Music you listen to while browsing Cred Forums

Im listening to this right now

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About to hit the gym.

I often find myself listening to the soundtrack of this music video:

and this music video:

While browsing Cred Forums. FYI the speech in the music videos refers to this:

And iif you want to know how the people on this list got to be where they are, start reading at page 12 in this book:
good post

Holy crap man, I love Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Yugoslavian music. Post more please. This is the best Russian language music video I could think of off the top of my head:


Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack of the 1986 film "Deadly Friend" which is a movie about a crazy robot, see:

I was just getting to the part of the soundtrack in the movie where it plays the end credits:

This might be slightly unrelated to the thread, but I have a funny story about a friend who let his Artificial Intelligence computer program chat with people on IRC and the people who were chatting with the A.I. thought it was autistic. How funny is that?

Few old good polish songs

Thank you for this! Do you have any good videos of Polish folk dances? I actually like the Polish and East German folk dances better than the Bavarian folk dances (like Schuhplattler Bavarian dancing) which really gets on my nerves. East German and Polish dances are more my thing.

Look for zespół Mazowsze, zespół Śląsk on youtube

Here is another Russian one:

more please

Anyone there?

guess this thread is dead then

Thank you!

You too

No problem.

end your existence

Sorry for not taking this thread seriously


That Perez Prado Mambo music sounds like the kind of music Pinochet probably played when he was throwing Communists out of airplanes:

everyone should listen to THIS while on Cred Forums, every thread becomes instantly more interesting.

fucking polish intelectuals, can't you even notice how to share properly a fuckin' youtube link?!


Next time post something that is actually funny like this K-pop.... errr I mean J-pop song about Burrito Mussolini :

the link works so who the fuck cares

The "riding shirtless on a horse" meme reminds me of an Italian version of Putin that was allied with Japan or maybe Putin copped the horse riding memes from Musso, not sure
I only listen to vaporwave.

I was thinking something more like one of Poland's traditional national dances like the Krakowiak:

it was a meme response

Would recommend

Thank you for that link!