Why do some white people n Europe convert to a religion like Islam?

why do some white people n Europe convert to a religion like Islam?

How could you do that, what is their psyche? Isn't it a racist religion?

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They are fucked in the head and probably get themselves on some goverment list for that.

Just dumb

White people are cucks.

After all Christianity originated from sand niggers too and they all readily accepted it replacing their own original beliefs and culture.

It are usually fatherless guys or girls who grew up on the street among Muslims.

And most likely they have an Islamic girlfriend or boyfriend.
All of the cases I've seen this all applied.

how beta can they be?

>Isn't it a racist religion?+ 0 post omitted.
An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white, except by piety and good action.


Islam certainly isn't a racist religion

>tfw my sister is dating a man in the nation of islam

why would somebody without a father convert to a religion where the end goal is to obliterate or convert mostly every other culture on the planet?

yeah its more like "the manchild" religion

depends where you are, here they had to return 5 times between 400 and 850 AD to re-christianize us

>second largest religion
>fastest growing religion
Who is the real manchild, hmm? Grow up and accept that Cred Forums isn't reality.

>second largest religion
>fastest growing religion
How does that make it not manchild? when the whole religion is about being a massive manchild throwing babby tantrums?


>piety and good action.
still waiting...

>white people(x)
white pig(o)

> An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab
u know nothing about islam and muslims then

Pineapple Holland.

Authentic Croatia.

yes, let's just reduce mohammed's entire life and teachings to "a massive manchild throwing babby tantrums"

you're a fucking idiot, kys

I am just quoting the words of the great prophet. If a person does not follow those words, yet calls himself a Muslim, in truth he is not one.

Some people in Europe are simply not right in the head.
Why do some people convert to Mormonism in the US?

Because pussies can't handle nihilism and Christianity is hollow.

Verse 5:51 "O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guides not a people unjust."

Oh and let's not forget the child-fucking of the Great Prophet.


Please continue your argument here

I want to go to a gulf country so I can legally marry some 12-14yos

pol doesn't have any serious discussion on it. I'm interested in why white people in europe convert into a religion that thinks a lot differently.


He's saying not to rely on them for protection, not that they cannot befriend each other.

they are just frustrated at their countries and find that islam's opposition to the west fits well with their retarded ideas
plus to deceive the infidels and trick them into converting mooslims act super nice to them

How is it racist? :)
The prophet said, there's no difference between an Arab and a non-Arab and a redskin (European) and a blackskin except for piety.

Because it's the correct way to live

There's twice as many contradictions in your shifty scriptures than there are even in the bible. For every verse showing mercy there's another demanding vengeance, and often to the same group of people.

They're seen even by normies as race traitors

Except for the fact that MUhammad owned a black slave

NoI arent even muslims, not even defensing Islam here, their cult is just WE WUZ MASTER RACE AND SHIEET

Soooo? You realize that slavery and slave abuse was rooted in pre-Islamic Arabia, and when the prophet came, he gave it morals? You realize that if you own a slave, you have to treat him with extreme kindness? You realize that as a slave owner you're obligated to make your slave eat from the same food you eat, wear from the same clothes you wear, and not make him work out of his ability, and if you do, you're obligated to help them? You realize that the prophet freed +60 slaves? Slavery may be permissible but Islam encourages freeing slaves very much and freeing slaves is rewarded very highly.

I don't think my question was answered

Cuckoldry and self hate

Because deep down, although they believe in muh liberalism, they will go for the alpha and strong ideology. This is why teens in the west convert and go fight for ISIS, because western countries have no fight or determination that Islam offers

Eh, they seem more secular than other Muslims, he's not that bad if we are being serious but it's uncomfortable knowing you could have half black nephews and nieces

>Why do some people convert to Islam?
They try to fit in with the wrong people

Then how come many muslims are racist?
and what about atheists? ;-)

> You realize that slavery and slave abuse was rooted in pre-Islamic Arabia, and when the prophet came, he gave it morals?
That is a lie, Saudi Arabia had slavery until 1960 and even today the workers there that come from Asia earn slave wages and are treated very badly.

Special snowflakes desperate for attention.

Back in the day teenagers would become emos and threaten with suicide now they turn into gay muslims and threaten with fighting for ISIS.

Serious answer:
Some of them long for conservative values. It seems like the most normal thing would be to convert to Christianity but Christians here are seen as either stupid, low class or like a sissy fgt and they are always made a fool of in the public and in the media while Islam has special status because of PC culture. Another thing is the community. The Islamic community is much bigger than the Christian for an example and the people who convert try to fit into that community.
Islam is the biggest religion in Denmark because there are very few practicing Christians because most Danes are atheist

How common are they? I assume most of the people in that religion there are just immigrants

You remember that norwegian dude, Quisling?

Practicing muslims in Denmark are 5 %. Yes the vast majority are immigrants or 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants from the Middle East. Sometimes I see a convert in the street (a Danish woman with islamic scarf) but it's not something you see everyday so I would say they are not that common but they do ofc exist. I think it's mostly young people who do it

Yes, I'm aware of all the horrible things that happen to South Asians and Southeast Asians in gulf countries, but actions of Muslims doesn't mean this is what Islam tells. Read what the prophet said about slaves. The hadiths

the population of christians in your country are even lower than 5%? that would be both weird, and alien to me. Christians in general can be pretty connected with each other from my personal experience. Do people not mind the general sense of nihilism that can come with secularism/athieism?

Depends on what you define as being christian.

>Do people not mind the general sense of nihilism that can come with secularism/athieism?
i dont follow

Devout Christains think that as soon as someone becomes an atheist they become nihilistic and lose all sense of purpose in life.
For them God, the bible, and heaven are life's purpose, they can't imagine a world where irreligious people have a sense of purpose or objective morality.


the whole white race converted to a semitic religion

How does that matter at all? Christianity and muslims are both very different religions despite being both semetic.

meant to quote

Literally the same shit, different languages.

But they literally hate the white man. Also, Shabazz and shit like that is completely foreign to mainstream Islam

those who convert to islam almost always do it because of social pressure.

They're mentally weak and are more than happy to feel to be part of a community.

muslims will always lie to the others and to themselves.

muhammad was a pedo, an enslaver, a war criminal, a wife beater. And he is considered to be the model for every muslim man.

It truly is a sandnigger religion, even their heaven is a joke made to appeal sandniggers. non stop sex and food. lel

How are they the same can you please explain?

a slave in a golden cage is still a slave

Nobody convert to islam except gingers