The false NESW-dichotomy

The first time I heard about europe being devided into 4 exclusive regions was on this site.

If you would ask any Dutch person about where in Europe they lived, they would say "western and northern europe" or "North-western europe". The two aren't exclusive.

The north-south and east-west devision kind of looks like pic related

The four-way destinction this site likes to sperg about simply doesn't exist in most people's minds. How is this in your country? Do you agree?

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Yeah sure

France being closer to Bulgaria than to Belgium

Fucking retard. I'm sure you're a fucking russian in denial (pole, balt...) immigrant

>first post
>someone already starts sperging about how the devide is wrong

here you go



ex-yu is way more eastern then southern.

Otherwise, pretty good.

I find that this particular distinction explains a lot about Europe even today.

The first time I saw 'russia is in europe' meme was here. I still don't understand it.

If you live west of the ural mountains, you are european.

Africa is european then, cool.

Did you guys even read my post?



Not really, but nice numbers you got there buddy


Anything below the artic circle is southern.

repeating numerals

It's almost spooky how much it correlates with the Warsaw pact states.

its seems to explain the eastern mentality well. i've always suspected russia's lack of progress is due to the czars succesful pervasive indoctrination.

Germany is an exception then?

Add more data and you get a clearer picture.

this is very depressing


God damn you people are autistic holy shit lol


>Slovakia is north
>Lille is south

This is stupid, France have more things in common with us than germany. Art,culture, language and even food. North Italy have alot of things in common with austria and germany. South italy is related to spain and greece. Sicily with spain and arabs, sardinia with latin (roman) and spain. In puglia there are alot of blonde people, because of lombard and norman invasions. My girlfriend is from south italy but she has blonde hair and blue eyes and her surname is the same of an old norman general.

To me, Europe is Western Europe (Greece included). Eastern Europe is another world, but we (westerns) have a lot of things in common. English language have hundreds of latin words for exemple.

Italy is just a tourist destination for western europeans.


didn't want to make special snowflake regions. I had to cut corners. I was mostly trying to show what most Dutch people would say about the borders of Europe. Most dutch people wouldn't know enough about the difference between northern France and Southern france to make a destinction.

I'm just showing how most dutch people see the devide. If the delusions that France has more to do with Germany than with Italy or that northern italy is somehow northern europe or wathever you are implying makes you sleep well at night, let it be so.

I'd say France in split between North and South.

Italy is the new Bahamas...kek

Finland is Asian, is not europe


it was the germans who imposed serfdom

fuck the teutons
world war 3 now
berlin shall burn

South France is the better france, in the north there is only Paris. In the center there are....woods and ancient castles. I lived in france for 2 years

Serbia is south european? OK lel





Good point.

somehting like this

Best map so far

Well, actually I prefer this one.



can we all agree with what everyone else agrees with?

Well played.

But you missed Sweden.


>UK and Ireland
>Blue eyes more common

West and East refers to old religion differences(Catholics and orthodox, after a while protestants too).

Poland and baltics is western, the fact that they get cucked by soviets didnt change it

>Czech Republic
Are you retard? They are 100% west, Bohemian kingdom and all.

Also, Italy is the birth place of western culture, how they arent western?

North-South is the roman limes.
East-West is the iron curtain.

Nothing more, nothing less

Explain your reasoning.

>Italy is the birth place of western culture
Those and Greece are always reasoned like that but "Western world" =/= "Western Europe"
Because then we might as well add Iraq and Egypt to "Western Europe"

Yeah cause we're totally like Iberia

You forgot about Central Europe 2bh.

NORTH-SOUTH doesn't represent history and economy.

EAST-WEST represents.

Finland is more western than Czechia

That's just a euphemism non-Russian East Europeans like to give themselves tbqh
>inb4 but u invented it!
Prussians did, and the meaning was different back then

And what's your point ? It's a geographical division based on a few historical borders, not some xeno-cultural entity

Blue and purple = west

Red = east

This map is obviously false, as Austria, Slovenia and Czechia were the same administrative unit of the same state in 1800 and were thus governed by the same laws.

>map of 1800
>borders of 2016