Choose 1 to live in for the rest of your life

Choose 1 to live in for the rest of your life

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New Zealand.


Bottom left





La dolce vita, la pizza, la pasta, la etc.


Italy is full of mafia retarded people and failed country

France is full of terrorism stupid arrogant people and smell like shit

Spain is full of rednecks poverty failed country and state

Australia is the only decent one




This bruh.

Can I choose New Zealand?

>all of them are hot shitholes

Maybe France if I could live on SP+M


ibiza tho


ibiza is in spain but is not spanish.

it's a mixture of germs and brits under a casino economic system


Spa.. Australia

Madrid is very comfy. Paris is nice too, but too fucking expensive. Also kebab.

I'm familiar with the language and it's infinitely better than Spain


Isn't that great after a couple of weeks. I never thought I would say this but after hitting 25 you get over the party locations within a week or so of visiting.

'Straya. And I'm Italian.

they are closest to us mentally and culturally

if i could live in some rural part of france with no immigrants, then probably there

otherwise australia

Italy, and i'm hipanic


Spain without a fucking doubt

Hi, Panic
I'm Calm, nice to meet you




I would hands down pick aus if they didn't have such fucking shit sub third world internet. since they do it's a tough choice between them and spain. love spain but it's economy and government are proper shithouse



Australia easily


Reminder if you pick anything other than Australia you're not white



Its the no.1 destination for British ex-pats for a reason

Basically everyone in Australia is a British immigrant, unless they're a chink or a paki

Australia or Italy

Australia, they are the most Muslim friendly

Probs France is

It's not

Have you killed anyone?

delet this IMMEDIATELY

thats france

australia is so boring. melbourne is like a cartoon it's too clean

Australia's "greatest" contribution to the world is the burkini.
>not the land of islam

No. Just because there are tons of muslims in France does not mean they are more tolerant. In Australia you can be jailed for hate speech.

Already here, so i'll leave italy out
literally a desert island, no thanks
France is going downhill, i don't wanna be there when shit goes down
Closest to home, i'd choose Spain
i lik spen

but you can have a more dolce vita in France plus pasta and pizza.

yeah, dolce vita under a truck

isnt new zeland an australian region?


why do you think italy is better than spain? not butthurting i dont fucking care about my country but Im curious since italy is another shithole

I choose France, as long as I get to live in a medium size town and not a gigantic urban target for abdul explosions.

and now this hamburgerhotdog some aussie patented a few days ago.

Italy obviously

straya because its the only white country

Australia, is it even a question ? Italy and France are poor, Spain is a shithole.

not anymore if people like you starts moving there.

I'll be fine with both Italy or Spain, but probably more Spain. Australia is too different and too anglo for me, plus all the deadly animals and giant insects.



Italy, Spain and France are all fantastic countries to live in. I'd go with Italy since the standards of living are basically the same and I already know the language.

I'd never live in Australia. Not a big fan of giant bugs and skin cancer.


You, my friend, are a "coglione".

Honestly, Australia.
Italy would be a great place to visit.
France is a shithole and Spain isn't too bad either.

Australia for sure

no its not you dumb shit

why are there no modern homes in italy. i don't like concrete floors

not france

Blue √Ětaly or Green France
nah. i choose Australia

There are, but most have very poor architectural design.


No contest

Spain for sure

France is Algeria
Spain is just shittier Portugal
Australia is filled with dangerous shit

Acting tough on Cred Forums does not change facts

Australia > France > Italy > Spain

>tfw ywn a prime shitposting aussie

If I can have a decent life (not poor and not a lonely autistic) I choose Spain.


outside of europe people kind of assumes italy is wealthier than spain because we're associated with latin america

daily reminder that NO ONE should chose Spain, we're full and we hate outsiders.

you d-don't hate us, right?

Like the strip from fallout NV?

What flag is that on the top right?

they treat argentines better, that alone makes it better

Assuming France isn't an option, it would be italy

sign me up for new holland

Spain for the siesta

why am i laughing at this stupid dad joke?

Damn I really like all of them but i'm going with Spain

Because you're from reddit

i tip my fedora 2 u good sir

Australia or France

>some gallego disses you because you're an argie
>he does this with a funny accent and a lisp

I imagine I'd laugh desu
I'm not physically threatening so I don't think I could afford it, though.


Italians like to think that Italy sucks, grass is always greener on the other side.

I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else, though.

Africa is out of the question.
Middle East? No grazie.
Scandinavia is Africa-MiddleEast 2.0.
Eastern Europe and Russia are depressing post-communist shitholes.
China has the worst people (Jews of the east) and the worst smog.
Mongolia and Kazakhstan... No comment.
India? Poo in loo backwards country.
Latin America is too dangerous.
Canada is too boring.
France is multicultural Italy, Spain is a bit worse than Italy.
Germany? Incompatible cultures, don't like it at all, could have gone there to work after university but refused.
Don't like the U.K.

Miami and New York are the only American cities I like.
Thailand is good for vacations, but I wouldn't live there, I tried for half a year but my sanity was vanishing.

So yeah. Italy is Top Tier.


Espana, because of hotties

ever behead an infidel?

this obnoxious R E T A R D can't comprehend hypothetical questions

Very hard to choose... maybe Italy.

>Choose 1 to live in for the rest of your life

Why would you choose another country?

because for people not from our countries it's about which foreign country interests them most and not about home, i.e. i don't care to leave australia forever but i'd answer spain

Australia is all the above.

It's pretty amazing how people always think that it's always better somewhere else.

>they treat argentines better

No, fuck you

Australia is literally better than Italy in every way imaginable.

t. qualcuno che ha vissuto in australia per 5 anni

except culture maybe, perhaps

Old buildings are better in Italy, I bet if Australia had whiteys 500 years ago they would've built better shit though.