A number of people wounded in shooting at Houston shopping centre in US state of Texas, reports say

>A number of people wounded in shooting at Houston shopping centre in US state of Texas, reports say

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shoot in mall

wasn't this like a week ago?


you do realize you're from europe right




It happened again.


Don't worry Euro's, President Clinton will ban all guns and poor people and make us just like Europe.



Europe>>>>>US in terms of safety and you know it.

>be american
>get shot


>Europe>>>>>US in terms of safety


Unironically worth it

>implying yuros don't encourage people to be poor

You are now aware just how dangerous the US is.

Unironically retarded.

what the fuck yo


>You are now aware just how dangerous the US is.

>Europe is literally so unsafe that the US of mass shootings warns people not to go there.

However, we have just established how retarded Americans are, so that's meaningless.

Can't make this shit up senpai

>damage control

>Be American
>Go to Europe
>Get shot
>Go to Europe
>Get bombed
>Go to Europe
>Get beheaded
>Go to Europe
>Get stabbed

Ahhh, just like back home

We have an issue with guns in Jordan too
Basically in Arab countries, when people are celebrating something big, they shoot at the sky
The other day a girl who was on the roof was accidently shot in her head at an event of election in Jordan
And her family chimped out and started destroying a hospital
And in weddings specially, tens of people die every year because of these gun celebrations

Europe is still safer, man.

You'd think someone'd just start selling blanks.

I really wonder why americans don't warn US Citizens not to go to the shopping Centre/Uni/Club/High School/Cinema

Yeah we already know you muslims are dumb as fuck

You forgot raped.

This happened in my city.
The people of Houston aren't human, so no one cares.

There was another guy that went on a shooting spree a few months back and that didn't even get a mention on local news.

Well obviously the problem is too much gun control.

Europe is a continent, not a country.
>Restricting an Americans right to shoot freely in public places
Are you a communist?

>Europe is a continent, not a country.


Says the finn

So saying a continent is safer than a country makes no sense.

Dumb Britposter.

Well to be fair even in the US safety varies from region to region

...how so?

I mean I could simply list all the countries in Europe, but that'd be time consuming.

Even the safest regions in the US is well below the European average.

...No they aren't? They're about on par give or take a few points.

In fact the most dangerous European country (Russia) is worse than the most dangerous American state (Louisiana).

How could all these shooting and illegal guns occur when your intelligence agency have massive funds and tech at your disposal?
Even our local ISIS wannabe took years to get a handgun and expired grenades from Thailand.

>No they aren't? They're about on par give or take a few points.

Well, maybe some """European""" shitehole like Albania, but Western Europe definitely not.

Getting baited this easily

>Are you a communist?

The security agencies can't intercept everyone's communications at once. They have to rely on tip offs on who to investigate.

Shoot in mall
Shart in mart

Albania is above the US average

Yeah? some ponyfag was teaching your manchild army how to fight and not shoot in the air like fucking retards.
Whats your point?

Any european country is safer than US though

I smile whenever white westerners die
you totally deserved it

>Getting baited this easily
that shit ain't news to anyone abdul

>Brazilian education

>In fact the most dangerous European country (Russia) is worse than the most dangerous American state (Louisiana).

Not true.


>Rape rate 8 times higher than russia
>violent crime rate 10 times higher than russia
>murder rate only 12% higher than the US average

In terms of safety or danger?

>Having guns will prevent gun crime t. Texas

>murder rate 12% higher in russia
>USA has 10x more violent crime
Surely this should tell you that the collected statistics are not readily comparable?


If you can find better ones, be my guest.

I mentioned before this is the second time in Houston this year.
The first time a guy did try to shoot back but he missed then was shot. This is usually what happens when the "good guy" has a gun.

you shitskins kill eachother far more lol

Think you should find better ones before running your mouth desu.

>murder rate only 12% higher than the US average

I wish I lived in US so i could get shot desu

it's better to be a shitskin than a white nu-male

true but russia is more asian than european

Fair point.
I thought NSA has botnets that are tripped by certain posts in social media or something like that.

Not really but I see your point.

I think you're being as pussy bitch if you're going to question my figures without proof and then step down like that, son.

Russia's homicide rate is 9.5, not ~13.

russians don't even consider themselves to be europeans

so what are you? a shitskin nu-male?

They might do but it's not legal, they can't use that info to prosecute anyone.
Just saying that it sounded obviously ridiculous.

an alpha shitskin

I hope Trump wins t b h

No, it sounds implausible. But implausible isn't the same as impossible.


>Basically in Arab countries, when people are celebrating something big, they shoot at the sky

That's a sign of every uncilivised shit-tier peoples. They do that in the Balkans too.

So its homicide rate is merely 2.7 times more than the US? Still not the 12% like you claimed.

Finns are amongst the most intelligent peoples in Europe.

But God help us the day that Finns all convert to Islam. They will be the most autistic jihadists the world have ever witnessed. They will make the prophet shit his pants posthumeously.

>Be Canadian
>Not important enough to warrant terrorist attacks
>Mass shootings almost never happens

Feels good man

Lmao yeah to live in Moldova and tell me that

Shit, visit many parts of Belgium and tell me that

Visit the US one time you dirty chimpanzilian, you'll be depressed you'll be depressed at the realization of how shit it is back home in comparison and probably kill yourself

Like www.nationmaster.com claimed.

I don't pretend to understand the figures, I merely recreate them.


Nothing to see here

>t. youtu.be/76WWMe_UnEY

>Freedom ain't free

Hahaha what the fuck are you talking about you inbred chav monkey, your countries quality of life is literally on par with Mississippi, our WORST state, Connecticut is nicer than Norway

You really believed the memes didn't you

Honestly how is your country this shit? And it's gotten even worse since this was conducted hahahaha

You're practically third world given the state of Mississippi

Keep in mind that we literally have guns. In complete honesty, I think this is pretty good for having a population of 315 million who just have to go to the nearest gun festival and pick up an MP5.

Because you are evil. That's why the Bible calls your "prophet" the False Prophet

When Armageddon comes you will all be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

>Shit, visit many parts of Belgium and tell me that

m8 Belgium is pretty safe. Of course some parts of Brussels are notorious, and Liège, and Charleroi, but nothing you won't find in every West-European large city. Or American ones.

When the next molenbeeking occurs I'll remember this post

Meanwhile I'll be relaxing in comfy coastal Florida

Guns don't increase crime, and you can't just go and buy MP5's because they're short barreled rifles which need to be registered and tax stamped.

Probably a darkie, its kind of unfair to blame burger-americans for kfc-americans actions.

>many parts of Belgium
Any European country is safer than the US


pfk tbqh



Oh, well that's easy. Our piece of shit political system has been centralising wealth and investment in London and the South East of England to the detriment of the rest of the country since WWII. Also Thatcher.

HDI =/= safety

Keep in mind Belgium is way below the UK

You're literally noticeably worse than Mississippi hahahahahaha

>yeah my country is a shithole but here's WHY

Don't care


That's literally a thing measured on the index

A quick glance at Wikipedia teaches us that chart is bullshit though.
Also, you know, not about safety

It's not bullshit, there've been slight changes but overall it's the same, our worst states just got worse so now maybe you're on par with Mississippi

You asked me how my country was so shit and I told you.

Yeah, it's a single factor among many.

The US is way more violent than any Western European country, but because it's got cheaper petrol it comes out better on the HDI, basically.

the Netherlands is literally 0.5 points higher than in your chart, for example, after having risen 0.002 points since last year

>a thing

Exactly, everyone knows America's high HDI is mostly a result of the suo rich in America (many of whom are foreigners on HB1 visas)

>The US is way more violent than any Western European country
We're somewhat more violent than the safest countries in the world? Ok.

It's not like the average person ever experiences violence in the US


>Service au volant
Pourquoi c't ostie de traduction systématique tabernacle

There have been several chimpout and several attacks in both Britain and France, yet you only point at us.

I bet you never even have been here, otherwise you would know that Belgium is very safe.

Significantly more violent than any other country in the Western World.

>2/3rds of all homicides are poor black men.
Hmm, really makes you think.

Everything has to be like that in Québec. For example you probably was yourself with "gel douche," mais dans Québec c'est "nettoyant pour la/le corps).

All in an effort to stop Anglocisms/Americanisms from creeping into the French language.

You are the zoo the chimps are escaping from

Not really. We're not even in the double digits in our murder rate like most countries.

US violence is way overblown and effects very few people.

Which is stupid because quebecois already have way more anglicisms than metropolitan french.

A bit unfair desu, Suicides would happen even without guns. A Cliff, a rope or a few meds and you're good.

whats wrong with belgium

You say in a thread about the second mass shooting you've had in a week.

And what about the riots?

Lots of spies.

It's where all the EU, UN institutions are. If you're in the military and going on holiday there you need to get a special briefing in case you get kidnapped.

That's the thing. The media will never talk about how homicide has been on the decline for decades despite guns being more prolific now more than ever. They'll avoid topics like racial profiling in the case of gun violence despite it being very much a racial issue that stems from a criminal culture.


>You say in a thread about the second mass shooting you've had in a week.
Makes you think huh?

Eh, it's a socio-economic issue which in turn stems from a racial issue.

>Terror Attacks In Europe Are Becoming a Daily Occurence


I don't see the relation with what I said.

But even if your homicide rate has been on the decline, mass shootings keep increasing.

(I think it's mostly due to the media and internet glorifying those people in a way and making poor guys want to do the same)

Couldn't that be a result of the death of organised crime, though?

>death of organised crime
It didn't die m8, just became normalized and contained.


Maine has:
>above average gun ownership
>below average education scores and graduation rates
>less police per capita than any other state
>less incarceration per capita than any other state
>some if the poorest counties in the country

Yet Maine is the safest state with the lowest rate of violent crime. Poor, armed, unpoliced, not locked away, undereducated, and still the safest in America. Probably not a coincidence it's also the whitest state.

Same difference.


The overwhelmingly important thing you missed out there is, Maine's rural. So no inner city gangs.

Race is irrelevant, stick a bunch of poor people in a neighbourhood and you're going to get troublemakers working together. Same rules apply.

Avoid areas with large populations of blacks and mexicans then it is quite safe.

>if you just ignore all the dangerous areas it becomes quite safe

>Race is irrelevant
It is though.

Take a poor neighbourhood with different communities and some being better off than others and you'll get huge racial tensions.

Everything stems from socio economic problem but race makes them much more important

Yes? Same in every single country on earth.

Yeah, but it isn't the deciding factor is my point. There's still gangs in fairly racially homogeneous places, like Russia.

That was my point.

True and could be said for close to any problem in our societies desu.

>Fairly homogenous

In the major European heartland, where the major Russian cities are, it is.

Sure if you go out to the psudo-colonies in the Caucuses that isn't the case.

kek, no, you ignorant fuck, Western Russia is pretty white, but already Moscow is full of Asians and brown people.

>Moscow is full of Asians and brown people.
>91.65% Russian
>1.42% Ukrainian
>0.98% Armenian
>0.4% Belorussian
>0.2% Moldovan

Yes, full of Asians and brown people.

Oh and 0.4% Georgian.

So over 95% indistinguishable whites.

the census data is inaccurate

Says who, ASIARussia.ru?


1. Census data is based on self-identification, who every Churks call call himself a Russian
2. The census doesn't count all the millions of illegal immigrants and guest workers in Russia
3. It doesn't count mixed people either
The acutal number of ethnic Russians is much, much lower than the census claims

And is there a source for any of that?

No need for a source, it's just how the census in Russia works
>only based on self-identification
>no option for multi-ethnic citizens
>illegals aren't registered
that's why most of the ethnic data is inaccurate



Even RT says that there are 2 million muslims in Moscow


I'm not hating on Russia, but Moscow is just not as homogenous as people tend to think. It's a very multicultural city

>New Pakistan
>in charge of determining how much brown people is too much

t. Pussy who is afraid of guns

Nah, it just seems like that's ridiculously incompetent, I would've thought they'd have ironed that out during the soviet years.

I think the Russian gov wants to hide the real number of muslims

Wasn't there a terrorist attack yesterday in Malmö, Sweden?

At least there couldn't have been any white victims.

Was it a terrorist attack or just some lone nut who was "inspired" by ISIS?