Post your most American picture

Post your most American picture.

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it is consuming a plastic chair with his asshole. it's just so hungry :DD


How the fuck do you get so fucking fat ?

How do you even get out of the bed when you weight that much ?



not a joke. this was the reality in America for a very long time, and is arguably true today




that google shit is not even a meme anymore, it's blatant jewish propaganda




or maybe the algorithms aren't perfect
it takes the information from sites based on their name
if it can't get a full match it will look for a partial one
also 'american' matches 'african american'
tl;dr it's not googles fault people don't upload collections of photos labeled 'white american couples'

Lexi Porky


Taco Belle

Nah mate, it's a global conspiracy to make white young adults feel insecure or something.


>Heavy Breathing

This is the most american pic on the internet
Prove me wrong

Eh, nice.


Always the same pics smdh.


wtf. this is actually real. Very shadly dadaly google.

Couldn't give a dusty fuck

It's actually the opposite, people purposefully upload collections of photos labeled "white american couples" with pictures of mixed couples.

And as per usual, Cred Forumscunts only fool themselves and they are the only ones that care.


It's getting better though, slowly.


>he says as the blacks riot and drag whites from their cars and beat them near to death

Swarmfront pls



Stupid fucking whores

cutting deep, my polish friend

That's a sad picture and America can be a really fucked up place, but let's be honest.
If that photo were taken today, half those kids would have been aborted, almost none of them would know their father, the older one on the left would probably be pregnant by now, and the boy would have a very large chance of being in juvenile detention in the next few years, and all of them have a disproportionately high likelihood of developing HIV and a drug addiction before 24.

Have a video instead.

How about the most American webm

Holy shit, please tell me that it is shopped. I've never seen such fat people anywere.

That's fairly standard in the U.S.

There are fat fucks throughout the Anglosphere at least, but you usually only get the really mobidily obese giants in America, where they can be seen daily at most large, non-department, stores


it's not standard, don't kid yourself. We have a lot of fat people but this scenario really only plays out in backward, rural communities.

In any event, I run a lot in downtown DC (our capital) which has a lot of tourists, particularly in the Smithsonian/Mall area. Americans have undoubtedly have gotten fatter but I've never seen someone in a motorized char that wasn't obviously handicapped. This is just assholes at Walmart.

>maybe 30 years
>long time

>what is jim crow
>what is institutionalized segregation

>what are good practices

didn't realize the pic was about segregation, thought it was about postwar strong middle class; my fault

And, like I said, Walmart can be found anywhere in America, not just backwards rural places.
I've seen it in Riverside, CA, Denver, Boston, Knoxville, TN, etc.
All fairly large cities, one of which is in the skinniest state.


Blacks had a sperate all coloured fair they could visit, though probably of lower quality.

Do you think he made it to her pussy?

>motorized char
Well, but if they can buy a motorized chair, somebody should produce it? And if somebody produces motorized chairs, there is a demand on such products or may be even stable market !

It's not
t. been to the US

fuck this shit

>demand on such products
demand for



you don't understand. The store provides these chairs for handicapped people. Fat, lazy people use them to the detriment of the handicapped or elderly.

Handicapped people should just fix their own chairs. Fuck the fatties.

Thet don't buy them, motor scooters are provided by the store, alongside the shopping carriages/cart/buggies

>crisps in a burger
I thought Americans were supposed to be good at fast food.

>The store provides these chairs for handicapped people.
why? does it not stand to reason any handicapped person in need of such a vehicle already has one? how else would they arrive?

>tfw riding the city bus a while back
>two sweet old ladies got up and shambled to the back of the bus so some giant fatty could sit in the first row seat
>everyone started yelling at her and offering the old ladies seats closer to the doors
>they kept saying it's fine as they made their way to the back
>it wasnt fine

I thought there were any special chairs for fat assholes.

Well, in Auchan or other markets in Moscow there are usually only few chairs for handicapped people and nobody use it.

>The store provides these chairs for handicapped people
this is one of the stupidest things i have ever heard

Well not all handicapped people have them. It's like at the airport when elderly people get wheelchairs because it's a lot of walking to do for them. So at the stores, they and the handicapped get the option of the scooter

well what do you guys do

Non, we have nothing for handicapped here. They have their own electric chairs already. Goverment helps funding these

You forgot about sausage in a burger.

They aren't just for handicap people, ostensibly they are for the elderly, someone with a broken leg in a cast, etc. Also, handicap scooters don't usually have a basket affixed to the front for groceries.
Anyone who might find it easier to shop with a motorised carriage, rather than walking through an enormous store pushing a carriage.

It's not. They're the norm in the US.
>Be skinny fat
>start gaining fat weight.
>tell American friend I'm fat

"You're so skinny user, you're not fat!!"

Unless theyre into sports and fitness, their definition of overweight is the pic.

Taco Belle, you will be missed.

seems rather cold of you, desu

American cops handcuffing kids pics should have their own thread

It's for people who can walk but are unable to push a heavy shopping trolley, ie the elderly and disabled without their own chair


this is legit funny though


>not having a flag
what are you doing guys?

Both of the "before" pictures still exist in many places. Of course this doesn't matter, since the operative question for everything these days seems to be "Who is to blame?". Which is a fantastic starting positions to fix societal problems.

can someone explain?

every picture in this thread makes me hate americans even more....which i did not know was possible

>Handcuffing a 8yo kid with ADHD

And Americans call us savages

That's a new one, good job there bud


had an American 280 pound friend that said he was too fat. Needed to lose 15 pounds. Mom whole-heartedly agreed that's the max he can lose.
Whole family was over 250 pounds btw (except for gramps).
They knew some great restaurants though.

But that's cool that they have free gun market.

>can someone explain
Someone post the
>man taking a picture of something vs woman taking a picture of something
Also it's bad because it's Hillary Clinton


280 pound or 280 kg?

I wonder if the whole "separate-but-equal" thing was ever tried for the letter of the law. Like if a black guy saw a "Whites only" fountain without a "Colored" equivalent and sued the establishment to get his own, shittier fountain, installed as well. Doubt that's how it worked out in practice.

They are taking selfies at Hillary Clinton's political rally. Most likely trying to get her in the frame so it's a selfie with Hillary

in some parts of our country this is actually legal to do. the farm vehicle I mean, not the fat kid.


>And is arguably true today
Not really desu

I thought that was a grown woman

the separate but equal construct was struck down by our supreme court. Separate is inherently unequal.

280 pounds (130kg or so?)
He could at least walk fine

Why didn't you sell **all** niggers to Liberia?

Where are you reading that?
Also, in a poll last week, donebin America, Canada topped the favourite list with 74% favourable, and only 3% negative. So, apparently 3 out of every 4 Americans do find Canada based, almost 1 out of 4 don't know or care, and only 3/100 dislike it.
Cred Forums =/= /reality/

my god you're right

americans need to die

Well, so I asked about it cause 130 kg is big, but it is not HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS BIG-MUC-MAN!!!!11




Do americucks not realise their hyper patriotism is similar to that of the nazis?

Yes, I know, I meant when it was the law of the land. The education-related precedents led to Brown, but I bet there were low-level cases where some cheeky black guy sued the local theater for having only one fountain or something. The intention of the law would be against him but they'd have to actually come out and acknowledge it.

We say the pledge everyday in elementary school

I think people disliked the Nazis for reasons other than their hard-on for Germany.

Wtf """"developed world""""


More like North Korea. Nazis just wanted to establish a Germaic empire based on Germanic values, they saw the benefits of some, mostly white, foreigners though. America and North Korea are just inundated with propaganda until they erroneously believe their country and citizens are superior to any other.

at least we don't put people in camps (except for that one time)

most american pic in my computer

Bush did holocaust confirmd





What's wrong with it?


what a nice suburb

ameriburbs absolutely btfo

I'm now 99% convinced living in Estonia is way better than that shithole of a country America is

know your place, you hoser

Don't worry Americans, i still think you're cool

they were all resisting

a-am i being detained senpai?

Literally third world


That 3rd was was a handcuffed 20 year old girl, who posed no threat whatsover to the officer that was 250lbs heavier.
Due to being handcuffed she couldn't catch herself and ended up braindead in a permanant coma.
He did it just because his fatass couldn't be bothered to try and chase a handcuffed girl.

>*150lbs heavier

>having to chase a perp
>not resisting

That's shopped.

>black people used to be upstanding citizens
>le past was better meme
Bad meme

Yeah it is you burger lord

>killing a 20 year old 100lb girl rather than moving your fatass
>American justice

I wonder how many of the people in that picture have sharted or are in the process of sharting. i bet at least one.

>niggers want freedom
>niggers get it
>video related




Yeah but that's freedom

But it is a freedom of an ape with a gun. And they will stay apes for ages of you don't make them humans first.

I remember the first time i travelled to america with my family, the police at the airport took my older brother (he was just 12 or so at the moment) and arrested him just because a fucking retard police ask my father if he was a secret agent (my father worked in the spanish government) so my he laugh his ass off because of te supid that question was and the police got mad, so he arrested my brother accusing him of inmigration. 20 hours later they released him thanks to a hispanic police.

You guys are literally retard.

Why the fuck would anyone upload that to Facebook? Are they literally retarded? I already feel bad for the kid and I hope for the parents that he becomes a brony because that's what they deserve for degeneracy.

Settle down, I think it's just a joke making fun of Arkansas.
Don't let the memes go to your head

wtf I love America now

I don't believe this is a joke. If so, Americans are as good at banter in real life as they are here. And with good I mean fucking awful of course.

But not all are apes


is this thing considered "most American"?
>inb4 blamed & ban'd

1/3 of the people are obese. Perfect image.

HDI says otherwise




looks comfy

I think this pic is less about America being all fat people than about fatties either being too poor for fancier swimsuits or not caring enough. Whereas slim girls will probably go for something that will look better on them.

no one even posted this thing yet?

>Estonian patriotism
I'd be mad too if I didn't have anything to be proud of, in my country.

nah lad

Disgusting, they breed like rats.

>people like this exist
>Meanwhile my 55kg self worries about heart problems

Fucking hypochondria

snorlax is real

Kek this



First time in my life I wished I was a nigger.

There's literally nothing wrong with being black

Too bad you didn't keep it that way.

Isn't that Finland though?

In America some people shit in the street but it's not as bad as India or Portugal

That isn't a healthy looking poo

really makes you think

you fucking serious?
first the guy with the being jewish thing & now (You)?

Yeah man fuck off
Racism isn't allowed on Cred Forums

If 5% of niggers are not apes it just mean you have to civilize the other 95%. And civil rights should be given gradually, bit by bit.

>all that for one of the most boring sports on the planet

Bullshit picture niggers were never good

>amerridumbs will be triggered by this thread

like clockwork

get to the top sir!

murica thinking they are free when they are racists and white people do this to african-americans, glad l live in europe :D

Oh boy I got doubles


Ha, and to think all I wanted to do was make a nigger joke

>they see me rolling

The Shart in Mart culture is evolving.
Now they try to use diapers.

Is that a bullet?

>he thinks black people and niggers are the same thing

Looked like a pistol calibre bullet stuck in a corn stalk to me.


>He thinks his leaf opinion matters


>deep fried pepsi
How it's that even possible?

>writing clever reply
>delete reply



I find it weirdly hypnotic.

>tfw you realize fat is the same as oil


Could it be that someone made the Americans obese so they can harvest the fat for the oil industry?

>motorized carts

Top this.

>>tfw you realize fat is the same as oil
Fucking shale oil and shale gas! My petrodollars are stolen by fat bastards!


Oh shit, it wasn't Walmart actually.

And this is why you fail......
In the USA, we toss the used toilet paper into the toilet.
It's only 3rd-world shit holes with pretend sewage-treatment systems that have trash cans by the toilet and tell you not to do that.


I love these threads

Jealousy is showing....

They make dough with Pepsi, and fry it.



>cops handcuffing kids in school classrooms
Just so you know....
the reason that cops have to do this is because the schools get sued for massive dollars if they do anything physical to the kids.
US law is so perverted that "school discipline" gets milder and milder every year--and it's worst in the ghetto areas, where the [ahem] students are least civilized

that kid was probably all mr-bad-ass five minutes earlier. because "you cant do nuffin to me bitch!"

Insider info: there is a HUGE change coming to ghetto schools in the USA in the next 20-25 years, and govt money is going to build them. They are literally going to look--and work--like prisons.

What's wrong with this?

They're American too

>It's only 3rd-world shit holes with pretend sewage-treatment systems that have trash cans by the toilet and tell you not to do that
EACH sewer system is designed that used paper might be thrown in. But in public places, especially in cafe, bars etc. risk of clogging is higher so they ask you not to toss the used toilet paper into the toilet.



I bet she had a baby and now we're paying welfare on it.

>It's only 3rd-world shit holes with pretend sewage-treatment systems that have trash cans by the toilet

Nope, ever heard of tampon bins?

>EACH sewer system is designed that used paper might be thrown in. But in public places, especially in cafe, bars etc. risk of clogging is higher so they ask you not to toss the used toilet paper into the toilet.
yea, but,,,,,,, places in the USA *never* say to do that.....

Fun fact: in the USA you can usually tell if you're in an area with a lot of very-new Mexican immigrants, because they throw the shitty toilet paper on the floor by the toilet.

Google "American inventors", those are all the first results.


>Nope, ever heard of tampon bins?
Most USA public places don't have them--even if they have tampon dispensers in the stalls. :shocking: :O
The ladies are supposed to throw the used ones into the regular trash can, by the sink.

Irrelevant inventors are put first just because they are black

In all honestly, USA is the best country in the world and we should be grateful because all the money they invesnt in technology and science (see: NASA)

I don't even like football but all that hooplah that surrounds college games is genuinely fun, m8y


Shouldn't the first inventor be Edison or someone equally as famous rather than a man that invented hair straightening cream?


I can't describe how annoyed I get when politicians start talking about reducing funding to NASA.

Why does it matter who's first or last?



I want to see a movie of that

>flinging your most advanced technology into an endless void
nice budget you got there




Probably because some people are more relevant than others as being major inventors. Like Edison being more relevant than, say, the Wright brothers. While their pioneering of early aviation is important, Edison pushed more across more technologies.

You could also organize it alphabetically or chronologically, but Google should be able to determine relevance.

>It's actually the real deal



Я бы иcпoльзoвaл выpaжeниe to carve up the budget.

Nasa is keeping track of asteroids that can destroy in a matter of minutes and also keeps track of all the eaths changes( like climate change.)

they adopted a nig desu

-> not in this thread

>destroy in a matter of minutes

>Welcome to America
>Now speak english

Oi mates, why you yanks pronounce the word tomato incorrectly?

As it should be.

They look Mexican

you had a hard time trying to figure out what i was trying to say, didnt you?


>why'd you vote for hilary?
>so I could get more likes on facebook and have my selfie shown on Ellen DeGeneres
>lol SAME

making fun of disabled people, how mature of your part

I cannot believe no one's mentioned this "Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage"

dat ruly maek me think

>making fun of disabled people, how mature of your part
Actually they are part of a church group and are not disabled at all, thats the funny bit.


something about how we somehow need to be in space to know if it's hot outside and something else about secret space lasers that blow up asteroids

at least 3 or 4 persons there seems to be mentally disabled such as aspergers or austim, you can see on their faces and im not even doctor


this is actually the most revolting thing in this thread

>at least 3 or 4 persons there seems to be mentally disabled such as aspergers or austim

You do know where you are? This place is autism central.

>bone app the teeth


Theres nothing wrong with this

>guaranteed 10+ replies

I threw up a little

>he doesn't speak french

america is based af

Those nobel prize numbers make me smirk considering you have 5 times our population, you should be doing 5 times as well as us really.


>There are people here whos country doesnt have a flag on the moon

Worst thing in the thread. My fucking god...

I have the moon on my flag
Does that count?

haha ebin, upvoted :D

yes of course

I have fucking seen somebody do this at the bank before, holy shit. No fat kid trailer though, he just drove up to the teller window on a lawnmower.

Dude's got warts on his dick now I bet.

I've seen a fat woman in the back of a pick up truck before

>what is guantanamo

>criticize japan
>post korea
also, anyone can put their flag on moon
you just need a rocket go out of orbit aimed at moon and put your flag of it. so easy. just americans so dumb they think you need someone to go there.

Is this supposed to cringey because they're fat or on a tractor? That's just something people do in the country, you sheltered fucking teenagers.

>criticize japan
>post korea
>theres a difference
t. fatty

Americucks can't take banter and get supper triggered xD

In America anything is possible (as long as it's deep fried)

Shut the fuck up, commie.

That's a lawnmower, not a tractor.
t. sheltered fucking teenager

American science has gone downhill fastsr than a British cheesewheel.
50% of all PhD doctoral canidates in America are foreign born, higher in many STEM fields.

>muuhhhhhh per capita
>i swear muh percapita guys!!

you guys like murrikan movies?!

I think it's things like morbid obesity, woman in trailer with a picachu hat, pharmacy next to a McDonalds, etc.

Lots of people drive their lawnmower to get fuel in it.

went to miami and NY and never saw anyone that fat

Its literally the only thing that matters.


t. citizen of a country who has over 3 times the population of Canada and benefits from the same free trade agreement but still has a much lower GDP

>dutch flag



i've worked in places that have waste bins by the toilets in public washrooms. It's for women to throw out their used tampons you dense fuck

hat's just google shitty algorithms, two month ago if you googled "African American kids" all the picture shown where of criminal black kids kek was kinda funny

>lowering yourselves to a bunch of suicidal butchers
Is that common giving up being a man to become some war animal like that?

The weak should fear the strong


not really
there are a lot of factors that you are simply unaware of

>first transgender gay muslim woman
Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand. It is sanctioned as a supposed "cure" for homosexuality, which is punishable by death under Iranian law. The government even provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance and a sex change is recognised on the birth certificate.

if the context of that pic is "america" why is the helicopter making the french flag in smoke in the middle of the air?

checkmate christfags

no, they are actually that horribly looking

Someone has to have "her" name or something. One of the grossest "humans" I've seen to-date

>tfw you have never seen people as fat as in this thread

>there are a lot of *excuses that you are simply unaware of


>It is sanctioned as a supposed "cure" for homosexuality, which is punishable by death under Iranian law
the more you know

How do you even make pseudo-cheese that can't fucking melt?

I though Hilary is very popular. Why nobody pays attention for her? Do they make photo of Trump that stands in the opposite direction?

The secret ingredients are jesus and freedom


>built like a Papier-mâché shithouse
>thought I was at death's door when I developed breathing problems
My doctor told me that keeping active but not pushing it will help, but people of all sizes and fitness levels can develop it. He did say that I could be more active because I do literally no exercise, but I've not changed how active I am since visiting him
In fact, I've become less active because I don't have to walk to and from train stations and instead drive

It unironically has wood pulp in it. Not even kidding.

They are taking selfies, trying to get her in the frame. It's from the "take a selfie with Hillary" portion of the event.

if that makes you feel better with yourself


Living in Canada instead of Mexico makes me feel better with myself, I hope denial works out for you though

At least I bought a few of these!

I mean what the fuck

im not denying anything, i never say Mexico is a good country, you're putting words in my mouth

America pays in rupees now?

you don't realize your free health care is all thanks to the income canada gets from our mines?

meant for

You have the third largest population after India and China, don't you?



>the more you know...
...the more you are confused.

Education is basically the universal solution to all problems you have.

Now, do it.

chips make burgers or sandwiches more satisfying.

does that include gratuity?

it's actually toothpaste to banter the brits


pick one