Who was the biggest criminal of the world?

Who was the biggest criminal of the world?

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Statistically, he'd be American.

He fucked so much shit up it's not even funny. A lot of the world would be a better place if he didn't exist

That guy who invented lobotomy.

>muh 100 gorillion trillion

JESUS: Made monotheism thrive, and see what happened.

He was a philospher. People like Stalin and Mao were the true evil people.

he just wrote stuff lmao


I'd take you seriously if that was a picture of Lenin instead.

lol stay mad Cred Forumskek

Well he gave us our independence so he was not all that bad.

The disciple known as Jesus

you know something is bad for humanity when an idea is supported by the weak and the ugly

Jesus. It's no wonder fucker was a jew.

George Washington and his gang.

I don't think Marx is bad he couldn't possibly know all these people would still be following the shit he wrote and trying to build a world on it.

Go back to Venezuela.

>pic related too

Weeaboos are the marks putting in evidence a greater crime and evil


Force me to go back first

he created Judaism which is bad enough and THAT lead to both Christianity and Islam

How many millions of Europeans were killed in the world wars? Especially WW1, big waste of worthwhile white genes.

He was a simple scam artist. There have been worse kinds of criminals.

Christianity is not that bad. Islam, on the other hand, sure is.


>not that bad
it is it held back scientific progress in europe for 1000 years


>says the bulgar

heh, i get it. american. cause we're fat, right? heh.

this guy

Crime is a spook.

the pirate Henry Morgan
Jack Oliver with the watermelon incident

definitely a German

you would say something like that

Not to mention all the other shit that Christians did in the name of their god.

all religions do that
that's why they're retarded

daily reminder that god is better than allah

Martin Luther

>god is better than god


allah is not God

allah literally just means god
your sandnigger religion is not better than any other retard

This desu.

he did nothing wrong

I hate marx too but I have to agree, he didn't commit any crimes per se


it's objectively true

Adolf Hitler


Obviously Moot

t. 16 year old

let me guess, you think Bush was the worst president too?

bush was evil


>tfw you'll never be a wealthy plantation owner, start a world war and later make poor stupid fucks fight and die so you can evade taxes

Humanity herself


Now, Christians are peaceful cucks, and your muslim bros COMMIT CRIMES, TERRORIST ATTACKS EVERYWHERE

I hate edgelord fags who say society would be 200 years more advanced if christianity never existed.

>muh dark ages


Probably the guy who assassinated Franz Ferdinand.


The 30 years war was even more deadly , proportionally speaking

That was the barbarians.
>American education
"Allah" has the same meaning as "El"


Why ?

I bet you aren't able to explain why.

War hero Tbh


Did you know that more French people died in the Allied invasion of Europe as a result of aerial bombings, than English people died in UK as a result of the Blitz?

>gommunism gilled 1000 bazillion peoples ya hear!

please kill yourself dumb underage commie

You first Cred Forumsshit

Commies need to die

not Cred Forums, just tired of communist guerrillas fucking up my country

nice try though

Communism is a disease.

>An American thinks he knows more about Communism than a South American does


We (You) wouldn't have gone to the moon without him tho.

The church was the only thing that kept European civilization from collapsing. They even funded the sciences during the so called "dark ages".

Have you tried not oppressing them?
Reactionaries will get gulaged.

pic related

>Iraq War
>Ownership society and Bankruptcy of Lehman

Donald Drumpf

>Have you tried not oppressing them?


You're not entirely wrong, but I'd think Dick Cheney would take the cake more.

this trio?

yeah, this guy was a fucking criminal.

I'm not even mad at this bait
have a (you)

Hello /r/fullcommunism

he was a pretty cool one though

You are welcome to try, pencil neck.

If you had any idea about events surrounding the last 15 years of Tsarist rule, the revolution and bolshevik coup, you would replace Soso with Iljits.
Lenin (kulak by the way) was the bloodthristy madman who wanted to kill everyone everywhere, but Stalin kept him in order. Of course, Stalin then followed Lenin's mania and became even slightly more son of a bitch.

>peace and love message

I know jack shit about judaism but I suspect it is incorrect as well. The peace and love focus of Christianity is relatively recent.

Tl;Dr : delet.

Killing commies isn't a crime

I might dislike communism but in the end it did shit all over far right movements in direct confrontation.

Naziboos are still butthurt about it.

>leaf calling other reddit

this t b h



leave harry alone

Of course, conveniently ignore that Marx's father converted to Lutheranism and raised his son Lutheran, and that Marx himself became a staunch atheist.

Actual communists are not human.
Delusional students are different

he was still and ethnic jew you dumb anglokike


communism kills millions of brain cells every day
1 (you)=1 prayer

Trotsky was the real maniac. He thought that Russia should serve just as a base for world revolution and was opposed by Stalin.

Soviet-Polish war was his idea as a mean to get to Germany and support revolution there.

Also, Stalin actually fucked him up during this war by not sending his troops in time to counter Polish counter-offensive. Thus the war was lost but the idea of "world revolution" died together with it, just as Trotsky influence in party.

the Rothschild banking family

100% sure it was not black. time to rethink the whole race superiority status.

my sides !!