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Shite edition tbf

second for communism

fuck off you nazi shits, never did a damn thing for Ireland and none of you ever will

Shit quality photo OP
Beating the clean shite out of you would be a start

Bounced the gfs head off the ground again lads

>a typical smartphone costs 28p a year to run based on charging it from zero to full every day

fucking hell how

Shouldve done as she was told


Genocide of the dublin lolitas soon

why though

>Beating the clean shite out of you would be a start

I'd make you drink my piss, subhuman

Clean the british islands and give them to the Irish

If you ask me the brits need to get out of ireland tbchwy lads

Good lads

excellent posts.

mornin fellas



saw a trump sign for the first time today

excellent photography skills there Android user

i was on the bus and very zoomed in

jaysus i hate this fat fuck of a teacher

>6 gorillan posts from your man

Brothers keeps sticking up for the blacks at the pub
Would needy have a word with him

>tfw no average irish gf

look at the post times

Mate of mine fingered her outside an underage disco in Carlow once

This is my favorite meme

My retinas did not register a single pixel of this post

i usually add a space between the number and text

stopped reading there

Picked up a local Chinese newspaper.

How do we make it grow eastwards?

Chuir cara liom a mhéar inti taobh amuigh den dioscó faoi aois i gCeatharlach uair amháin.

slowly phase out the irish language in government totally
deport all prods and resettle their lands with irish speakers
make galway the gaelic capital of ireland

Gonna drop out of college lads.

are you the guy in second year?
think about it desu, it's a very big decision

Don't do that bud
You will end up living an absolute meaningless life of wageslavery with other low-lives.

t. college drop-out wageslave

Shite opinion desu

Nah I finished my degree which is a level 7 but I transitioned into fourth year which is a level 8.
I am fucking miserable, I feel like killing myself because it seems my depression is back.

I think Ill drop out for the year, work on myself and go back next september.
Maybe working as a waiter will make me miserable enough to stick with it but currently I am not in the right frame of mind which could cause me to fail.

If I never go back I could get some sort of job or internship since I have a level 6 and level 7 degree at the moment.

I was up all night vomiting with worry, I honestly feel like shooting myself is an easier option than continuing.

It's fine if you take the year to think about what you really want to do and keep working on at least something
Just don't completly give up on life and don't become a neet
I was thinking about doing the exact same thing desu, depression takes a toll on you

Well, i droped out from a good college and then took a meme degree in a meme comunity college.
I'm literally on the same level as a high schooler.
The few jobs available here are literal slavery, my few friends are all emigrating and others are sinking in depression and drugs...
My only way to survive is to emigrate but the only options i have is living in a commie bolck with all the low-tier immigrants working in some meaningless job and be treated as garbage by the natives.
I wish i could just have some easy comfortable job while living close to nature... That's the only thing i need. With the money i would be able to afford books and musical instruments and i would dedicate myself to those.

Gonna join the Gaeilge group in uni, should have a bit of craic practicing at least.

Ill try my best bros, if I fuck up my year out and do not return to college there always is suicide.
I am going to see my GP this week to have a talk about my depression, I can't live like this anymore.

I hope your situation turns out better too.

well good luck with that.
I'm still afraid of death so i don't really see suicide as an option. I'm hoping to overcome that fear soon so i can be really free.
Everytime i look up to my future i literally despair... It's really grimm

>ex gf texted me again

>ex gf

college is a spook

>flight lands an hour before throw in at croker

so help me god if there's delays

derry i suppose?

Aye, good plan
I'm in the oul cumann na Gaelach myself



t. free-stater pro-treaty blueshirt Cumann na nGaedheal member professor and corporatist

You're a Swiss-American and you should know your place


t. wee willy bob mcfadden (a loyal ulster prod)

Anyone know a good few torrent sites for ebooks? The only ones I've found don't offer the torrents for the books I need

p8 bump

>that final Tea of the day

about to ask a girl out wish me luck

Good luck, I hope she doesn't break your pure irish heart

Is that the shit Alex Jones sells?

this tí bí héits

>Beating the clean shite out of you would be a start
Rightists are innocent boys

>just because James said it means it's true

>How do we make it grow eastwards?
Genocide all Leinstermen and resettle the place with good hearty Galwegians.

>get rejected
>feel relieved
is this normal or am i a fuckup

>is this normal or am i a fuckup
Not mutually exclusive lad.

>Beor flirts with me
>I run away
It's shite being good looking but autistic.

What exactly is modern Irish culture and how is it different from British?

how do you know if you're good looking though?


im not even sure if i got rejected totally. its like 80% though.
only thing is im not sure if it was me or if it was the event itself. its a 50/50 chance imo

>how do you know if you're good looking though?
It's obvious.

>What exactly is modern Irish culture and how is it different from British?
Irish people value liberty and virtue while British people value loyalty and servitude.




so now that i asked that girl out i have no more short term goals



>Irish people value liberty and virtue

Then why did we so quickly fall into a corrupt, cronyistic system where the two largest parties have no ideological base and the rest are all commies?

>Britain has one culture
Lmao, fucking saxons don't even know their own land

theyre talking about memes on RTE2

Pepe the nazi frog?

nah some dtaing show, one of the spergs asked "what is your favourite meme?"

Reminder that James Connolly thought Padraig Pearse was an idiot.

We can't even blame them. There's fuck all Jews here.
>dating show
When can we sell RTE to let them fund their own shit? If we have to have a state broadcaster just let TG4 do that job. What was his favourite meme?

Reminder than Padraig thought the same of James

Pearse was right though.

They don't have to be here to pump their propaganda into our media and own our banks

Reminder that James Connolly was only shilled into joining the rising so that the IRB could make use of the Citizen Army

sassy black woman

been quite a while since I felt this alone

there's a synagogue down from Harold's Cross

gave me a fright when I saw the star of david windows first, why the fug would Jews be in Ireland

Nigerian lovers OUT

It's revenge for what De Valera did. There used to be more of them here, but they all moved out after the second world war. The Jews hated Dev because Ireland remained neutral and didn't help the Jews. There's also a Jewish museum around there too.

But the one in the bathroom down at the nightclub is sound like

>the jews hated dev
Absolute shite, there's a forest named after him in Israel

they named a forest after him though


>A message was read from Premier Levi Eshkol in which he declared that he saw in the planting a “fitting expression of the traditional friendship between Ireland and Israel, which have so much in common.”

We should honestly just be selfish cunts in Europe and cut this solidarity shite. If people want us to take refugees, they should ask us what they're willing to pay. If Germans want to pass a law, we'll sell them our votes. If the Brits or Yanks want us to block anything against them, they can invest in Ireland.

Is that like the suicide forest in Japan?

Shit, well then probably Ireland in general for not doing anything, plus all the pro-palestine stuff here.

>mfw we pay tv licence and still have ads on tv

For the love of god, can Ireland never be free?

TV licence covers shite all lad

De Valera sheltered Jews from the Nazis and refused to hand them over to the Reich, hence why they named a forest after him

Too many Russians out today lads, the fuck happened?

Nice edition btw OP

>paying for your TV licence

>sell our pride and loyalty like cheap whores
I wouldn't live in such an Ireland.
But neither should we take in refugees or put our people before any other

>>paying for your TV licence

>paying for your TV licence

who dream box here?

>paying for your TV licence

>paying for your TV licence

>paying for your TV licence

hah, yeah, paying for your TV licence like

ya aul header yee

>Chuir cara liom a mhéar fhada inti taobh amuigh den dioscó faoi aois i gCeatharlach uair amháin

I've just realised, are those jobs just to inflate employment figures for immigrants?
Don't An Post get some of it because they collect it? And RTE still lose money even with the ads and the license fee.
Hope you enjoy the "Broadcast Charge" whenever they introduce that, which means you effectively pay the TV license if you have a device which can receive RTE services.

Let's strike a deal with the brits, we will take refugees if we can have the North back.

pls i rlly want an ireland flair on Cred Forums

>paying for any broadcast charge

Forced me to have quite a think

>Let's strike a deal with the brits, we will take refugees if we can have the North back.
>implying we will get any deal that isn't no strings attached

The Brits offered us the North if we joined them in WW2 and Dev told them to fuck off. Our lads went off to fight and we got bombed anyways so it would've been nice to get something in return

>The Brits offered us the North if we joined them in WW2

Doubt Churchill would of managed to give us it, all the Prods would still be up in arms about it prob. Idk let's just hope brexit goes bad in the north and scotland goes independent.

False, he never offered.

He said it could become a possibility.

>brexit goes bad
>Norn Iron rejoins Ireland for those sweet EU gibsmedats
>then we leave the EU

4D Chess

>then we leave the EU

It'd be the troubles all over again

Serious question, do you think Eirexit has a chance of ever happening? I doubt it myself


Good post.
Post more Irish Republican memes.


[spoiler]it's not[/spoiler]

>Serious question, do you think Eirexit has a chance of ever happening? I doubt it myself

If any country has reason to leave it's us. The only problem is that we've no real Euroskeptic movement and if the Lisbon treaty fiasco didn't inspire a movement then who knows what will.

I say we're either anchored to it until it collapses or changing tides will make it more profitable to be outside it so Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil start campaigning to leave

fuck off ireland crash and burn with no survivors if they left the EU

u r retorted


t. project fear

Soooo ebin m'd00d B)_~

spot the hornigger


anyone else watching the trump/clinton debates tonight?

should be a good laugh at the least

Can't wait for it



If this movement was to pick up momentum I could see it succeeding.
>Republicans happy because United Ireland
>Unionists happy because united with Scots, with the aul Ulster Scots thing


>not the united kingdom of Celts
>Not including Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and vassalising Sassana
shite image desu.

>any of those


Us Gaelic folk are the best Celtic race

Despairing for the white race again lads

wow your cool

theres not much of a difference
it was beaten out of us

You'll have to tell me what modern British culture I'd before I can answer?


>TFW four day trip to Letterkenny in the hope of finally getting the ride starts tomorrow

>finally getting the ride in Letterkenya
Hope ye like black lads user

>inb4 our bou here get sodomised by a group of nigerian catfish

Our bou here get sodomised by a group of nigerian catfish

>Black Lads
I haven't been in four years, but I doubt it's as bad as the C.A.D. (Central African Republic of Dundalk)
Besides, me friend's roommate lost his virginity to some fine doll on his second night out, so ye never know

Good luck la

Anyone else staying up for the debates here?

I can't explain it, I have got this giddy feeling inside of me, like getting ready to watch the late late toy show as a child.

>no tits
>no ass
>body is basically a pole

they have pretty faces though and shite attitudes.


Cheers lad

Can't feckin wait, wish it was on already.
Going to be the most entertaining one-sided Beatdown in ages that's for sure.

Freshers week?

Voodoo is decent pulse is death

What times the debates and where can i watch them?
Most women are shit everywhere desu

Sky news, 2 am


>tfw have to get up at 7 for college and can't just blame the bus strikers anymore
how long do the debates go on for?

Till Hilary has another seizer and collapses. Maybe 30-45 minutes?

Aye, now if only I knew how to approach Women on a night out..
Worst thing is I'm decent lookin so they expect me to be some sorta charisma machine, makes it twice as bad.

>everyone finally realized she had a seizure

I fucking called it the first day

Not hard find somebody on the dance floor, make eye contact, approach them, kiss them if they maintain eye contact when you're in front of them

t. Go to voodoo most Tuesday's and Saturdays

Still don't understand this freshers week desu

I've thought about trying to learn Irish again after quitting a year ago. Is it worth it at all? I know barely anybody speaks it regularly, but are there any interesting or fun communities that do, that I would be able to enjoy through knowing the language?


I knew the moment I saw her speeches and that one interview

I knew it in 2008 desu

There's a few Gaeilgeoirí here that speak it ever so often.
Just mention something about Irish and that should prompt the topic, I'm sure they'd be able to give you some info

Is wine an acquired taste cause that's all the drink i have and its rotten atm


all alcohol is an acquired taste

personally i like wine but im probably just more refined than you

long live the queen

So are ye sayin to basically stare at them whilst moving towards them on the Dancefloor is the key? Or try talking about god knows what when you "approach" them?


>all alcohol is an acquired taste

I don't know, I never disliked cider.

ITT: One paddy talking to himself

Not stare

Eye contact, there's a huge difference and if you can't tell what it is you're hopeless

Not true, I liked bourbon the first time I had it at a distillery.

>the brit keeps trying to bait us

There's like 3 of us

So if I look over for a quick second, she looks back and holds eye contact and smiles, what do I do? Walk over and just kiss her?

My my. Getting a bit crowded in here isn't it


yes do this and report results

better than 3 native 10 pakis and the rest polish tae be honest wae ye

Possibly, every situation is different

That was a joke lad, that's what I thought he was implying, since he didn't elaborate on the "approach" aspect after mutual eye contact and smiling.

Don't you have mates to teach you this stuff?

indeed you should be you low class urchin

>having mates

who the hell is this guy

In English please.
>his country's native language isn't the major language
>inb4 Ireland tries to make an immigrant joke

someone who isn't swiss-american

(or me) :(


I'm not the swiss american

english is literally just a deformed french tbf

a-are y-you me th-then?

And which one is the lingua franca?


Me mates never teach me this stuff because they don't know how to, most of them have gotten the ride but they can never properly recall how they approached the doll or what they said, and that's the important shite I need to know, it's feckin infuriatin

that's a sort of Scots English sillyboy


It's basically just trial and error till you know what works

how many of you brit flags are plastic pladdies from glesga

ah yes, lingua FRANCA, indeed

There will never be another country-exit, the amount of butthurt and anger Brexit caused has unfortunately killed the dream, no government will allow it to happen and if it does happen in Ireland we will get the same numbers of young people voting as the gay marriage referendum.

Am no a glasweigan hen

Well I keep thinkin that, despite me looks anything I say to them will come of as cringy/creepy and they'll want nothing to do with me.
I'm shite at conversation, which is really fuckin odd here.

w-will y-you be my friend :)

Do you speak french?

Right then, I'm a wee girl, im on the dancefloor with the girls, dancing away
What do ye do

petit papa voici la mi careme

might start an alt right irish youtube channel

Post a trial episode here incase you're an autist

give us shampla amhain of it so you can see if it'll be shite or not

Look over, see if yer lookin at me, if ye are and ye smile, then I'd guess I'd have to walk over to ye, (If I muster the courage) and say some shite.
But there's the problem, I don't know what to say that would work.

So how's Ireland?

ooh you knew a military march chant.

Just smile at her, walk over all cool and say "alright love" and continue dancing
That's what i do like
I'm not chad though

dunno if I should do episodes on particular topics facing Irish society or react to news or make memey videos with documentary footage or what

Really can't be worse

Nice enough, suits me fine
Make it Irish related with the occasional coverage of big internation events

why not both
how's your voice though, that's key
vocaroo it

your not even irish

Nah it's actually pretty nice, I'm just joking

Aye, if I'm drunk enough I could do that.
Wish I was a chad too, problem is I have the looks, so people immediatly assume I'm a chad, then when it turns out I'm awkward as fuck everyone ends up confused and less interested.
People seem to think looks+Confidence come hand in hand, but that shite couldn't be further from the Truth.

Not a single word

give me something to read

Netherlands, France, Austria and Hungary are all om the brink. Hell, France is getting close to a civil war

Although I still think we'll be attached until the end. The last countries in the EU will be us, Germany and Greece mark my words

What did they ever get in the past by trying to conciliate them? Did they get the abolition of tithes by the conciliation of their English taskmasters? No; it was because they adopted different measures. Did O'Connell gain Emancipation for Ireland by conciliation? Catholic emancipation was gained because an English king and his ministers feared revolution. Why was the English church in Ireland disestablished and disendowed? Why was some measure of protection given the Irish tenant? It was because there was an explosion at Clerkenwell and because a lack was shot off a prison van in Manchester. They would never gain anything from England unless they trod upon her toes - they would never gain a single sixpennyworth from her by conciliation.

I'm good looking too with fairly decent people skills and confidence but girls are weird and some times it just doesn't work out
Honestly wouldn't sweat it lad
>Why do we fall, Bruce?

>had the same idea
>already have a script written for a cheeky introduction to Irish politics

so it's a race now is it?

I have lethal oratory skills and if the whole house wasn't asleep i would blow the fuck out of that speech
Ragin this thread topic didn't come up earlier

btw, fucking scots

Why are we such EU cucks? We voted no!, we voted fucking no yet they forced us to vote yes.

Farage is right, the EU are Nazis


That's what I'm told most often too, keep trying to approach Women and ye'll get better at it, but I have this fear of being labeled a "creep" for approaching loadsa women, despite the fact that most people on here say that it takes alot for women to be creeped out by attractive lads. I guess the (((media))) has it drilled into me head that women hate being approached at all by men.

Mainly because we have no one saying that the EU is a bad idea over here

The UK used to rule the world but it still took Nige 17 years of campaigning to get across the message that throwing away your sovereignty to an undemocratic multinational entity was a bad idea

trump has it won lids

was false :)

not if the election is stolen from him or if he's assassinated by an assailant with an "unclear background" ;)

As long as yer not appraching the same group of friends it's unlikely anyone will even notice
And no women don't hate being approached at all hahaha

sounds a bit like an RTÉ presenter actually, talk normally though you fuck

So excited for Trump 2016

If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.

WTF I love Connolly now

sounds english you retarded fuck

That's what I legitimately thought, I thought they'd be all "wtf is he doing trying to talk to me?"
Ah God I've wasted so many years of me life being a pussy with women.
So many potential rides I never had because I was wrongly scared to approach them, I'm only 21, but I still wish I could go back to being 14 and do everything over the right way.

fuck off you marxist bastard

slim difference between that and South Dublin which I'm breddy sure he is

So don't put your 25 year old self in the place you are now, wishing you were the age you are right this moment again.
There's nothing to be afraid of, worst case you get shot down, it's happened to every man, and it's honestly no big deal. If you rejected a girl, would you think less of her? No, you'd think you just dont fit each other.

You're in a different county and you'll never see those people again, go get some lad, and don't hold back.

I should also tell ye, i know you'll be nervous and want to drink to make it go away, don't lose your wits. Have a wee drink to get a buzz and a bit of confidence but it makes a huge difference if you're still thinking straight.
No woman is turned on by the fella stumbling about and slurring words in her face

You're right, I've got nothing to lose, can't waste any more time of my life being a coward with women and with my looks I'd probably do better than most lads.
Brand New Day tomorrow.
Thanks a Million for the Motivation, lad. Appreciate it.

afraid someone will recognise my voice, and no I'm not south dublin I just put on that voice

No sweat lad

Why do you think loud retards get women all the time?

The secret to life is just don't give a fuck and go for it, confidence.

nut up fám


Ireland's a small small country, we're probably all cousins in someway or another

>watching the pre debate time on Sky News
>they're all taking subtle jabs at Trump
Nice professionalism lads

>more tobacco than weed

Aye Women love confidence.
I need to get my confidence up to match me looks
I had a friend I hung around with for years who was an ugly fuck and berated me all the time so I wouldn't grow confident and do better than him.
All he ever managed to get were landwhales anyway, but he did suceed in breaking me down to the point where I got nothing.
Glad I broke ties with that cunt.

so depressed lads haha

if i wasnt such a bitch id killed myself

The EU is an alright idea. Just I guess tons of people don't give a shit about choosing their MEPs.

The UK didn't stop ruling the world when it joined the EU, it stopped ruling the world when its colonies all outgrew it. The EU didn't start the Indian revolution, it didn't cause Canada or Australia to become independent.

I just want to make the point that everybody talking about what the UK used to be are dreaming if they think they can go back to that, geopolitics have changed. China was never a major world power in the heyday of the British Empire, Russia was barely a threat to anyone outside eastern Europe.

The point of the EU is to keep European states unified and cooperative. The problem is that people don't want to treat it like that, or are afraid of it. But if it achieves that goal, then Europe is possibly the most formidable force in the world.

They're only doing what they're paid to do lad. They got to put bread on the table somehow

Just saw footage of a blacklivesmatter protest in Dublin

Christ almighty I feel ill

go out with a bang

if i had a gun i would

would find a mosque and shoot it up during friday prayers

id much prefer just to go missing and no one would ever find my body

taking a shit lads

Do your duty and marry a white irish to repopulate your country

Get ready lads

We /brit/ now

>paid to not be objective
ah yes

Send in a right wing death squad

Who /postinginstickyon/pol// here?


daft pricks

>tfw can't an hero yet because I have too much anime, movies and vidya to get through

I'm just as Irish as anyone in Ireland 2bh


Learn how to fucking teach it. The teachers are abysmal and the way the thing is actually taught is even worse.

Just doing my part to bring us all together :3

Would you die for Ireland?

>it's mostly whites

Every single black person in Galway in that picture

Is B2 in pass a good result for Irish LC?

it's their own fault. the irish are drunken layabouts who would rather starve than work.

I'd die for anything someone please kill me

>realising traveller rights
ah so when they say "black" they really mean the gypos

g-good enough i suppose

How do you mean a good result? I got a B1 in higher and I can barely fuckin speak it, it's not exactly useful for any job

Conflicted about Trump

If he wins, great anti globalism great for the nation state, except Ireland's government are massive cucks so nothing will probably change there. What will happen will our multinational tax haven status will come under threat and that's bad for us economically.

If Hilary wins it'll be the same globalist shill George Soros stuff but our economy will probably be plan sailing in terms of multinationals so hmm.

Why would our tax haven status be affected? Very few American jobs are exported to Ireland

id prefer to just die

fucking kill yourself you adolescent wanker

Pfizer, Intel, Apple, Ebay, Google all have big job centres here that Trump wants to get back to America

I doubt the isolationism will be very radical and America's global hegemony won't end with Trump

he's already continued the tradition of bending the knee to Israel so globalism and interventionism isn't going to end here

I know every one likes to joke about him now, but Bernie truly was /ourguy/.

loads are you retard, you display zero knowledge of irish employment

since you're literally british @ a fundamental level

But I haven't done the LC in over 5 years, calm down m8.

>can't leave this country until May

I'm coming in hot lads

well not so hot, pretty slow actually

He was a Jew lad, there was some Irish Republican candidate, O'Malley or something he was /ourlad/

Only on Cred Forums

Piss off back there.

Took the most obvious b8 lads thanks for the (You)s

Who the fuck is this random nigress on Sky News, she's pathetic
>Trump is a bully, if he wants to sway Democrat women, he shouldn't be aggressive and definitely shouldn't call Hillary out. If she makes a mistake he has to just let her make it
How disconnected from reality are these people?

only pretending to be retarded etc.

are you ulstercybervolunteer in disguise trying to infiltrate and subvert us?

>not using the trump stream
5 minutes ETA


Nah lad i was genuinely taking the hand, i thought the sarcasm would've came through
Cheers lad but I'm watching on the TV

Does the debate actually start in 5 minutes or is there gonna be a pre-debate Shillary wank off?

might be a good bit of delay

it's starting bois


here we go lads

gonna be a bad day tomorrow but I'm reasonably comfy rn

why do debates makes me feel so anxious

yaa shure


you're literally british, you're not even irish

Can't do it can't watch it

gonna go to bed