Tell me about Europeans Cred Forums

Tell me about Europeans Cred Forums

The new ones or the old ones?

I liked the old ones better

I liked the old ones better

I liked the old ones better


New ones are better than the old ones desu

>like science and nature
>massive conservative


>$18.95 AU
what the fuck

I heard they love black people.

you use real gold for money? that's pretty baller

New europeans will be the winners of the inevitable civil war

Let's hope for the best ;)

Alete Tapete! Nazis watch out. I'm reporting all of you for hate speech. Europe doesn't need shit like you, we are a multi cultural, multi ethnical continent and it's our historic responsability to help.

get off your masters PC Ahmed

Europe is trying to be America with multiculturalism and I just don't think it works for you guys. We've always been a nation of immigrants (at heart if not always in practice) and we have no American ethnicity. There is a European ethnicity and Europeans deserve to be majority in their own countries.

We turn our immigrants into patriots, but Europe has more trouble with integration for some reason.

They are greek

30 years late bro

Yurop is done


>for some reason

That some reason is that instead of trying to make them Europeans we're building them mosques and shieeet and genrelly doing everything we can to make sure they never have to integrate.

>We turn our immigrants into patriot

So you are denying the crimes the british empire committed in their colonies?
Dude, do you even leave your house once in a while? Because if you would, you'd know that these are all nice people.
Once I accidentally went into a right-winged part of the city. I got lost and in the end some (german) Nazis attacked me. But suddenly the incredible happened. A young syrian refugee was coming to help me. I wanted to invite him, as a thank you, but he said that it's okay, in syria everybody would have acted like him. I'm proud that we are welcoming these people.

>for some reason

A lot of loyalty for a hired shitpost


He wasn't alone

I'm not shitposting

We love swallowing ahmed's cum here :)

>one person represents the majority! What's an outlier? U r cuck I'm too stupid to make an argument

I'd say this. We have mosques too but our immigrants want to learn English and be American too. I'm a white boy living in a Muslim neighborhood and all my neighbors like to practice English with me and have even come to my parties where everyone is drinking and brought food and hung out and not drank. I've never felt unsafe here (Virginia suburb of DC).

My friends and I are just as curious as they are, we learn a lot about each other.

I think it doesnt work out for you either

What the fuck is wrong with Anglos and their fetishes?

>meet the new Germans
>the new Europeans

I didn't realize I'd be pretty much the only white person in my complex when I moved here. I would have been scared and probably not done it if I'd known but it's been a positive experience overall.

Humans are just humans. Some are horrible some are good. Religion of all sorts freaks me out but it's the people more than the religion I think. I grew up around southern Baptists and I've seen religion make people act great or horrible and hateful. It depends on the person I think.

I do believe that t teaching people English and putting them on the path to citizenship is what keeps terror attacks low in my country. They love America because they are safe and happy here. No need to worry that they want to hurt us.

What your blacks chimping out all the time. They don't seem very patriotic, and are far more numerous than the occasional jihadist.

For you