Anti-Islamic lifehacks

>God commands me as a muslim to hit my wife if she's out of line
>slap dat ass and spank her to get her horny


>Anti-Islamic lifehacks

nuke the middle-east

>god tells step son like real son
>god tells not to fuck son's wife
>guy wants to fuck step son's wife badly
>kek power activates
>god suddenly speaks again
>you can fuck wife only of step sons

2 based

You never disappoint testvar

I'll gladly succumb to thermonuclear annihilation

Nigga look high as shit

Yes what? Is that a confirmation of your acceptance of wife-spanking?

Why would you need lifehacks?
Just leave this weird cult

punishment for apostasy is death

Where is the sauce ?

>french intellectuals
it's in the filename and on the pic

>What is irony

Ladies and gentlemen, a slavic male

*starts a slow clap*

if you dont take your faith seriously, why follow it at all?

Suka dabai

Then don't teach the same shit to your children at least.

doesn't matter they become Muslim any way Islam is an efficient cancer

Didnt your country enjoy an age of peace and prosperity under islamic rule?

Pretty much this. Don't know how long I can keep up the act. I haven't prayed for months which can almost qualify for excommunication

Age of blood tax and stagnation Ottoman empire was mordor and they are the sole reason why balkans is hopeless shithole today

yeah Ottoman Empire was really backwards towards the end.
But wasnt it better at the beginning?

do muslims even have excommunication?

no if they never step foot in balkans we would be v4 tier now we're shit and hate each other because while Europe was improving and getting past their differences we were dodging blood tax and Islam

oh thats a shame
i wish you good luck friend, and i hope you can join us in eu soon

Sorry I tried to sound smart, but leaving the Islamic faith is through one route only, death

probably not but thanks any way Im not that optimistic both about joining eu nor about the benefits it provides to balkan members personally

but what if you simply dont practice islam?
will you get into trouble?

You're just a negative Nancy now, aren't you?

Yes but my mothers convinced I am psychotic (irony considering I am a doctor with autism only), and insanity precludes punishment, so I am safe for now

Why don't you emigrate? You have a medical degree don't you? You can easily make it outside.

If you're a doctor then you could save up enough money to move somewhere where people don't care if you renounce Islam.

you're backwards because slav governments are retarded as fuck.
i mean macedonia is putting up all the greek shit. can't pin that on the ottomons at all

>tfw no arab gf with a brown ass to spank

I would convert to islam if it guarantee me a qt arab or paki gf tbqh

I will. It will be cool being an apostate without parental supervision. I will then need to explain the situation to my wife

hey u are being serious. i wish you well in future endevours and hope u dont die from islam maniac

are you black?

I am being serious, hopefully things will pan out once I immigrate, but I'll just continue islamo-memeing until I make it


I am in balkan ofc
Not all balkan governments are slav, v4 slav governments are great etc so no it's not that...

how would your wife react to it? does she knows about it or support you leaving the faith?

I don't have a wife yet, but as per sudanese tradition and custom, she needs to be a devout muslim, which complicates everything

>I will then need to explain the situation to my wife
So you first plan to wed a Sudanese girl before immigrating? Wouldn't it just complicate everything?

I wasn't planning on it, but it will become an issue with the family, hopefully I can marry a Chinese athiest and continue an Islamic charade until the end

Based Sudanese bro. I wish you well, lad.

Thank you mi hermano, I feel like people reading this find it cringey as hell, so I'll stop posting and close the browser

I think that possibly you just need a change of environment, maybe in your country people just take religion too serious. Muslims in the west are way more liberal when comes to it, here in my city we have a Muslim community and they are pretty much integrated, most women uses hijab only when in the mosque, some guys have tattoo etc.
Perhaps you could marry a liberal muslim qt from Europe/Americas and please your family.

If you are already a doctor just move somewhere else, doctors can go pretty much anywhere. Stall your parents or something while you gather money.

>I haven't prayed for months which can almost qualify for excommunication
Just secretly convert to Christianity and pray to Jesus instead.