Do you have to wear a suit to a job interview?

do you have to wear a suit to a job interview?

Not for the kind of job you'd apply for, no.

yes if it's mcdonalds

it's a job at a petrol station. mummy said if i get a job she'll buy me a bike.

Yes. A track suit.

Dress shirt, nice trousers, and black shoes,a dn maybe a tie are fine usually.

Yes, all of them


Yes, wear a tuxedo, bring roses, and make sure to wear a fedora

Tip your hat when entering a room and greeting someone

When you greet the interviewer, don't shake hands, say "I'm sorry to say I feel a tad intimidated to shake the hands of one as charming as yourself"

When they blush, then shake their hand, do it fast because they may have retracted their hand to cover their blushing face

case the joint, see what the employees and bosses are wearing when they go outside for lunch

take whatever they wear and go one step above, absolute minimum is business casual though

that's a little outdated, nowdays the tradition is to curtsy and then kiss the interviewers hand and wrist

No, in Japan they wear tuxedo

No. You can go there butt-naked if you so please, but it might affect the outcome.

interview dress code is one step above the job's dress code

This makes sense. I can see the average /brit/ poster working in a 24 hour petrol station.

>yeah mate I'll have some Pringles... No... Not those ones. And some kingskins. Oh can I get a lion bar too mate.

it's buck-naked you donger

Do not bully Funland


I wore casual-smart instead of a suit for my last interview.
Coincidentally, I didn't get the job

I always thought it was butt-naked

pre-madonna's like you are a diamond dozen

feels good being stem mustardrace. no one expects you to dress up for the occasion and as long as you don't have something offensive on your t-shirt like a well fed african kid it's cool.

no, none of them.

Fucking christ you're all such god damned tools I'm going to throw up

going to bed now. thanks for the help everyone.

I hope you're wearing your suit to bed to break it in for the meeting tomorrow

Big Mistake if you don't

But what if I have a hole on my pants that shows my ass and nothing else???