1. Your country

1. Your country
2. Do people in your country hate Germans?

1. England
2. Yes, passionately.


everyone in australia fucking hates germans

world would be a better place if they were all genocided desu

1. England
2. The poor and the elderly do, yes.

no, saying hating natzi is okay
saying hating germans is very bad since they are the biggest group in the us even if they are cucked beyond identity they still like to think they have some solidarity

No they don't hate anyone they are busy surviving

1. New Zealand

2. No but they're not to be trusted.

1. England
2. Not really

we got them almost as good as they got us

1. Russia
2. I am Volga German


1. Flag;
2. We dislike them, but not hate as much as we hate anglos and americans.

2.they are cucks so yes

1. germany
2. obviously yes

2.yes, they are worse than jews

1. Germany
2. Yes we hate ourselves probably the most

>everyone hates us and wishes the worst for Germans since over 2000 years
>people wonder why we tend to snap regularly

Kill yourselves.

1. England
2.Yes, pretentious, self-important arrogant autists with shitty humour

>pretentious, self-important arrogant autists with shitty humour
>that flag

really makes u think...

Germany is probably the most liked foreign country amongst Spaniards, at least out of the five main European nations.

Eventhough Mallorca happend? Wow.
To everyone else: Come at me, I'll fuck your shit up.

>Implying anyone care about if the Anglo disgusting scum like us.



But why, Iwan? ;_;

Let's forget about the world wars and just be friends :3