Why is everyone so racist? Why is everyone against muslims and immigrants from Middle East in Europe?

Why is everyone so racist? Why is everyone against muslims and immigrants from Middle East in Europe?

What have they done to deserve the hate?

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Seems to me that most people, in every country across the world, are racist.

Hating other people is a nice distraction from having to think about your miserable life.

Everywhere except in Sweden


>What have they done to deserve the hate?

because they rape, they murder, and they leech

There is something comically contradictory about muslims waving a flag with the christian cross on it.

All muslims should be shot in the head, women and children included, and the carcasses burned for energy in trash processing facilities


are muslims really bad and terrible irl? i have seen only some turkish icecream man in seoul by the way

> turkish icecream man
Oh boy... feel sorry for young Chong-Chu-Chan, black cock is expensive.

but those are gypsies?!?!?

>What have they done to deserve the hate?

Have you read anything on islam and it's effects on people ?

islam is a shitty ideology. that's why.
now get the fuck off my board

Show me some sort of statistic that shows that rapists make up +1% of refugees
Ofc when you look at the numbers it's going to look like they're all rapists, but in truth, it just looks like this because of the disproportianite media attention refugee crimes get by right wingers, if media would give as much attention for all the western child rapists in southeast asia you'd also think westerners are barbarias
and in the end, both Germany and Sweden have accepted VERY large numbers of refugees in a VERY short period of time, majority who are male, poor, urban, and young. This combo applies to most criminals, and this doesn't mean most young poor urban men are criminals, it just means that they have higher crime tendecy than a rich rual grandma
Also rape definition in Sweden is loose, sexual assault is rape
Also after Cologne mass sexual assault you were all so quick to blame Syrian refugees when the sexual assaulters were maghrebi normal immigrants
Not every Muslim immigrant is a refugee

>ban muslims coming into Europe
>very few poor males come into Europe
>Europe is saved
Rlly makes u thenk

You know what's funny you fucking Swedebastard? Right know there is an alpha Somalian/Arab immigrant having a threesome with your sister and mother while you permavirgin are trying to be a moralfag on the internet. And earlier this day Abdul stole your school lunch and spit in your face while you cried like a little kid, begging for mercy. Swedes are subhumans, the lowest of all betas on the planet, pathetic and weak. I hope the refugees will destroy Sweden because your nation has no right to exist, you are a disgrace to humanity.

It just shouldn't be in such large numbers and there should be vetting
like 2 million in germany is a lot and if there were for example 1500 rape cases done by refugees it looks like all refugees are rapists but it's a few

>Ofc when you look at the numbers it's going to look like they're all rapists, but in truth, it just looks like this because of the disproportianite media ...
No it doesn't look like it because of the media (which is usualy pro refugees anyway) but because of the numbers.

Not to mention that a high amount of muslim immigrants who are here in Germany now for the third generation still don't speak our language. They refuse to immigrate, they don't like us Germans. Not the young males but also the older woman.

That's simply the solution of big problems we currently have in Europe.

I do think middle easterners are more likely to harass/assault women due to their attitude on western women but yeah rape really just minor problem, even though it is discussed a lot because it gets people agitated. The main problem with the refugees is that they're mostly useless and cost a ton of money

>and in the end, both Germany and Sweden have accepted VERY large numbers of refugees in a VERY short period of time, majority who are male, poor, urban, and young

That is not an argument for liberal immigration, that's an argument against liberal immigration.

Because it's a never-ending stream of them. And the more they are, the bigger the shithole they inhabit becomes. The more they realize they live in a shithole, the more they blame the rest of the society for their failure.

>Why is everyone so racist? Why is everyone against muslims and immigrants from Middle East in Europe?

It's not about racism, it's all about preservation.

Europe is not a buffer-zone for everyone that wants to settle there and never will be.
This madness currently taking place on the european soil will soon be reversed, and I even dare saying that in the future there will be several laws preventing this madness from happening once again.

>What have they done to deserve the hate?
What they did is that they went to a foreign continent with the goal of changing its demographics in order to change society.
If you can't see what's currently going on there's no use telling you what's up to this invasion because you're not only part of the problem but you're also speeding up the whole process.

People like you should be deprived the right to vote and the right to be politically active in your country.
It's not because you live in europe that your delusional viewpoints have to be treated like they were special snowflakes.
Your actions end up not only fucking your own life but the lives of millions and millions of people across the continent that think otherwise.

I look forward to the moment sweden will be wiped out of the earth and people with this kind of mindset will start being just urban legends like the dodo, an animal that was gone extinct because it was genocided by the settlers that went to its former lands.

Because people don't like indoctrinated, angry, uncontrolled assholes, which can suddenly explode at any time in any place.


>christian cross

> indoctrinated, angry, uncontrolled assholes
you just describe white westerners, the only difference is that europoors are too pussy to actually harm other people, so they just spit insults on the internet

I am racist towards white western people.

Totally fucking agreed. I've had two neighbors which came fucking last year, they have a small kid that never learnt either English or German, they collect unemployment and sit on their fucking asses. Despicable. No wonder they all want to come to Germany / Sweden, they don't want to work, they only want to collect unemployment. Guess why they don't stay in the Balkan, or Slovenia, Hungary and such countries? And you ask why's all the hate. They're fucking lazy

look how pathetic you guys are. bully victims, easy targets for real men (people you call "shitskins" on the internet, who would beat the shit out of you irl)

Dont worry. Germoney, we are not stealking you, we are enriching you. kek

>so they just spit insults on the internet

kek, the ironing

>The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

I just found a new name for Swedecucks.

>Raphus cucullatus

Coward flightless birds called "cucks" that went extinct by foreign conquerors.
It describes not only your modern people as a whole but also the future you have chosen for your nation.

Na, biste mett?

>What they did is that they went to a foreign continent with the goal of changing its demographics in order to change society.
I very much doubt that. Seems a pretty egocentric way of looking at things. Refugees come to escape war and Europe is willing to accept them. Lots of other people come because Europe offers a lot of benefits and a chance for a better life. They don't see Europe as something they're ideologically opposed too and want to drastically change by just up and becoming the new majority here.

Every refugee that comes from Syria, whether in peril there or not, cares about his/her own individual life and the lives of their family and maybe friends. It is for their sake that they come, not to shift the balance of political power in Europe into the hands of the Syrian people at large.

They may want to change our culture now that they're here but they came for their own reasons, not as some sinister plan for cultural or demographic expansion.

the thing is I also bully german faggots irl while you just have a big mouth on the internet

They're fine. It disgusts me to see so many innocent people beings treated as second class citizens when the extremists you read about make up such a tiny percentage of the population.
We have a moral obligation to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees.
It's a price worth paying, especially considering the fact that in the long run they benefit society.

I think your welfare system is too generous
Not that their lives should become a living hell because they're refugees but there should at least be some sort of pressure to make them contribute
In Jordan and Lebanon people hate refugees because they steal all the low jobs
People say gulf countries don't take any Syrian refugees, but they took tens of thousands of Syrians not as asylum seekers but as labor
And this is about Syrian refugees in Turkey:
>Registered Syrian refugees who have been in Turkey for at least six months will be allowed to apply in the province where they first registered. Syrians with permits would have to be paid at least the minimum wage. Now many refugees work illegally to make ends meet and are often paid very low wages.

They are lazy as fuck, they drink alot and always try to molest girls. Their culture is medieval and they refuse to accept our tradition.

>We have a moral obligation to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees.
Why? I haven't done anything, nor my ancestors have, that makes me morally obligated to accept them into my living space.

I threw up once when I was with a bus full of niggers with their distinct nigger odor. Is my stomach racist? Can there POSSIBLY be biological explanation for this?

somalian goes to sweden pretending to be a refugee
somalian recieves welfare without doing anything
somalian bullies swedish """men"""
somalian fucks swedish women while the swedish men are having gay sex (because somalis get all the bitchezz)

somalians = übermenschen
swedes = untermenschen

He's not a real english, lol

Yeah, italians are terrible.

Nailed it.

Wake up germany, you became like sweden

Sure you do m8

>because they're refugees
they're not

Alcohol consumption in the world

What you say in theory doesn't reflect reality. In reality your rape graphics have risen up, there are no go zones across the country and so on.

Society is a living thing just like our own lives, it doesn't care what are our intentions when we do shit. If we do shit, we get shit. It doesn't change the consequences we face.

If you're willing to accept millions of people from a different country and are okay with them not integrating and not even learning how to speak your language, that's fine. I mean, that would be fine if your country weren't imposing the same thing for the rest of the world, it would be okay if you kept your own destruction to your own instead of spreading the disease across the west.

This kind of mindset is cowardice. Because you give benefits for the people that leave their countries but don't help those that couldn't afford the trip to sweden. You should help them in their country. If you keep importing them to your country, soon your country will be just another syria, just like the british colonies were part of the british empire back in the day.

You're trying to solve a long term problem by doing a short term action. "Accepting" a huge amount of "refugees" won't stop the war nor help the people that can't afford going abroad.

If you can't understand that I can easily see why you're currently destroying europe and why your grandchildren will hate you for the rest of their lives.

What you or your ancestors have done is not related to moral obligation.
Moral obligation is about what's the right thing to do.

Finland? LOL drunk rapist always unemployed. You don't have culture, only angry people. Total irrelevant

was willst du von mir alta

I am

He was talking about middle east immigrants in Europe.

Finland? LOL drunk ra--pis--t always unemployed. You don't have culture, only angry and stupid people. Total irrelevant for all.

>Moral obligation is about what's the right thing to do.
Okay. So why are the most rich multiculti lovers living in high income neighbourhoods where they will never see the consequences of their actions? Why are the refugees dumped into low-income areas where the low income natives will now see increased crime and violence while the upper income class declares triumph over the racists in their all-white champagne session? Why aren't they dumped into the homes of high income people who can financially support them?

Eastern european, not north africans

Italians have higher unemployment than Finns and Syrians lol

>somalian recieves welfare without doing anything
I know a lot of somalian people who are more successful than some swedes. It's all about the integration.

>somalian bullies swedish """men"""
Lol, how? Never seen that happen

>somalian fucks swedish women while the swedish men are having gay sex (because somalis get all the bitchezz)
You are completely wrong

>I am a Greek (Turk) poster is so obvious at this point he's just being ignored
time to end it, familia

>lying on the internet

that's youth unemployment 15-24

Italians are all doing their 2nd master in Aquaducting at age 23

In Finland you get kicked out of school at 13 and have to be a fisherman in the lakes.

I'm not the Greek du Hurensohn

we have the 8th richest country in the world. Next joke sandnigga. You have a dictatorship and u live in a third world country.

I take 4000$ at month, i'm in the middle class. In you country you see this money in one year, that's why we have 8 millions of nigga.

t. matteo renzi

Yeah blame the welfare system, not the refugees for abusing it. C'mon man.

>we have the 8th richest country in the world.

somewhat debatable

Muslims have been shitting up Europe for centuries. Starting with arab invasions of the 8th century, the Ottoman Empire, and now these rapefugees stinking up my gym. It has to end.

Because they put Muslim before country. Try to enforce their religion on everyone else and reguse to accept culture of the country they are going to. They want welfare but dont want to work or embrace culture.


Wat, even Bulgaria has them too now?

Na und was sagt dir das? Du schlägst in dieselbe Kerbe.
Zeit für eine strategische Neuausrichtung, Kevin-Pascal.

Our politics are even worst than Bush, but in fact we are not poor at all. My region (lombardy) is one of the richest in europe, south italy is quite bad, but 10 ten time better than russian/finnic/Turkish lifestyle.

inbrebesting interpretation

The rape thing is a tiny minority.
In fact they are economically beneficial in the long run.
They fill gaps in the labour market, set up more businesses and help care for the ageing population. They actually increase the GDP of the countries they move to.
There's no sensible argument against it beyond 'b-b-but muh rapes and muh white Europe.'
It makes sense both economically and morally.

Indeed, my country is 3rd world. Don't ever immigrate here. Its all frozen and full of misery.

Thanks Dutchbro

PPA Italy:35000$ at year
Japan:38000 at year
Russia 25000 at year
France 41000 at year
Egypt 11000 at year

Yeah, we are so fucking poor

Truly Muslim conquest made some European countries develop greatly at that time like Spain and Silicy
So "shitting up" isn't exactly the correct term to describe that era

>sweden this far in the cuckhole

turks are really not bad, as far as muslims go

Isn't that surprising that spain and sicily are one of the poorest regions of europe today?

Do you really expect that muslim mass immigration will be a positive thing in the long run?

>25k$ a year
Never in a million years mio amico

Fuck off, shitskin.

>Isn't that surprising that spain and sicily are one of the poorest regions of europe today?
They aren't. Eastern European countries are almost universally poorer because of the USSR.
The reason they are poorer than other Western European counties is because of Protestantism compared to Catholicism.

>They fill gaps in the labour market, set up more businesses and help care for the ageing population. They actually increase the GDP of the countries they move to.

Kek, such ludicrous makebelief. Last I checked, over here, 4th generation turks and moroccans still are >30% in unemployment figures, while 90's somali's are 70% on benefits, so why would these "syrians" do any better?
>muh morality

I didn't say you were, but congrats on becoming butthurt.

I made a joke, I love Finlan and plan to visit many times.

>Isn't that surprising that spain and sicily are one of the poorest regions of europe today?
So what? Baghdad was the most technologically advanced city of its time (until Mongol invasion), now it's completely wartorn because of western imperialism, every ethnicity every nation every religion have their golden ages
>Do you really expect that muslim mass immigration will be a positive thing in the long run?
not really no


Gee, maybe because they rape, steal, kill hundreds of people yearly and are generally a huge fucking nuisance ? Ever thought about that ?

Look it up. A quick google search will tell you the economic impact of refugees. I don't see why you're talking about Turks in Morocco when the discussion is about refugees, anyway.

1000 AD arabs =/= 2016 arabs

Now you are a burden, only syrians could be a resource, that's why germany take them.
But no one wants north africans and the others, they are here in Italy, and we pay 50$ every day for each one. And they dont do a shit, only protest against all. They are always blaming something.

Chinese emigrants are true workers and we appreciate them.

>economic impact of refugees
they only cost money

it's basically taxpayer's money that gets juggled around and redistributed, nice meme

>I don't see why you're talking about Turks in Morocco when the discussion is about refugees
because most of them are not refugees, rather they are economic migrants

muslims do not go together with western society, as unemployment and benefit statistics show

but nice baiting, anyway.

I just don't want other races in my country I want to remain white call it racism call it whatever you want.

I know that Arabs aren't the most developed people these days, I was just pointing out that "shitting up" isn't the correct term to describe Muslim conquest of Iberia and Italy, because it was majorly positive for their development (AT THAT TIME)

Refugees in Europe 2016

Albanian lel

>stole a flag from Danes given to them by their CHRISTIAN GOD
Ok muhammad

>the economic impact of refugees
Is devastating.

It took us a long time to get rid of the Christian mentality in this country and get religious people to shut up about their made up bullshit. Don't need a new lot spewing even more myths, it'll take another 200 years to un-brainwash them.

>they only cost money
My friend, take a look at the myriad studies done on the economic impact of refugees instead of just making swooping statements. You should rely on statistics instead of being overly emotional.

No it isn't. Look it up. I don't know how many times I've got to say this.

When I said "europe" I meant the "EU", if I were referring to the european continent I would have said "the whole continent", lad

Yes it is. Look it up.

People are naturally racist, and pakis stink of curry and blow shit up so they can fuck off

Well there are lots of Eastern European countries in the EU that are still poorer than Spain and Italy

But not in western europe, m8

True, but I think that's because of the reformation instead of anything related to Muslims.

All are poorest than us, Spain is way richest than russia.

okay mr. paki, show me them


Well, virtually all those EE countries were under ottoman influence for many centuries too, just like the poorest regions of western europe
All former regions that were under muslim influence are not as rich as the regions that were not

Even the baltic countries that were quite poor during soviet times did improve a lot after entering the EU while countries like bulgaria and romania are still kinda backward

There's absolutely nothing positive related to islam and muslim influences under a western country
It makes me sad that countries like germany are actually taking a huge effort in order to go down that road

Fight me irl and not online and see what happens

The problem with welfare state in many european countries (sweden, germany) is that you're expected to only profit from it for a temporary time. In theory, it's easier to leech it off and maybe make 200-300 € less than when you would work on your minimun wage work but got much mire freetime

just accept it, your diaspora is scum.

Are you proposing anal sex?

would be quite funny, one day you're shitposting and the next day you are obviously still shitposting, except there is now some autist next to your window that has come to fight you irl

wonder if this has ever happened

>all ~10-70 incidents per 100k people
How is that supposed to be used against all of us if it's the minority?
Show me crime rate of poor young urban male british white chavs compared to crims rate of poor young urban british-pakistanis
And then it will be fair

just stop. you have no idea what you are talking about

Algerians are a cancer

They just pass through, but they stay for a few months before they move on. So there's always a few smelly dyel shitskins benching like 40kg on my bench just completely ruin my day.

No i do
Crime is correlated with poverty more than anything

keep telling yourself that idiot
why are african americans the only ethnic group to consistently stay in poverty
every other ethnic group in America gets on fine

aawww, did an arab fuck your crush? or did he steal your lunch? cry more, white sissy boi

Maybe, Iberians know more about it than I do. I do know that the Ottomans completely fucked up the Balkans, though.

100% bullshit

Compare poor chinese with poor algerians.

You will see the difference...

The fight would pretty much look like this

Yes ottomans were very oppressive to Arabs as well
It was about Turkish supremacy
And the lack of education in ottoman empire was horrible
They only focused on the milatary
But Abbasid caliphate was full of development

Wtf he do? Slapping him in the face and back?

ethnopluralist is not the same as racist

Why do Albanians and Romanians have a high crime rate in UK? They're the same race as other Europeans
Why do Vietnamese have a high crime rate in UK? They're the same race as Chinese

Just happens that certain people deal differently with poverty than others. I don't know you, but I've seen what Arab diaspora does, how it behaves. It's cultural.

soft bitch slaps are enough to make westerners cry like little babies

Inb4 someone tries to claim that the Abbasids just took shit from MUH Greeks and Romans.

>he thinks races are divided by continents

romanians are mostly criminal gypsy gangs

albania is a corrupt shithole of a country, barely human

So you argument is that we should not allow poor third worlders in our countries because they are poor and will do crime? If so, I agree.

Oooohhhh now they're not the same race as Europeans! They're just poor non-white subhumans!! Any poor white person who's a criminal is an honorary shitskin!!
What happened to white brotherhood?

There are two types of people - one can understand and live respecting other cultures, others are not.
In each country \ nation.
When found on both sides irreconcilable supporters impose their culture, conflict is provided.

I do not belong to your problem directly, but personally I feel envy towards migrants.
What I worse than they are? Or if they do not want to stay not live in your country, and we? Here let them try.
I understand there is a threat to their lives directly from religious fanatics.
However, we have problems of not less than - the standard of living, medical and well-being of citizens already competes with the backward countries of the Third World.
While we all peacefully and force people do not killing, although recent history, history has shown how we can deal with the millions of people.

That's like saying herpes isn't that bad as far as STDs go.

Yes, they are literally everywhere now. Letting you into the EU was a huge mistake. At least the gypsies we already had were white.

let me guess, you don't think there's a difference between ethnic italians and russians

to you it's all "white", "black", "asian"

>using united statian descriptions of "white" "black" "brown" and "yellow"

>Oooohhhh now they're not the same race as Europeans!

wew, it's almost like in europe there are many different ethnic groups

No, there are differences, sure, but I'm just using your "race-realist" bullshit against you
You don't seem to care about putting all Arabs under one umbrella so why should I care? :3

lol, don't worry Mustafa, soon the Stasi will ban Cred Forums in your country and you'll go to jail for posting on an anti-immigration imageboard.

>it's a swedes are cucks thread
why do they do this?

>What have they done to deserve the hate?
They want to kill me.

Albanians have more in common with arabs than with europeans
Starting with their own religion that's majoritary muslim

Romanians have tons os gypsies and they don't share the same cultural / ethnic background with them, if you google the origins of the gypsies you'll find that they were originated in india and migrated to europe around the 11th century

That if we don't mention that both countries were under ottoman influence for centuries and they had social / cultural changes because of muslim influence over their nations (some countries such as bosnia are till this day majority muslim, proving ottoman influence made its way for the 21th century on the places that were formerly part of their empire)

I see no point in calling them "honorary shitskin" but if you're dismissing muslim influence under their countries you're not dismissing what we're talking about over here, you're dismissing history

Still, all those countries are way better in quality of life than turkey itself today, though

the one common thing that makes them collectively shit is the fact they're so gay for allah

(probably also their subhuman genetics, but that aside)

You always call Arabs criminals.
But rich emirati or bahraini expats living in luxurious flats in London don't commit much crime at all.
And now you get mad if someone lumped you in with poor Romanians or Albanians.

because two wrong don't make a right, michael

In any case, I absolutely see no problem with restricting migration from the MENA. Actually, your position of "they're just poor!" makes me support it even more. We already have enough poor Finns here shooting speed up their sleeves and drinking themselves to death.

>be rapefugee
>live from benefits
>government raises taxes to supply them (remember they will be allowed to vite soon and are a pretty voting base for liberals)
>GDP increases because of the taxes
>"look at their positive impact!"
You won't full me Nigel al europani

Gulf Arabs are okay. Egyptians are pretty bro tier. Everyone else is just a subhuman sandnigger on par with sub Saharan niggers.

Trips and America will remove the Muslim threat forever with nuclear hellfire.

Whats the problem with that?

the "arabs" that live here, being mostly berber moroccans and roaches, however, are overrepresented in crime statistics. WEIRD.

but desu I despise everything that is muslim, crime isn't even a decisive factor in this

>not ideologically opposed
lol, take a look at New Pakistan: there's a shitload of organizations that try to instate Sharia law in the country. Does treating women like 2nd rate citizens and joining church with the state oppose your ideology?


even tunisians?


If arabs hate europe so much that they want to turn it as shitty as the places where they cam from why are they killing themselves trying to get here?

really makes you think...

tunisia is cute

Would you risk your life to escape an arab shithole if you knew you could live the rest of it mooching off of the socialist Swedish government? The vast majority of the refugees are economic and weren't living anywhere near the war area previously.

>GDP increases because of the taxes

Muslims are a bit like any teen belief (like communism was with their utopia):

They want to take over the world, but they are not really sophisticated nor enough experienced with it.

that is: They can't hide their face. They are unable to do so.

>this doesn't mean most young poor urban men are criminals, it just means that they have higher crime tendecy
And that's exactly why they shouldn't be let in.

This is our country and you don't have an inherent right to come here. You do as we say or you stay in your fucking shitholes cutting each other's head off.

It's a very roundabout way of saying borrow money.

For example, Sweden is projecting growth this year thanks to the influx of niggers because the Government is running a deficit.

Borrowing is basically deferred taxation and assuming -some- of them will find employment (the rate was 50.5% in Sweden -before the migrant crisis) then the GDP should increase.

>What have they done to deserve the hate?
They're trying to come in my home without my express permission. Do I really need anymore reasons than this to hate them?

Nope actually most Arabs love Europe and wouldn't think twice before settling there but they love it because of better living standards not because they share your cultural ideas, Islamists hate Europe because they hate everything about the West and Western culture but they're a minority anyway
People hate or mistrust USA and Israel because of their crimes in the Middle East

>Better living standard

This is a very powerful incentive, it is the biggest driver of world migration by far.

Do you think it is the destiny of Europeans to open their border and allow people to come in? What has always bothered me is the fact that this influx of immigration has left a large group of natives marginalized and culturally displaced. Doesn't this brew anger and discontent which can lead to something awful.

I understand the war in Syria is awful and most migrants just want to flee but let us be honest these refugees are not going to return home once the war is over. They are going stay in Europe and thus cause the largest demographic change in Modern European history. What is more, we all know this is the start of more migration. Where does this mean in the future? Does this not concern you?

>rich emirati or bahraini expats living in luxurious flats in London don't commit much crime at all
Bull fucking shit, they're criminals both at home and abroad, they're just too rich for the police to intervene.

Are you retarded? Finland is nothing like Russia or Turkey, we're a relatively rich western white country with almost no corruption.

Apperantly the unemployment rate for swedes is like 4% and the unemployment rate for immigrants is like 25% (this counts 1 hour work per week).

It doesn't make sense in any way, shape or form. Economically, they just recieve money that's taken from tax payers that they will never return. Morally, I'd agree on this if not for one thing. Helping them equals to worsening your own position. The more you nurture them the more you rot. You have to make your life worse in order to help them.

Which wouldn't be too bad if they knew to appreciate it, which they don't. They showed how they respect us in Nice and the like. They don't understand the concept of 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. They come fleeing from their shitholes because they're shitholes and then they act the same way which caused their initial habitat to become unlivable.

Also, my selfish input on this is: Why the fuck would I want to help them? Who are they? What do they have to do to me? Why do we have to sacrifice ourselves to help someone from a foreign agressive culture that has tried to harm us for over a millenia and doesn't appreciate help?