maisie edition

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korean pop

terrible edition


would you get on this plane lads?

got a feminine penis lads

Neurons are EXPLODING right now

when is it on our time?

>female pilot

Fuck that.

>Speaking English to your Polish friends
Wtf, that would be weird and unnatural for us, especially if it's someone you've known for years

fuck no

>women drivers

lol no


shall not be staying up for that

>probably inexperienced

ah yes

nonces are gay . if you shaved her head you wouldn't even know she was a girl

Fuck off home then

should have a minimum age of 30 to fly planes or be co-pilot

if your in public do it

>paki nonce joins the thread to tell us he's a paki nonce

>this jock trying to destroy /brit/ reputation with nonce material and further the advancement of /scot/

good lad

fuck off back to pooland then you utter fucking spiv

willy is so small you could wank me off with your toes

what exactly are you complaining about? If i went to Poland and didnt talk Polish im sure people would look at me funny

really gagging for a slag

*unzips pants*
Heh, how about you gag on THIS
*presents my 2.8'' willy*


*blushes* Oh, Bruce...


*actually shits pants*

ah yes

hmm how do i gf her


look like this





Job Centre in 3 hours, getting a burger meal on the way back


no-one out side of australia knwos this band but they are jam packed with aboslute FUCKING BELTERS

bit weird this

utter runt life 2bh

enjoying a fully paid 2 week holiday from my £35k city job here

might make some sirloin steak and blue cheese ciabatta rolls for lunch

*rubs your foreskin back and forth over your glans*

>going to the job search agency
whats the point

how does a 19 year fly an airliner? it seems like he'd need a ton of experience flying smaller craft before being responsible for hundreds of people's lives

if there was an emergency everyone on that plane is 100% dead

Aussie in Fiji. Having a mint day!

Need to get my bennies to get my tranny pills

I didn't want to go to Malta anyway.

bit weird this

the 26 yo was flying iirc

still it's a woman

and what if she gets taken ill

a 19 year old on his first flight has to land a plane on his own

How so?

>Nearly half Labour backers expect party never to win another general election - poll


brit in fiji here.. using a proxy so I don't get called a jf. hows it going ?

how is it?

Already have Fiji, go to Nauru please

they don't have electricity in fiji

> little girls feet are sexual

janny confirmed for nonce

why would they crash their own plane

Cornwall is NOT England

REALLY struggling with the benzo withdrawal in work today
Feel like I'm going to collapse

the dad looks so full of hope and life in the first photo


I've been Fiji, it's top innit

>phone posting

ate a salad 30mins ago but i'm hungry again

janny lackeys who report posts to the janny

if you are one of them then you are more pathetic than the janny.

enjoy your permanent ban when moddy gets wind of this

*boots down the doors to /brit/ with my Nike 6.0s playing Low by Flo Rida on my Sony Ericsson K800i*

*whips off my shutter shades*

Alri gayboys lets get this party started


oh sorry for not wanting MY board fill with CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

you fucking nonce

wait is one of the white couples a 3 way ???

why'd this get deleted?

is the janny a pedo footfag?

Look at my fucking flag you dimwits, I'm not in your country ffs :D

Not true, nobody expects foreigners to speak Polish here

wasnt talking about this incident

We're saying ANY pole in the UK who doesn't want to speak english

and there's fucking millions of the cunts

>feet are pornography
fucking foot fetish nonce

Not a fucking chance

bit gay.

exactly feet are a fetish so therefore a branch of pornography

you fucking nonce

Clearly not :>)
Good luck
Really nice!
Swell mate. What resort?
What'd I miss?
Love it!

same person

You're overreacting 2bh

>paki nonce about to get perma banned

He was co-pilot

>Last week Miss McWilliams flew from Gatwick to Malta alongside Luke Elsworth, who earlier this year became the UK's youngest pilot at 19 years old.

some scottish nonce posting child porn trying to get /brit/ deleted

*conquers my fears*

>bans work

It's obviously a brother

would never get on a plane with a 19 year old kid in charge

fuck that shit


you believed me

how often do you take them?

Yeah, most importantly the women aged like hell in three years.

Who's got the smallest cock here? serious responses only

mines about seven inches long unironically

nah there are 2 couples

the dad on the left is a widower

*unties the rope holding /brit/ to the board*
*thread starts to float off*

hahah wahooheehee

me barely 2 inch on a cold day. 3 when i'm being generous

If you go to Club Fiji, say hi to Pandora for me and congratulate her on having a kid

why are scottish people such fucking nonces

them and pakis

Only come here when I'm bored. /brit/ is like the McDonalds of discussion for me. Really shitty, but it's always there.

*grabs your arms and starts hitting you with them*

why are you hitting yourself? why are you hitting yourself?

janny's got nowhere to go m8

Will do!

I'm in my mid twenties and I don't know a SINGLE friend of mine, from the ones who are doctors, lawyers, trainee pilots to the jobless NEETs that wasn't an absolute fucking idiot when they were 19. You can'y make it to 21 without realising just how much of an idiot you were as a teenager. Luckily a lot of piloting nowwadays is out of the hands of the pilot and controlled by a computer so when this kid fucks up it probably won't bring a plane down.

as if someone who posts shit like that on a tibetan palm-reading initiative does either


When I'm fully hard, 7 by around 5

Had a bit of a falling out with the so called ex and I haven't been able to get fully turned on for a couple of weeks though

he's not at work though

oh its reddit






ooooh eric you NAUGHTY BIRD

which one of you was this?


fuckin legend

Kill yourself you fucking non-holidays faggot.
I bet you are poor as well.

y-you're doing it for free too..

*reinstills all your fears*

>Love it!
>Will do!

I'm a Brit living in Aus you absolutely retard, neither poor nor do I hate holidays I just don't turn it into a fucking blog



say it to my face and we'll see what's good

pic is me

>tfw can only pick one
who /likeastompingonafrube/ here?


my boys gunna fuck you up meet me irl

>any year
>not parachuting a hanky over your deedledum

did the chon break last night

couldn't post for ages

Mook tripped over the cables

Mook was trialling his new twat filter
Guess it works haha

why are there so many pictures of little girls' feet



not very impressed by Toriyama's recent villains tbqhwyl
feels like he's just not into it anymore


>no "in a tissue" option

Had my shower, weighed myself, 149lbs

Should be even lower once I've lost this water weight

Considering this result, I should probably continue to take another hit of DNP today
I'll take it just before I set off for the job centre

does beg the question of what is 'sexualised'
I'm not a footfag so these look like innocent family pictures to me

*remembers myself when i was 19*

haha yeah definitely not

Any Brit can go to Australia, big fucking whoop

they don't look innocent

why would you take a childs picture from their feet?

As opposed to fiji which has strict tourist border control and is almost never used as a holiday destination.

>mfw you're actually bragging about your holiday destination as if it makes you better than anyone else in the thread

and why would someone save so many pictures of them

they look professionally shot

>messaging the gf
>ask what she's doing
>"i'm in math class"
>tell her to get off her phone at college
>she does it

why are women so dense? don't they understand sarcasm?

>>"i'm in math class"


do not like this ONE bit

imagine janny sitting there, sweat beading off his forehead, furiously clicking the update button so he can delete another harmless picture of some kids feet

he is really working hard to earn that zero pounds and zero pence

>almost never
Lmao there are 700,000+ tourists a year, and just under 100,000 Fijians. If that isn't a lot, then you clearly need a high vis vest and crash helmet.


something about this figi poster makes me hate him

pedo shit is wrong because children are being extorted

how is a kind being extorted by showing their feet?

I can feel my bowels moving and my shit loosening up after that delicious Aeropress™ coffee



>this literally gets you arrested now

Sarcasm is the lowest form of with and it still flew over your head I'm howling.


hate hate hate HATE

Story? Source? How the fuck does that get someone arrested? BLM is now a group you aren't allowed to ridicule in the fucking UK?

Ah yes.


My dyke sister


>hate hate hate HATE

Thick as too short planks

Give her a night with me and she won't be a dyke anymore ahahaha

I bet she's a good mootlicker

Tara's lookin good mate

Yeah, try to meme your way out of this. Too bad you already lost.

Not BLM, blackface is illegal

didnt actually get up that late but still havent had breakfast

just let out a bowel howel


That's ridiculous when was that made a law or is it just some SJW bullshit covered under their ambiguous hate speech shite?

>janny actually doing his job
this is new

this thread is just two retarded aussies fighting each other a couple of thousand miles apart

shan't be sticking around here I don't hink

which forum is that?

You can't say this pictures doesn't sexualise kids you fucking disgusting nonce

One with a yellow fever problem.

kill yourself you fucking loser

why yes I am Australian

may just eject sperms from my willy later

Someone posted my mum and sister on Cred Forums



Your the one at your anime station 18 hours a day.
I bet you have a broken family. No wonder your sister turned lesbian, I bet there are daddy issues in there somewhere.

Business Idea: Block posters from runty service providers like Tesco and Talk Talk as their working class patter ads absolutely nothing of value to this board

fiji poster is already an annoying twat

>hmm... whats a good way to spend my holiday
>Oh, I know! I'll post on /brit/ like I do every fuckiny day

Idgaf tbqhwyf
I'm on holidays, I don't care.
Also coming of a one month ban, trying to get back into it.

jesus christ you really couldnt tell he was being sarcastic?


I'm an annoying twat

SeeIt's nighttime here big boi.

why are you wasting your holiday posting on an internet imageboard in a thread dedicated to british culture?

whos that big guy?

once a runt always a runt


Imaging having tesco internet

Haha silly wageslaves.


considering a filter on fiji


go meet a nice fijian girl and shag her


When I was in Fiji I turned my phone off the whole time and spent my days drinking from coconuts, kayaking with the misses and chatting with locals in the markets
Can't imagine being in paradise and coming to bloody /brit/

Reminder that willies are exactly like the beds in Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Too small and she won't feel anything
Too big and she'll feel only pain
Average sized will pleasure her just right

made me think

all that effort and all the janny has to do is click a button

I would say
but that would happen over here too

she bussin it wide open and shakin it on the floor

>Look at Trump's Twitter feed
>He's calling women journalists loopy/crazy/wacky again
>Then retweeting random people praising him
>At 3 in the morning burger time

Is he actually autistic?



figuring things out

me on the left
(hirsute fellow with the glasses)

depends on how tight the pussy is to begin with

even average would be big for an asian

So-called women

Bill Wilson of the Central Intelligence Agency in deep cover

could be a bot, he could be a robot, he's a robot

hes a madman
thats why I like him, who knows what he'll do next

Half the population are poo in loos, so not yet.

yeah and that's why I would vote for him

ah yes
we want someone like that in charge of the most powerful country on earth

Eating an Uncle Ben's microwave curry. Utterly fucking grim.


fuck off you child

bet you have tesco internet too don't you you little runt

wild card, bitches

dapz on the map

He doesn't personally operate his twitter, its someone from his campaign i'm almost certain

>tfw static IP address


you can't pull fijian women because you are a fat autistic manchild

why not? It could be funny


Hes like Boris Johnson, he plays the fool and gets everyone to like him but in actual fact hes a genius

interesting that when the

yeah he already said he does

hilary gets her staff to do hers

why wouldn't he not be able to sleep on the day before the biggest day of his life

Jesus christ how horrifying

>3 in the morning burger time

Really? Have you met him? Do you know him personally?

What makes you think that? The thing that has marked Trump's campaign out from the other candidates is that he's been very lightly managed. Rarely uses scripts/teleprompters, apparently hasn't practiced for the debate.

The way he tweets now is the same way he was tweeting years ago before he ran for President. It's definitely him.

Its just my opinion from the outside

surely he can't 24/7, his twitter posts things round the clock every single day

or is that what everyone does on twitter? I literally would not know

Rate my hairdresser

>not barber

I unironically listen to japanese music every day

reckon that everything will be OK regardless whether Hillary or Trump wins

people are overreacting big time. I blame the media

His campaign probably get him to tweet some things out like videos, policy announcements etc but I really do believe he tweets all day.

He is a narcissist and Twitter is 24/7 attention for him. He must be literally the most tweeted at person in the world right now, it must feel amazing for him.

Looks like Neneh Cherry

get this cunt too janny while you're at it

It's a bit fucked up that Poleaboo is getting banned for posts where he doesn't even namefag

>having trouble with deadlift for months
>could not figure out why it fucking sucked and why i'd spontaneously have a good rep followed by endless streams of shit
>tfw just figured it out and it was as basic as fuck

hahaha ah yes

i agree with you

the president is merely a puppet of the jewish illuminati



what rule did he even break in the first place?

>being a literal nonce
hello mohammed

Is this the only anime /brit/ is aware of?

the president doesn't really matter, its the congress that decides everything, and since the republicans and democrats don't like trump, nothing is going to get done

eating some soup (have a method)

It's too easy

janny's really making this nonce butthurt hahahah

being a smelly attentionwhore


Just like the KPOPPERS and Carlad

if you decide that you do not want to open the door i shall gain access to your room through the window by taking the hinges off the door from the outside



it's the only good one so it may as well be

Who is this slut?! Germiona?


na yukshkai

So yes, then.

maisie "goblin" williams

please don't call Maisie a slut, thank you

Goblin?! What next trolls and horses?!

>not being on the dole and getting cash in hand

Top runt

g'day mates


kpop is technically on topic desu

anemay is based

>please don't call Maisie a slut, thank you

all womans slut = meysie = woman = slut
Logic can you in it motherfucker?!

*pulls out jack knife from boot*

who want's some? you? you? how about you?

what kind of runty job pays cash in hand

certainly not working in a top law firm like I do

in a cafe

girl with a large arse is bending over/leaning on a table right in front of me

had a dream this fit woman i know was being beaten by her husband so me and her family arranged a big intervention and she came to live with me

she made me lots of nice food and rewarded me sexually for rescuing her

*scene: a recently feral louie cowers in his room as his father, and mother are on the other side of the door and attempt to calm him down*

father: louie, you have gone feral again

*louie remains silent while breathing heavily due to his recent feral outburst*

father: louie, you must open this door!

*louie does not comply which agitates the father*

father: *aggravated tone* if you decide that you do not want to open the door then i shall gain access to your room via the window or by taking the hinges off the door from the outside

*louie reeeeee's internally*


stealthily take a pic

sounds like you have mummy issues

all he has to do is delete the nonces post while the nonce has to constantly reset

how do you know she didn't like it when he hit her


Need a bf

Mommy =/= woman it's mommy
No you can't in logic this why you lost you shitty empire, now you rule the waves only in your bathrooms britfags.

>his face when the flash goes off

then explain this photograph


Bad day today...

bit gay

>shitty empire

kek. far better than your failed soviet union mate you can't talk about lost shitty empires with us you pathetic third world slavshit

>posting pictures of children's feet on a Monday morning

wonder where his life went so wrong, the fact that he thinks we're siding with him is baffling

janny doing a great job


oooooh shiiiiiiiit
england (more powerful than russia) absolutely btfo


>Mommy =/= woman it's mommy
>No you can't in logic this why you lost you shitty empire, now you rule the waves only in your bathrooms britfags.

>literal nonce
nah not a fan
janny winning over hearts and minds
swear its only the weekend janny that's a pure shitpants

But russia still have something except shitty rock.

Yeah very powerful when suck Mustafa cock.

Yoga 710?

yeah im here pal what you need

memes are real

is the anime on netflix any good?

>This britfagbuttpain.

what does it have? it has itself. russia is a shit

astonishing how many pictures have a person who could very well be myself on the left hand side.

>is the anime...any good?

>holidays to dubai
is there anything more runtlife

But big bunch of shit, England it's just microshit, flea's shit literaly. And britfags just flea's shit shit worms.

does it have k-on with subtitles?
the answer to that would answer both questions

D... Don't lie to me it's actually important

He's sure to show up


I support the childrens feet poster

It's harmless, just a bit of fun

What happened?

I know you're trolling because nobody can seriously think that Russia is better than the UK lmao.

LITERALLY third world

It's she when she was young?!

howdy cowboy.


lots of natural resources
too bad its people have no kids so rooskies are going extinct

There is so much stuff worth watching over K-on.


if only

Yeah, like your weight.

I was on US forums some time ago and everybody on it say what UK is shithole. Such are shame. You practicaly small nigeria with shitty weather.

I'm a paki but I'm not a paedophile or anything, I'm trans

Honestly quite fond of that anime "Seven Deadly Sins" tbqh
season 2 should be alright, given what I've read in the manga

More things going South than North desu. It's not terrible, just shit things happening but thanks for asking. I hope your day has fared better and if not, hopefully the rest of your week will

Good afternoon all,

Please see attached.

ah yes
don't listen to the americans, they still mad about us burning the white house

>nonce turns out to be a paki
wow what a surprise
adopt a trip so i can filter you, better yet go back to pakistan

shant be seeing it

*opens PDF*
*it's a compilation of my very best /brit/ posts*

You.....you shouldn't have.


mixing up my tactics a bit

maybe 5 minutes between posts, maybe 15
keep it unpredictable to catch janny offguard

Don't reply to it

Yeah and you don't mad at all about being fucked by US

those are some big feet

Hope yours gets better too :)

Pedophile detected. I call pedofinder generale.

Hey brits do you want porn with your queen?!