

he is turk

Albanians and Romanians are fighting in here, but truth is they belong to the same stock, only difference is the later adopted at some point a neo-latin language.
They are very different from all other balkan people.
I can easily spot them meters away not only by facial features, by their body type and posture.
Albanian and Romanian language share a great amount of words.

It's because they are a mixed race, consisting of native balkanoids and Celts arriving from Albion (hence the name of the land).

That is why they are a mix of inbred-looking and normal based Celts. That is why they are a mix of mountain slav-tier rabid and normal based Celts.

t. race scientist

no way
Non gypsy romanians are civilized

>I can easily spot them meters away not only by facial features
no you can't
romanians are genetically related to bulgarians and serbs

albanians are more related to greeks

stopped reading there

All of you are turko-slavic subhuman shit. If Hitler had won the war, we wouldn't have to deal with any of you and all that territory would have just been given to Greece.

Greeks are the swarthiest of all though I have no problem with them only albanians
Slav genes are master race germanics are cucks while countries like Poland shine

>Celts arriving from Albion (hence the name of the land).
please do not spread bullshits

>no you can't

trust me I can, the majority of them have a unique body/posture facial features that is unmistakable

are you autistic
romanians and albanians look nothing alike and you can't distinguish the average romanian from a bulgarian or a serb

But it is the truth, look it up yourself. Why do you think the land is named Albania? BEcause the Albanoi were a Celtic tribe from Albion (England) and their arrival there around 2nd century is well documented.

Wouldn't surprise me if they were Belgae even, as they were the only sea-faring Celts that lived in Britain.

Go ahead and laugh all you want, after all this place is riddled with braindead retards anyway. But I am not pulling this out of my ass.

yes you're definitely not pulling this out of your stinky unwashed shiptar anus lmfao

>Belgian genetics

Why are balkan threads always the best?

Why are monkeys the most entertaining at the zoo?

look this "tattoo artist" type, most albanians here looks exactly like him.
they can't be mistaken for serbs and much less greeks.

And here they are, the cuckoo club.

Paranoid delusionals seeing diaspora everywhere, a very common ailment in the Balkans, where a two-digit IQ is the norm.

On Belgian genetics, read the papers by the Larmuseau et al. group(2011-13). All R1b-U152 on the British Isles is relatively recent (about 2000 years old) and imported from the continent. They happen to be found in the same places where the Belgae tries had their coastal colonies. See for example Caesar, Pliny and others.

Also: clearly Albanoi is an exonym, meaning "those who came from Alba", Alba (or Albion) and Eire being the Gallic names for Britain and Ireland.

das racist

Actually you are right about the definite link between Albanian and Romanian native populations.

don't be fucking autistic you retarded subhuman
albanians have nothing to do with celts, or illyrians, or anything of that sort

they have mainly non-european DNA

Read History of the World written by Polybius.

It clearly states that sea-faring Celts from Britain settled in that area, and that they were named Albanoi "those from Alba".

This was around 2nd century BC, of course their genetic input will not be more than around 5-10% as they mixed with the native population and the Latins for the coming +/- 100 generations.

When we look at the R1b present in Albania we mainly see 3 subclades: ht35 (aka L23) which peaks in Romania, Albania and Asia Minor ; M269 typically associated with Gauls (including Belgae and Britons) ; and CTS9219+ which is only 2500 years old and peaks in Albania and Greece and near the Caspian Sea.

Also note that R1b is absent in Neolithic Europe, and that Albania and Kosovo have increased R1b compared to the rest of the Balkans.

Of course the Celts dissolved into the more populous natives, but it as them who gave the name to the land.

you're one stupid motherfucker

>Albania is the Medieval Latin name of the country. The country is called Shqipëri by its people. The name may be derived from the Illyrian tribe of the Albani recorded by Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer from Alexandria who drafted a map in 150 AD that shows the city of Albanopolis located northeast of Durrës.[15][16]

>The name may have a continuation in the name of a medieval settlement called Albanon and Arbanon, although it is not certain this was the same place.[17] In his History written in 1079–1080, the Byzantine historian Michael Attaliates was the first to refer to Albanoi as having taken part in a revolt against Constantinople in 1043 and to the Arbanitai as subjects of the Duke of Dyrrachium.[18] During the Middle Ages, the Albanians called their country Arbëri or Arbëni and referred to themselves as Arbëresh or Arbënesh.[19][20]

>Albanoi (Ancient Greek: Ἀλβανοί; Albanian: Albanët) or Albani were an Illyrian tribe whose first historical account appears in a work of Ptolemy in addition to a town called Albanopolis (Ἀλβανόπολις) located east of the Ionian sea, in modern-day Albania.[1] Ptolemy's mention in 150 AD places them in the Roman province of Macedon, specifically in Epirus Nova, almost 300 years after the Roman conquest of the region.[2]

>credible source
>not overrun with even more retarded ultranationalists than Cred Forums

Those "Illyrian" Albania came from Britain, I already gave you the source on that.

Of course they quickly assimilated into the natives, I am just repeating myself again.

Why is it impossible to have a normal discussion with Balkanites without them becoming enraged and resorting to namecalling every time?

>Those "Illyrian" Albania*


BTW have any of you who are legitimately interested in history ever asked yourselves *why* a name is given to a people or a place, and what the origins or meaning is?

>those illtrians came from britain
xaxaxaxa so fucking retarded my sides are in orbit

i just told you why in

Illyrians did not came from Britain, the Albanoi tribe did. The name is clearly an exonym.

Are you legitimately retarded or just pretending.

I'm not saying Albanians today are Celts, I am saying that the origin of the name is with Celtic immigrants from Alba, which is documented by Polybius.

Fucking hothead retards I swear. Do you need a pair of glasses, or are you just unable to do comprehensive reading?

>I am saying that the origin of the name is with Celtic immigrants from Alba, which is documented by Polybius.
it's not

say what you want about those fuckers but they have managed to make everyone in proximity to them hate them, so they have to be doing something right

all balkans look the same,except for kosovo where they look like they were bombed with depleted uranium

Why don"t you take the effort of going to archive.org and look it up yourself.

There are very different phenotypes in the Balkans. For example one can differentiate between Slavic and Dinaric pretty easily. Same with Romanians, Bulgarians and Albanians. Not saying they all look the same, but there are phenotypes which are more predominant in each nation.

Of course the mentality is pretty much the same. Delusional hot-heads with short fuses ;^)