Why do Germans love Islam?

Why do Germans love Islam?

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It's quite easy.

Help Hitler and Germans and you're ubermenshc.

Be Hitlers opponent - you're a subhuman.

This is the avarage german

That's why

Because Islam is a strong religion. Killing your enemies etc. is less faggy and more realistic than "turning the other cheek". Just look at all the catholics protecting muslims each and every time, giving them asylum etc.
No muzzie would do this shit for a catholic priest. Muslims are smart enough to take advantage of the average retarded german.

>Hitler flipping shit and his opinion on Poles the moment we tell him to fuck off from our territories
Worth it
But not smart enough to make a stable society.

What about those then?
Also when the Spanish kicked Jews out of Andalusia Muslims took them in.

sad what you faggots have become

I'm german and I hate Islam.

>catholics protecting muslims
none of catholic cunts does, only protestant


I live in the south of germany, we are mainly catholics here. There are enough examples of stuff like that.

The pope is literally choking on migrant cock

Germans exist to bring about Europe's destruction, it's just what they do.

>The pope
is he even catholic?

>It's another episode of people pretending to be Catholics but only if it's "coo" Catholicism like crusading and killing other races
Kill yourselves or at least just renounce your faith. Religion isn't about picking a flavor and pretending it's the true flavor of it while calling anything contradicting it non canon or "you just gotta interpret it another way".

Oh right you want to be immoral fucks while pretending to be the most wonderful person on the planet and atheism doesn't provide you with that.


>Religion isn't about picking a flavor and pretending it's the true flavor
Of course it is.


Same with Stalinism t.b.h

At least pick a different religion not go with religion that spends half the book to talk about loving thy neighbor and helping people and then you go NO MOM COOL CHRISTIANS DO CRUSADES NOT ALMS FOR THE POOR

Does anything at all happen in Jordan?

That's exactly how most religious people practice religion

>muh crusaders
daily reminder that the idea of crusades was stolen from islam and goes against everything in christian faith

>Just look at all the catholics protecting muslims each and every time, giving them asylum etc.
This is not because of Christianity. It's because of political correctness and it's so effective here because of the German collective guilt.


>At least pick a different religion
no, being a dicks worked for christians for few centuries and it will work for another few

>People are altruists
>Fucking political correctness

Crusades were self defense against agressive evil cult spreading into Christ's land
God allows

>People are altruists
they are just stupidly spending public taxes, they would think twice if they were paying with their own cash.

strange, I always thought Jesus preached "loving your enemy" and "turning the other cheek", and not "self defense by killing infidels who lived there for hundrets of years"

Christianity is mostly worse than ever and you don't need it to be dicks. Split into several several branches and with no real power since even the most religious people often just disregard anything the Pope says when he says you should be nice or other not cool things.

And what? Go back some few hundreds of years ago and you see the opposite version of the pope. The current political influence is making Christianity to a cuck-religion.

t. I've never read the Bible

The cardinals could behave differently, but they don't- They probably thinks this would get the people to follow the curch again, or like it, after all these pedo-scandals here in germany.

I didnt read the bible but I am pretty sure Jesus doesnt preach waging war in name of religion

Those popes were corrupted by the political power they held. Because current pope holds very little actual power, he can remain true to christian faith

Because there were no muslims in Germany at that time. Had there been, they would have been on the list.

Old testament baby
God justifies if mudslimes threaten us

>"Denkt nicht, ich sei gekommen, um Frieden auf die Erde zu bringen. Ich bin nicht gekommen, um Frieden zu bringen, sondern das Schwert!"
>"wer kein Schwert hat, verkaufe seinen Mantel und kaufe eines."
- Jesus von Nazareth

with the commies you became a 'counterrevolutionary'
which is slightly more honest in a way