Poor, warmongering, genocidal, obnoxiously agressive, uncivilized...

Poor, warmongering, genocidal, obnoxiously agressive, uncivilized, soulless nation suffering eternal identity crisis(first they stole the Kievan Rus' history, then they defeated and subjugated another important Rus' cultural centre - Novgorod, claimed to be the "Third Rome", then tried to establish themselves as a proper European state copying the Western art and developements, then realizing how multicultural and diverse is their state they came up with """"USSR"""" abandoning their former flag and culture, after it's pathetic fall they are again lost and clueless so they sperg out). Collectivist minded and servile society with no regard to human life. They don't care about their personal wealth, freedom etc as long as Mother Russia and the Tsar is fine. They lack empathy, incapable of establishing a friendly relations on equal terms. Apart from Moscow and St Petersburg and some oil regions Russia is extremely poor and undeveloped - as the Russians are incapable of producing anything sophisticated almost the entire wealth of the country comes from it's natural resources. Except for the art and architecture directly derived either from the Greeks(all the Orthodox architecture they have horribly bastardized, icons) or Westerners(these fancy palaces in St. Petersburg) they barely have contributed to the culture at all. Considering a very large population their scientific contribution is utterly underwhelming, vastly inferior compared to the Western Slavs. Entire society is subjected to brainwashing propaganda blaming the Americans for everything, making them praise their Tsar Putin and support all the vicious acts of violence and terror. They can't even into geopolitics - Russia still pretends it's 19th century and the best way for the state to succeed is to be egoistic, xenophobic, expansive, imperialistic, overly-nationalistic and authoritarian. Russia is the true cancer of humanity and I sincerely hope it breaks apart as soon as possible.

Russia is merely a banana republic, relying on nothing but gas and oil. 140 million nation reduced to the role of extracting the natural resources. And where all the oil money goes? Potyomkin villages, Sochi olympics, Mundial - events which are supposed to build a fake image of wealthy and developed country that Russia certainly isn't. And of course - military power, in order to threaten and invade defiant neighbours and force them to stay in it's sphere of influence - because the soft power of Russia makes the every sane nation in the world to want to be as far as possible of it and it's ingenious ideas like communism. Several years of oil bull market should have made you to invest in other branches, diversify your economy, as the transformation from the soviet model would be less painful. Yet, all the money went to waste. I think someone already linked here an article about a Swedish manager from Volvo who was hired by Lada in Tagliatti. The man couldn't believe that in 21st century an automobile manufacturer is administrated like some kolkhoz. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's a prevailing pattern in most of the Russian companies. And that's a main problem for Russia and Russians. They can't properly address their own issues: anachronistic economy, troubled public health care and addictions(krokodil, opiates), surging rates of AIDS but simultaneously they attempt to impose their dominance (and their sick vision of the world), not being able to accept the fact that the other people want to live normally - "doesn't matter if it's ridiculous, what matter is our supremacy". Why all the former countries of "people's democracy" as soon as they had the chance to break the soviet chains fled under the NATO protection and tied themselves with the West? Because they know what Russian domination really means - and they've had enough of it.

1st for anime

Based Putin will save us from sandniggers and degeneracy

He can't conquer us soon enough

Yep. NATO, please come in.

can't argue the truth (for free at least ridf pls hire)

Yeah, let's hope Russian breaks apart.
Then a New World Order will be truly actuable.

whole world has been butthurt at Russia for 400 years now yet they endure, I love Russia

China is the new Russia though. It must be hard for them to accept the fact that they're no longer the Pepe that rustles the jimmies of whatever euro-atlantic power is dominant at the time.

It's like a mini-sad Pepe now.

t. retard

Pff paper dragon that is economically dependent on the very west its supposed to hate
USSR was a real enemy for US
They were like Rome and carthage
cold war is my favorite conflict

t. Ahmed with russian proxy

good argument

allahu akbar

You do know that Russia is 15% muslim?

Do you want that in Hungary?


lads, as least be thankful russians dont have their shit together and are a mafiastate.

imagine what terror they would unleash if they were actually half competent and has industry and ordnung and such. i prefer not to think of it...

people who say degeneracy are usually retards.
russia is full of "degeneracy". worse than any western country can imagine

our politics is like a fucking cartoon. they extremely efficient clowns running the show

I don't hate russia. we can do so much better, especially with a pretty good education system.

>I don't hate russia. we can do so much better, especially with a pretty good education system.
thats what never ceases to amaze me. russia is the biggest european country, in term of population and land, it has gazillion resources, actually pretty decent scientific tradition, yet it is run by a gas-salesman-criminal and the country generally is underdevelopped.

it could be america 2, but it is instead among the most underdevelopped of europe.

the key is in the people's overall mentality, not just the ruling class

sorry for essay

consider that it has been only 25 years since soviet union collapsed. It will take some time to recover from such a huge idealogical shift like that. If you take that into account then we have recovered fairly quickly (atleast in european parts). Of course the internet helps the youth become less "them vs us" too.

the 90's was bandit country and while now it's not, the bandits run the government. people call it jewish conspriacy or some racial bullshit but it's literally just rich scumbags spitting on the people who broke their back for this country. I have hope that maybe in 10 years we'll get a good leader when my generation is grown up

ok, if i start a campaign on change.org to ask nato forces, and the whole world to come and free Russia from it's rats politicians and scam bydlo, would you suport it?

Чтo тaм c oбeзьянкинoй дocкoй, ктo знaeт? Oнa coвceм плaтнaя cтaлa чтoлe? Oн eбнyлcя?

there is no illumanati. it's nato and it's right in front of us

but there are plenty of decent russians out there, somehow they must get a system that reinforces those values and mentalities and clean up the retarded rulers. maybe im wrong, but it seems theres much potential, which is consistently undermined by the state, instead of reinforced by it.

imagine that russia is in a great place (both geographically and economically) to be a manufacturer like china. Instead of chinks making money, russians could be making money. but no, putain sacrifices russian development for some fields in georgia and ukraine. what a retard.

Even all of us cooperate. brainwashed citizens will even offer help for this noble ass scam like policemen, politicians. And we will probably just get killed. Or inprisoned. This is a criminal country. We cant do anything to make a normal country. This is sad, but this is truth.

russian ahmeds dont enter intenet


NATO pls save us

second this

It bothers me. There's one country between europe and usa and they are focussed on >muh empire and criminal ruling class instead of exploiting their position and building a great and wealthy nation.

it just makes me mad

m8, USA is smart at undermining Russia at every step. Rich and powerful Russia would be a nightmare for the West. Be glad that Russia sucks ass, because otherwise you would actually have a very powerful enemy at your doorstep.

>would actually have a very powerful enemy at your doorstep.
true. thats why i support nato

but if russkies would go easy on bullying tiny neighbours and focus on industry, and git gud, i think they might get friendlier too

How would they get that? If we give Caucasian republics and Tatarstan their independence that number will drop to almost zero.

Let's be honest guys, NATO wasn't kind to us at any moment since 1991. Not even before ebil Putin came to power and Russia was like an open café for western powers.

>let me tell you about your country

Seriously, the ammount of anti-Russian posts under the Russian flag really makes me think.

I like with russians though ;__;

With the US? America doesn't have friends, only vassals. Powerful Russia means another Cold War, like the one that is developing right now between US and China. And Europe will be in the first row.

> China is the new Russia


did you get tired of getting your ass ravaged over on Cred Forums, m'cockhole?

People get angry when prices for videocards doubles in a month and wages stay the same. Like new Iphone had cost of 20,000-30,000 roubles before 2014, now it is 60,000-90,000.

Yes, food and other essential things didn't rise THAT significantly but still got more expensive and wages are still not growing.

stop fucking blame the west. is u mad lol? what the fuck man? Cant you just open your eyes and take a quick look at one little thing : NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT RUSSIA.
Everyone has their own troubles and stuff like that. Grow up lol. The whole trouble is that fuckin russian plebs still lives in SLAVE MODE, they cant think with their own mind, brains, etc. Just look this faggot ass pedo putler is SOME SORT OF A KING, and under applause of all this PLEBS we are heading straight to hell. They beileve that he is 'king'
But nobody understand that we have DEMOCRACY duh. Fucking soviet scam enslaved plebs. i am glad i am leaving this shithole this year.

I wish my country taxed retards who buy iPhones and jobless turbovirgins who beg their mothers for new graphics cards.

>new Iphone
buy a russian yota phone 2 then, still costs 20000

NATO didnt do nuffin in the 90ies. individual companies did though. and it was only worse because (surprise!) russian leadership sucked.

shock therapy didnt work inrussia though, but in places like poland it did. i cant say why.

>Russia doesn't have friends, only vassals.

seriously, put down the koolaid and observe some formerly poor countries, eastern europe or asia, and observe how free and/rich they are, and compare that with countries in the russosphere. if you think the latter is preferable you drank too much wodka.

you overestimate america consistently, out of some weird fear of success. even if one can only be an american vassal, it is clear that everyone prefers that over being a russian vassal. observe nato borders indeed.

all im saying is that russia could be more than a relic from the 19/20th century, locked up in an old vision of the world. it could move towards an economical version of china (manufacturing) and socially accept that it is very european and use western ideas to improve itself

you just wanna sit in mud and wave the russian empire flag.

even worse imagine if Poles beat Muscovy and they made a "Commonwealth" from Central Europe to Kamchatka. Our eyes would turn to West pretty quickly. with position at the centre of Europe we would have both Heartland and all the important land traderoutes east-west, north-south. Europe could be one Commonwealth before WW1...

And here I thought I was talking to an intelligent human being. Nope, just another brain damaged american cocksucker with an axe to grind.

Tell me that when they lift embargo on new technologies that was on us since very 1991.

NKVD will probably bomb your house


lewl. link please or troll.

like i said before, russia has a lot of potential, and all it does is sell gas and invade very small countries and be poor.

if you see no problem with that, you left behind in the 20th century. maybe even 19th. guys like you frame _evrything_ in terms of america. thats lazy.

> buy yotaphone

But how are you going to show off a phone which doesn't have labels that cost 1000 dollars?

What are you, poor?

Anyways do you know if I can get one in Europe, or if they're releasing a new one anytime soon?

Stop talking shit about Russia-tan!! I won't allow it!! Fuck the kangaroos!!

Link for what? Try to buy new production line for mixrochips or a license for some new microcontroller. We can't even do like chinks did once buying western technologies and reproducing them here. They are not sold to us.

If you don't see how your american masters act like a bona fide 19 colonial empire, then you truly are retarded.

lol, it's russian government caused this shit.
wake up neo, you obosralsya

thanks for letting us know you actually believe putinist nonsense.

enjoy being a poor serf!

Thanks for being such a faithful american lapdog. Americans sure got lucky with Europe.

What potential do we have? We are out of all world trade routes. The only lands where decent agriculture can be done has the size of Germany. We have 0 ocean non freezing ports. Production is more expensive than in the east and you can't start hi-tech industry because all specialists run to the west because wages here are lower but if you raise them you won't be able to compete to the west. It's a death trap. Our place on the world market is selling resources. We are too late for competing on already formed markets of anything except resources.

can you make a sentence without america?

another brainwashed fag.

I talk about all the time from 1991 to 2016. They didn't lift that ban of selling new technologies to Russia that they put on USSR in 1980.

welcome to 2016, planes are already invented here. railroads too. Oh, did i mention trucks were invented a houndred years ago? oh, oh.

I am talking about industry that is capable of competing with western tech and asian cheapness. The only real thing we have is nuclear undustry. Rwactors, power plants, radiation sources, waste keeping. That's a good example of how you get the part of the market in the beginning of industry and simply don't let anyone else inside.

There was couple ifs before, why make a statement now? Because I'm a Pole? Face it with Polish kings instead of Scandinavians you'd be much better off :)

I can. The better question is whether or not you can take american cock out of your mouth. And the answer is no, you can't. So that's why you should be glad, that Russia is not powerful.

1) you are next to europe and america (and china). rail can solve the problems of no ports (which you would not need with better raillinks to europe). see how the US manages their industry: everything goes by rail cheaply accross a country of similar size. better roads too (at least in european russia)

2) russian science is pretty good. attract them to stay in russia (decent wages but also nonshit mentality and so on). yes this is expensive, but important for industry and the state of the country in a few decades.

3) you have resources, and cheap energy. so manufacturing could be close to both for a competitive advantage. problem of russian manufacturing always was quality control: yes here you would need to improve. china solved this by external (western) expertise. then, massive expansion of industry ofcourse, while under putin industrial production went down.

4) use sale of resources to fund industry, not to fund stupid wars and the elites. ofcourse, people need to earn a good wage, but no castles for the kremlinites and so on. more money in more hands, common russians as well.

5) labour is cheap, a huge advantage (and the reason china has all that manufacturing now).

it takes planning, focussed effort, and a few decades, but thats how america went from northing to the biggest industrialized country in ~100 years. you have exactly the same starting position, but you dont use it yet.

Polish kings run Poland into the ground, it took Russians and Germans to make something out of you. I'll pass.

go make a company, build a factory, order equipment from china.
Dont forget to pay taxes on your income. which are about 60+ %

Russians under polish rule are ukrainians. Not really a good example of well being.

you talk a lot of americas cock for a so called true russian. every attempt at discussion of economy and industry you turn to americas cock within one sentence.

it is weird to me.

> And where all the oil money goes?

haha your fucking west is robbing us for centuries

>haha your fucking west is robbing us for centuries
seriously, study modern China to learn why that makes no sense.

western empires only extract from countries that are retarded and cant get their shit together. China, at last, got their shit together. Russia could too, but then again, there seem to be too many retards there for them to get their shit together.

its easier to drink wodka

And who will buy your shit produced by secomd hand chinese technology in the middle of nowhere, far away from any consumer and without any means to deliver your goods like a warm sea port.
For all that you need money. We sell the same amount of oil that Saudi Arabia does. But ours is more expensive and we have 5 times more people living in much more harsh conditions. You start huge industrialization and in the same time your pensioners starbe and freeze to death without government subsidies and army just dissolves and turns into a huge orginized band.

You were the one who started discussing America, not me. Now you pretend to be retarded.

> western empires only extract from countries that are retarded and cant get their shit together

Doesn't matter. You DO it for centuries.

Fucking west keeps us as a hated colony, fuckers didn't let us live calm and quiet life of provinical European state like Slovakia. Jesus I hate West so much, you filled russia with your agents, you exploit this country, you're ready to waste Moscow in nuclear war to eliminate America instead.

WORST metropole ever. It's like a PIMP who gives prostitutes heroin and then beats them.

>For all that you need money. We sell the same amount of oil that Saudi Arabia does.

that is a shitload of money. all of it goes to fund castles for the rich and wars without gains. literally feudal tier.

look at germany. they have literally nothing, except what they create with labour. industry is their multiplier.

>much more harsh conditions
most russians dont live in harsh conditions. saudis live in a fucking desert, dutch live underwater, chinese live in jungles. canada lives as far north as you.

you just seem oversensitive to the word

russia was never a colony of the west, maybe of the czar.

its time you stop crying over how hard it is for russia and just build up. america did it. australia. china is doing it. korea, taiwan, singapore etc etc etc.

>you just seem oversensitive to the word
You were the one who sperged out.

> russia was never a colony of the west, maybe of the czar.

It was always.

In 1801, 1917, 1966, 2015, always.

In 1917 british and german spies with help from "oppressen nations" destroyed russian empire and installed fucking communism. And that's when Russia died.

its ok ivan, youre among friends here. big guys can admit they're wrong, no need to be stronk all the time

Germans filled empty markets with their goods. They were the first. They took the part of it and still barely letting anyone new. Australia is basically the same Russia that sells resources. But they have population of 20mln people and here we have 140mln. When country has shitloads of money from selling resources it efdects its GDP, look Qatar, Australia or Norway. Russia never even sold enough resources to reach polish level.

thats called european history, friend. every country meddles with the others. THATS WHAT MAKES IT EUROPE! some say its even why its great.

thats only recently so. post 1945 they build themselves up

you're very convinced of russia's bad position on everything, while numbers indicate none of that is true. you just lack the will and focus to build on the advantages you have.

>Poor, warmongering, genocidal, obnoxiously agressive, uncivilized, soulless nation
Like something bad.
>first they stole the Kievan Rus' history
So what? Come get it back.
>Russia is extremely poor and undeveloped
6th economy, only one who can into space.
>the best way for the state to succeed is to be egoistic, xenophobic, expansive, imperialistic, overly-nationalistic and authoritarian
It's true. Any sucsess of Australia? You are even haven't your own language.
>Russia is the true cancer of humanity
This humanity must be dead, they went wrong way, we are executing the God's will.

Ok """""""""Austrian"""""""""", how was destroying the Russian Empire and sponsoring

Ukraine and Belarusian People's Republic?
55 Savuskhina Street sure is a great place in Vienna, huh?

Like which numbers? Saudi Arabis is just selling resources and does nothing else and look at their gdp and ours. What numbers are you talking about? May be the percentage of lermafrost of whole territory? Or amount of people? We have 3 times higher population density than Canada for example.

you wont give it lmao
also moscow has a lot of muslims and gypsys
t.Someone who was almost robbed by gypsy in moscow

t. 12 year old with 20 doctorates in Slavic European ethnic history
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

Well, we never signed up to be european target, you faggots were the ones to invade and meddle in our affairs, we were perfectly content with being left alone. Now deal with consequences.

tldr: pol?

At least try to prove me wrong faget.
Moscow is the capital. It has representatives from every part of Russia. Except central asians. They are the only actually foreign muslims here. But they don't leech welfare monies.
here but mostly work on construction sites. And caucasians will leave right after their shitfest countries sucede.

>we wuz ALWAYS just and good

>At least try to prove me wrong faget.
The burden of proof rests on you to even claim entire nationalities as just part of your Neosoviet Eurasian fantasy.

We were talking about glorious polish rule over east slavic folks. And you started some childish shitposting.

Ironically you stopped "glorious polish rule" by massacring the Polish military officers in Katyn.

Some are bretty mad that they steal their jobs i hear tough.

Still manage to survive and dominate on the political map world. hehehehehe


Glorious polish rule was stopped when Poland was partitioned.

Our mission as a nation is to stop the cancer that humanity is.

>we yuropeans are good bois, we dindu muffin, it's all evul Russia
Europeans are truly niggers

Yeah, being sanctioned to a crippling degree to even Russian Finance Ministry saying they will have no money by 2017, even India becoming more powerful than you, losing a nation that was the 2nd largest economy in the USSR, causing massive Islamist insurgencies in the North Caucaus and so much more, yep, you dominate the world, heh, faggot.

Says someone soon to have new flag just with one cross on it.

Finance ministry claiming that 10th time
Still alive :^{)

Again. There was no racemixing between mongols and Russians. Ever. It ws absolutely shunned. Mongols didn't occupy Rus' land. The Russians payed tax to the mongols and the mongols left them alone.
To even think that they could have influenced the cumulative genome of the untire Rus' people is A-grade retardation and wishful thinking on your part. No one in Europe does have mongol blood. It was mongol invasion of Europe, you know? Might have skipped school that day. Parts of Russia were a tax protectorate without physical presence of mongols in Russia(Area they had control over is nowadays Ukraine and tiny fraction of European Russia) itself whatsoever. As far as the taxes go, mongols controlled some Russian states, but not directly. Each Duke had to send fixed amount of money to the khan, in order for khan to let him rule. This was called yarlik. There was always one Duke who collected these money from every other and sent the whole bunch in one package to the khan. This one was given title Grand Duke. Moscoe eventually managed to become warm friends with mongols and were almost always Grand Dukes. But they took over the mongol way and solved everything in violence. Novgorod was democratic Northern state, rich from trade and under Western influence. Mongols didnt get there but they paid to be on the safe side. Although Novgorod was rich, they didnt have grain and bought if from Moscow. Moscow eventually blackmailed them with the grain and got rich and big on Novgorods expense. Eventually mongols were kicked out by combined Russian army lead by Moscow. Novgorod was then subdued by Moscow and much later, Ivan the Terrible nearly destroyed it and massacred many citizens because he was paranoic and thought they are plotting to take him down.
Novgorod was possible and much nicer alternative to formation of Russia, but Moscow and their ways won.

Says the person who got the hammer and sickle replaced with yellow, green and red lol

I am not talking about how bad or good your flag looks like, I'm talking about loosing empire and territories. You silly fucker

You lost Lithuania from the Soviet Union, lol

Says the country while invaded by muslims, right now.

lol wut? I am posting from Lithuania. I'm afraid your logic center is down.

There is a truly staggering amount of butthurt in this thread.

You are Russian diaspora in Lithuania.

I don't like to make accusations based on few posts, though it's more likely that you are Ukrainian. It somehow correlates with quality and intellectual value of posts and has it's definitive pattern.

I don't like to make accusations based on few posts, though it's more likely that you are Russian dwelling in Lithuania refusing to integrate

It somehow correlates with lack of citizenship and FSB value of being an election bloc and has it's definitive pattern.

Because OP is right. And butthurt is a permanent state of our society, because we're deeply unhappy but too lazy to do something about it.

But Russia didn't want to live a hermit pastorile life, Igor. Well maybe you Igors did, but Russia itself was always expansionist and le liberator face.

You can't have both ways, Igor. Shunned from the outside living a happy pastorile life with Svetlana in Novy Norilsk, and at the same time play le geopolitics chess game. Because America-chan (and others) will come and make you sad and poor. So Sveta runs away with Steve because he's a big guy with moneys, and you are poor and sad, the churkas steal your adidas track and vodka and Tolstoi novels are your only friends.

And that's how the attempt at pastorile happy life in Novy Norilsk ends, Igor.

Because of America-chan & cucks? Yes. But also because of you. And because Sveta is a bitch.

I like it because it brings balance to the force. Not enough to challenge the burger but just quite to prevent a burger tidal-wave around the world.

Well you can go both ways

>They don't care about their personal wealth, freedom etc as long as Mother Russia and the Tsar is fine
This is actually a virtue.

>first they stole the Kievan Rus' history
Actually, until 1917 their emperors had the blood of Rurik in their veins.
It makes their rule legitimacy.

>stole the Kievan Rus' history
Rofl at this again.

Explain this part.
Btw, weren't Aussies the guys who actually genocided Australian natives?

>Actually, until 1917 their emperors had the blood of Rurik in their veins.
Romanovs had nothing to do with Rurik. And Rurik wasn't Kievan, he was ruler of Novgorod.

Этo пpoкcихoхoл, oчeвиднo жe, нeyжeли ты дyмaeшь, чтo aвcтpaлиeц cильнo paзбиpaeтcя в нaшeй иcтopиии, eмy нe пoфиг нa вcё этo и oн бyдeт coздaвaть тaкoй тpэд?
Пoд бpитaнcким флaгoм oн жe.

Rurik, as we all know, was a finnish viking

>According to the FamilyTreeDNA Rurikid Dynasty DNA Project, Rurik appears to have belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup N1c1, based on testing of his modern purported male line descendants.[6] N1c1 is not widely found in Scandinavian countries, but is overwhelmingly found among Baltic and Finnish ethnicities. The N1c1 haplotype possess the distinctive value DYS390=23, also rarely found in Scandinavia. The closest relatives of the Rurikid haplotype are found in coastal Finland.[7]

Дa пoнятнo, я этy пacтy yжe paзa 2 нa этoй бopдe видeл. Пpocтo мнe тoжe дeлaть нeчeгo и хoчeтcя пoгoвнoпocтить.

Is it good or bad? What makes you kek?


Aaaaaand so what? Do you think you just told me something that I didn't know already?

That Russia is just a big practical joke put on by a finn
The greatest meme of our times

Also: Did you know that the word Russia is a loanword from finnish?

>Russia is a loanword from finnish
Rus were a Swedish tribe. Word Ruoski means Swedish in your language.

I think you should better take care of your own country before telling everyone that Russia is a joke. Remind me when Finland was founded as a state? Wasn't it 1918 or something?

Rus called themselves Varangians, finns gave them the name Rus due to the place where they met (Roslagen) and they came known as such when they moved further

When they enslaved the east slavs the slavs became known as "muzhi ruskie", Rus' men. Eventually the slavs started calling themselves russians and here we are. At the moment Russia is led by an ethnic Veps (a finnic person).

Also, the finnish word for Sweden is Ruotsi.