Post your skull shape

Post your skull shape.

What's the whitest skull shape?

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Is 80% cranial index the whitest?

asians confirmed smartest breed

Eskimos or was it native Siberians (lel) have the highest cranial capacity.

Ive got long head kek

What the hell is this thing even.


That's just the percentage of the width of the skull compared its length.

That doesn't mean shit. They are still ancient snow gooks that never accomplished anything

like to see what you can do in the tundra


If they were smart they wouldn't live in the Tundra liberal swine.

How the fuck are you supposed to calculate this shit without calipers senpai

I think I'm 78, am I white yet?

Finns are practically eskimos and have the highest educational scores in the world

Makes you think, doesn't it

lol what does that have to do with liberalism
fucking retard

Black means round, white means oval?

Didn't Diamond say it's easier for an aboriginal to work in an office than for an officer worker to work in the wild?

I think the conclusion was that people who, like say live in the tundra, are smarter over all.

And it's only racism, and institutionalized poverty that would keep them down in our society.

*Jared Diamond


>National Institute for Health and Welfare: Finns are a large headed bunch of people 27.5.2014 klo 08:23
>Finns are both tall and big headed people. According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare about half of Finnish children would have to take further examinations do to the large sizes of their heads if local clinics used international growth standards for determining abnormalities in childrens growth.
>There are huge differences in the proportions of people depending on nationalities. Finnish point of view, the WHO material raises the observation that finns clearly have larger heads than average.
>-Nearly half of Finnish children stand out due to too large head circumference, if international standards were used when measuring. Finnish children have very big head, says the THL researcher, doctor Jarmo Salo.
>Average-sized Finnish belongs to WHO the top 10-15% of world population when it comes to the circumference of their head. Then come the ones that are large headed even by finnish standards.
>A child with a big head is not necessarily a sign of illness, since she may belong to a large headed family. Head growth is monitored in local clinics up to 7 years of age.


So this explains why I have such a huge fucking head.

>serbo croats