Wake up

>wake up
>this nation now exists
What do?

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would their posters flood Cred Forums?

eat breakfast

i will never live in the same cunt with ar*ps

Remove kebab.

>Take a piss
>Drink coffee
>Go and play counter strike go

Tactical Nuke tbqh


bang ur mum

Tactical nukes are actually very small, you may want to use tzar bombs instead.
I appreciate the intentions though.

I'd laugh because they couldn't even conquer all of Anatolia or Sicily.

be happy that no more civil wars in middle east
send all refugees home

Prepare for the great crusade
>kebab removal at very hgih speed

if u nuke tunisia malta and south italy will be affected :/

It's acceptable.

average maltian be like
>potatoes is his life

>u mad empire

Fucking memery



You dont even need to nuke tunisia, just iraq-saudi arabia
Tunisia is my favorite mudslime country for obvious reasons.
We can recreate the knights desu
We are the ultimate kebab removal tool

He's trying to sound cool by saying "tactical"

thanks bébé do u really speak a language close to tunisian dialect?

btw most Tunisians are alcoholic heavy smoker sex addict never herteics they are a fake muslim
>all tunisian Cred Forums users are agnostic


Accept even more refugees

Well if you understand a little tunisian and alot of maltese you cna have a decent conversation
I know alot of tunisians who come work here who are bro tier.
I know, thats why i like them.


Re-Reconquista, technically.

Look at that, Portuguese and Spaniards best friends again after 800 years.

Call the Corsicans and tell them we need help in Perpignan

Italy with the war strategy