How do we save Britain?

How do we save Britain?

UK is literally becoming something like America/Brazil

We have racial quotas for everything, because everyone find whites the most beautiful and people get butthurt.

How is putting darkies on the tele gunna make more people watch the news?

Americanisation. You invented affirmative action.

It's just butthurt.

>because everyone find whites the most beautiful

Not even in the slightest. I find Asian women to be the most attractive. White women make me want to puke.

Probably you. But in New World, both white women and men are the most desired and people get butthurt.

That cunt looks kind of hot though. Post pics of her and her legs please.

That makes sense, people tend to find their own race most attractive after all

post then some without strong make up and not photoshopped



>a publicly funded institution should be representative of those who fund it
Oh my god the horror how will we survive etc.

If that was the case most presenters would be white, all memes aside we are a white nation

Well in fairness I live in the region where this news program is broadcast and there is a fairly substantial "Asian" population. I think Asians are pretty underrepresented on TV desu, literally every single TV advert here has at least one black person on it but never an Asian.

Most of them are white tbf.

The same thing happens here if you replace asians with latinos. Why are blacks put above everyone else?

So, they want to put non whites on tv, to make non whites watch the tv.

Are they aware that they are exposing non whites as racists because they wouldn't watch tv shows with too many whites?

No idea. Could be because Asians here aren't as liked and accepted as blacks for some reason. Hell I saw an advert the other day with an East Asian in it but we have way more poo in loos than orientals.




so every 87% of presenters will be white then?

>2011 census data
>implying we haven't become less white since then

Aren't those immigrants already publicly funded?

Get used to it Sadiq Khan

we dont
now the eternal anglo will finally pay for his crimes

Its progressive and you see it all over europe, especially swedish tv and commercials are really hardcore about showing blackies, especially black male with white female

You're also forgetting that immigration from the commonwealth is much stronger than from Poland.