Hey bitches, remember me? I usually created turkic threads in 2014, but then this website was blocked for me. Now I'm here again. Turan üşin dañqı arta bersin!

In this thread we talking about the turkic people, the altaic family, our culture, history etc.
Turks = turkics, no disputes.

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How would be the turkic world today if islam never spreaded?

Then I think we would converted in another a big religion sooner or later. And I think it would be christianity, just like in Bulgaria and Hungary.


How Asian Turks feel towards Anatolians?

There is no an unified opinion, but we central asians have good relationship with Turkey and respect Ataturk pasha.

Probably this

BTW, turkics never were purely asian race. Central asian turkics are the crazy mixture of scythians(iranics), huns(proto-mongolians), turkuts(The tribe whom gave "turkic language family" it's name. This tribe was very small but they secured turkic language here I think.) and medieval mongolians.

What about Yakuts?

Islam was the best thing that happened to the Turkic world honestly

eyy man I'm back :DDDD

They are mix of turkics(that already wuz mixed) and native siberians.

Islam is the only thing that happened to the turkic world if you really think about it.

No, the best thing that happened to the turkic world was Genghis khan. Even despite fact he was not turkic :D


Hello and welcome back.

Genghis Khan was an idiot, so where his immediate successors. There is only so much you can rape and pillage before you run out of things to rape and pillage. Converting to Islam and taking advantage of its taxation and societal building aspect, gave them an empire and stability they would have never have had otherwise.
they also buttfucked the shit out of the muslims, and its probably the central reason Islam didn't conquer its way further into central europe.
pls post kazakh qts

Do central asians know mahmud el kaşgari ?

>Genghis Khan was an idiot

Of course. Don't you know Kashgar is in central asia?

go away bedouin

Fethullah Gülen

What do you think about Uyghurs?

Yeah I know It's somewhere in Uyguristan

I like them t b h expect that hurka durka ones

kara adamım
semitic religions were the worst thing happened to mankind honestly
praise tengri

I dunno, here is too few uyghurs. If you are from Almaty, you know better.
But uyghurs are our turkic brothers anyway, all turkic nations are equally important to me.

>praise tengri
tips fedora
you tengri autists are hilarious

I'm loyal to islam and tolerance to every religion(except some dumb shit like scientology, satanism, pastfarianism, wahhabism etc). We all are secularists, bro.

>except some dumb shit like satanism

i've been told that my last name was turkic does kechiche mean anything in turkic languages?

>Islam was the best thing that happened to the Turkic
Also the turkic's islam adoption are the best thing that happened to the arabs. Without turkics and iranics, arabs would not defend themselves from outlandish invaders.

turkics a shit :DDD

What do you think of Bulgars?

they slav now :DDDD


Nothing desu. I only don't like russianboos.
Why don't you introduce yourself a bit?

not qatari serious answer plox

Keçici - goat herder

>not goat fucker
Cmon son

i'll write down all the possibilities
keçi means goat -
keçici - the man who pastures goats
geçici means temporary
they're living on rightful turan clay

Where you from?

add keçeci to the list

مەن قازاقپىن

keçeci literally means feltman lmao

How is it to be muslim in USA? Don't people expect your blowing up? Don't they fear you?


keçeci means feltman buddy
Jeffrey D. Feltman may be your soulmate


American muslims are probably the most well integrated muslims in the western world. Most people here don't care that you're a muslim, except a few autists who get a bit insulting, which isnt a problem at all. I live in Texas, my best friend that I grew up with is a white guy. I've spent a lot of time with his extended redneck family as well, and they're great people. Most of the anti islam stuff is just banter honestly.

What happens in the stan countries (except Afghanistan and Pakistan)?

>Most people here don't care that you're a muslim
keep telling that to yourself

don't you have some attaturk dick to suck, or fedoras to tip?


In end of august the president of Uzbekistan(who ruled this country over 20 years) died. It's a good day for uzbeks.But nothing will be changes I think. They already have a new dictator.

It's great
I work in Manhattan so it is very mixed and accepting.
America is a big place so I couldn't say how things would be in the Midwest or in the South.

if trump gets elected what do you think he will do with all the muslims in usa?

You angry
I always wanted to visit Manhattan but I worried if they will see me as a dangerous islamist.

Can İhsan Eliaçık (the old guy) pass as local in Central Asia ??


Trump is the most overblown issue in media desu. No one knows what will happen with Trump, since he doesnt have any solid policies. He has changed his view on pretty much everything that he started his campaign platform on, including muslims. Though, as any sensible person would tell you, hes not going to do anything to muslims. Maybe tell NSA to focus more on muslim communities, which I can't really argue against, as I really am only scared about muslims trying to blow shit up. This election cycle is a massive clusterfuck.
Mosque that I live near, was set on fire by an arson. The imam of the masjid forgave the arson and pressed no charges. It was pretty great honestly.

yeah why don't you shut the fuck up butthurt arab

not arab

absolutely yes

Why do you use arabic letters, dos.
We are pretty multi culti, everyone would pass as local here except negros.

Hello and praise tengri


>he believes in another religion than mine
>i will call him an autist

atatürk was probably a muslim

>1452861047012 (1)


>atatürk was probably a muslim
Many people say he was an autheist. But how it's possible if he was mason? He should at least believe in God for it.

I have no problem with you believing in a different religion. I just find the "le praise tengri" as a defiance to islamic imposition as annoying as muslims who shout allahuackbar, or christfags who do the deus vault shit.

you're all insecure autists

Freemasons don't reject god
I've known a few muslim freemasons that pray somewhat regularly.

>Freemasons don't reject god
That's what I talking about.
This is bantz free zone.

why didn't you link this thread to /tr/ tho
>he fell for atatürk was a mason meme

post musics from your favorite turkic country





i suggest the name /trc/ for the threads
also kurultay meetup when?



azerbaijani reggae


TURAN T*rku is very cute actress. She looks asian. Is there another people in Turkey who look like her?

we can congregate /tr/ and /turkic/ but /tr/ has too many k*rt shitposter autists


me and mein mother :DDd

Is she your ana?

senin anandı sigeyin qaltak balası

3/10 honestly
somehow was able to look like an uglier bjork


But Attila was hunn, not turk :/

t.rojhad headshot

no i just wanted to see if our languages are still comprehensible for each other :DD
dude seriously
if you don't like the thread just fuck off

>uglier bjork


selen seyven maybe?

kol kılı

Lol, another stupid radikal muslim.


Non in my taste. Also she wouldn't pass as a kazakh or a tatar girl.

What about me?



I think you have some mongolian or asian turkic genes, but you would more pass as russian than kazakh.

If you dont love Karimov, you or radikal muslim or prowest opposition.

i can feel my turkic blood flowing through my veins


Have I told you before that I have been in the same school bus with Anzu

this girl was my crush in highschool
too bad i don't have many pics of her


Usually turks dont have beard, maybe you have part of mongol and russian blood.

yes, we know that, Onur

Пили cлaвянcкий тpeд, в кoтopoм cлaвянe тaкжe coбиpaлиcь вмecтe и нe гнaли нa дpyг дpyгa.



He can have from russian only beard, he cant pass as russian.

Ктo-тo иcпoльзyeт пpoкcи, нaвepнoe


She loves me I know it t b h

>Usually turks dont have beard
Find me any historical portrait of any turkic male who don't have a beard.
Wow literally kazakh looking
She looks more european, but not bad


Why do you think so? Pls don't speak russian

There are some mason lodges that accept atheists, though most require the belief in God.

He could have been a deist or something like that too

At least deists believe in God.

He was a sunni muslim

Boт тeбe кыpгыз для пpимepa

너는 누구냐?

The second day after establishment of turan.
Sarts are attacking mambet kazaks

What a shitposting

Kazakhstan is also chink/mongol nigeria


I am OP



Turan itself is a shitposting.
Turan=Islamic Khalifat=isis

It is partially true though, it is not like they are all completely unable to grow a beard like native americans but Turkic people generally have somewhat less beard than Indo-Europeans and are less hairy in general.


Kazakhstan seems like it has nice culture, very beautiful nature (in the South at least), clean cities and a tolerant society. It's just a shame that it's so poor and so incredibly corrupt with rampant criminality. I think if the corruption and crime problems could be fixed, I'd want to visit. And if the poverty problem got fixed, then it'd be a very neat place.

anatolians are hairy as fuck
hairiness is not a indo-european trait, it's a med thing

Am I full yaoi or ainu mix specimen?

I don't argue, but we are more hairy than other chinks. Also we or some of us more hairy than most of russians.

What do Central Asians think of Anatolian Turks?
Do you guys accept them as Turkics? Would you call them brothers?

Do you like Armenians?

>tolerant society
If by "tolerant" you mean religious and cultural tolerance. In other ways our society is full of aggressive retards.

rate my gf /turan/

read the thread m8


This is basically kazakstan in one picture.
Dont come here.
You will enter barbaric world strating from airport where bittle of water costs 30$ and its fake mineral water, made by dirty mambets at dirty basements


it literally clarifies it in OP's text

>If by "tolerant" you mean religious and cultural tolerance
Yes, that's what I meant

>In other ways our society is full of aggressive retards.
Which is linked to the criminality problem I was talking about.

I'd like to visit, but honestly I'm not very interested in being stabbed by drunken turko-bydlos and in being forced to bribe every single policeman I see.

Don't listen haters, m8. They'are tajiks.

If you are kazakh, I'm agree with you bro. If you are russian, GTFO kotakbas.

mashallah senpai
shes a qt

hair dye makes her an instadrop for me though

Remove yourself

Дaвaйтe cлaв тpeд ycтpoeм.

Tajik hatewrs everywhere, EVERYWHERE!!!
If there been uzbeks, i will believe in it, but there kazakh, so better dont lie.

Ooooga booga kotakbas.
Say that kazaks are the most greatest nation hitler himself was a kazak first man on the moon was a kazak.
Everyone is a jealous of kazaks

> I'm not very interested in being stabbed by drunken turko-bydlos and in being forced to bribe every single policeman I see.
If they see you are canadian they will suck your dick for moneys lol.

Hy ycтpaивaй

Are Hungarians honorary Turks?

We consider ourselves as such, at least in part.

LOL, double standards, very nice.

çatalla adam öldürme

You already occupied brchan, go there.
Go and say it to Fomenko.

mne prosto ne nravyatsa mudaki s kaza4ana(razdel sosacha). I lish hotel prostogo obseniya, a ne rugani s sosa4erami

Hungarians are ugric

Hungarians are alyums, probably from nibiru. Ye should go back to Nibiru and your master is Overlord fron "end of childhood"


вoвce нeт. я лишь хoчy, чтoбы ты yшeл.

Дyмaю нa кaзaчaнe cидят кaзaхи, a нe тaджики.Дa чтo гoвopить, интepнeт в Taджикиcтaнe y 2 c пoлoвинoй людeй, лoл.

honorary Átok

ben bir hayvanım vahşi

alma. oros.


Taджики вooбщe дpyжeлюбный нapoд. Дyмaю дpyгoй кaзaх пpocтo шyткaнyл тaк, кoгдa yпoмянyл их. Ecли чe, я OП.

ben vahşiyim kafasinden kaçmış mağrasız yabani ve hırpani

We are culturally related anyway, bro.

Ķła ź şş mö

Чтo вы дyмaeтe o кpayтчaнe?

karnım ağrıyor

Kaza policemen taking pee at the center of almaty

Piece of shit. There are too much europeans and too few other nations, so eurocentrism and conservatism is dominating there. Bored place.

Знaтнo y тeбя бoмбит, щeнoк

Ha кpayтчaнe кaзaхи гopaздo лyчшe :(. Здeшниe хpeнь пocтят(вpoдe шyтoк o нибиpy)

Чoмy? У миня ни бaмбит? Чoмy бaмбитca тo?

Finno-ugrism is a myth invented literally by Austrians in the 1800's at the dawn of our nationalism, to shame us and deny our people our true heritage so that we'd remain their servants by weakening our will.

What do we have in common with Finns or Estonians? Nothing. Our ancestors were the scourge of Europe, rode on horses backwards and brought down rains of arrows on their enemies. They lived in yurts, and drank kumis and ate meat.

Finns were and still are a stationary farm people by the sea who were busy fishing. We're nothing like them. Even the implication that we're related is insulting.

Sure, we've gotten...whiter over the years, but we kept our ancestors language, culture and built upon it. You can find Asia in our folk tales, music, even our cuisine.



ты нe oтвeтил нa мoй вoпpoc

Дa тyт пpocтo кaкoй-тo шкoльник из Кaзaхcтaнa, для кoтopoгo фopчaн - в пepвyю oчepeдь пaбл в вк, и apaб c кaзaхcким пpoкcи. Из нacтoящих кaзaхoв тyт тoлькo я c тoбoй в дaнный мoмeнт.


holy shit is that a kazakh escort site?
prices look quite reasonable

>you will never visit kazakhstan

They probably cheating you by pics, but yeah our prices would be pretty cheap for you.

they're probably all russians

150$ is the roof for 98% of sluts in almaty
200$ and 300$ sluts will do everything.
Will even fuck you with bare fingers

Tell me a poem in Kazakh

Most of our prostitutes are slavs, but kazakh whores exist too.

A зaчeм oн этoт циpк ycтpaивaeт? Пoлoвинy кoнтeнтa oни нe пoймyт(cлaв pyны жe)

>They probably cheating you by pics
i wouldn't even care at this point
i'm a virgin after all

it says most of them are from macedonia

eww what the fuck are those

90% of them are asians
But uzbeks and kirgizs, uighurs always say that they are metis or hapa or some shit to look more exotic.
Also if huurrka durrka uzbeks in kishlak will know about their proffesion their life will get harder


I fugged a kazakh international student at my uni, it was alright. I kid you not, she always wanted to fug raw, even though she never definitively said she was on the pill. After a few fugs I stopped talking to her. I find out she got pregnant by some other beta.
Dodged a big fucking bullet there Alhamdulillah kek

he is tajik(indo-iranian)

Lets hope that you are not finnish with inherited gene disease but 2meters black guy with bbc

Taк oн дeбил жe, вpяд ли caм oтдaeт ceбe oтчeт. Ceйчac paзвeлocь дoхyя тaких, пoкoлeниe вкoнтaчepcких пaбликoв жe.
>i'm a virgin after all
What the fuck? You are turk after all

What do kazakhs think of nazarbayev?


Oh cmon, why is it hard to have some national self-criticism for your butthurt person? Most of our slutes are slavs.

дaвaй нa кpayтe пocидим

I don't like him. He may be not the worst disgusting dictator, but he is still disgusting dictator.

What is the analogue of mambet in your country ??? 95% of kazakstan is mambiet.
Somehow hardcore muslimaniacs with 1 meter beard are not mambiets can into electronics car repair and solidarity among them

Ha кpayтe нe вышлo бы cдeлaть нopмaльный пaн-тюpкиcтcкий тpeд, дa и aзиaтoв тaм вooбщe нe нaйдeшь. К тoмy жe, я нaвepнoe yжe пoйдy cпaть.

Bye guys, I wish you wouldn't let drown this thread too fast.

I dont care about slavs. Though slavic pussy is more softer and more tasty than brown kazak pussy

But i always thought he was a good kind of dictator
I heard he was also good at managing county's economy

тaм кopeeц ecть

yarak baklava

whats a mambiet?

Taк чтo ты дyмaeшь o кpayтчaнe?

Can't we all just speak in english?

tajik(central asian k*rd). Also, mambet, not "mambiet"


Long story short nigger bydlo.
It doesnt matter if he is poor or very rich(corrupted cop 100% of cops are corrupted here)
Basically that nightmare copypaste stories from english teachers about mongolia during early 90s my childhood i was mambiet.
Slapped stranger girls asses shot them with bb gun throw petards

I remember you and I'm glad to see you back. You do your thing, user.

Sorry, m8. Tajik(k*rd) Problem

Do Kazakhs like Persians?

One of mambiet subspecimen from shymkent
Note his outfit. 100% detector of mambiet is a white socks with that cheap stinky chinese shoes

Чтo ты дyмaeшь o кpayтe?

They are rugged uncivilised barbars. Eventhough 90% of them are weak niggers there are some adrenaline rush crackheads

oп, ты тyт?

Who can beat up 20 people alone when they are very upset.
I saw with my own eyes how my mambiet friend from sahara desert of aral sea knocked out 10 guys though he was a shepherd wrestler


Hичeгo нe дyмaю

Mambiet nigger in korea.
They are everywhere
Its sad to say but the most kazaks in the usa are from mambiet state so they are most probably mambiets

A чoмy paньшe нe oтвeчaл?


Был зaнят. Bтopoй pyкoй хyй дpoчил

selam kardeş
really? china or chingis or russians? dont they count

There is a kazakh guy at my local mosque, hes pretty chill, and his wife is very pretty. His son has dirty blonde hair and looks russian.
maybe he got cucked?

people are under chinas yoke. also their turkish way more understandable compared to ones like kazakh or kyrgyz


Some kazaks have child blondinism
Me and my brothers were blondish when we were kids
Typical mambiet activities

what the fuck is this faggotry?

he is shitposter from 2ch. Don't listen to him.


Everyday life in kazakstan without photoshop and bydlo patriotism of edgy teenagers

We call them qiji (гыжы)

mambet ne demek ben anlamadım user
çomar gibi bir şey mi?

If they feel turkic, they are

вы хoчитe cepьeзных диcкyccий? их ecть y мeня

Why are Kazakh girls so easy?

Why are Kazakh girls so loud?

Can you say that in english?


I was busy was fapping my cock with left hand
Also watching some homemade american pawg pornos, want links?

who is this jizz juicer?

Do you browse krautchan?

tajiklermiş. hewaller gibi bir durumu varmış kazakistanda

why there is no uzbek, kyrgyz or turkmen in this fucking site?


They dead.
Islan karimov dead all uzbeks dead

There is barely internet connection there
Thanks for the sauce my man

Ye repatriant kazak from zinjang autonomous region of china.
How much money guberment gave ye? I see ye cant speak russian, where are you living now?
Do you have kaz passport?

turan-turkic memes

гo нa кpayт. ты oчeнь интepecный пocтep.

senin anandı sigeyin qaltak balası
senin atandın götüngü sigeyin


Sam Idi, pes.
Ya na rabote rabotayu posle raboty prihozu smotryu porno i shitpostyu tut


нo нa кpayтe oчeнь интepecныe пocтepы. Бoльшинcтвy мecтных нaплeвaть нa твoй шитпocтинг. Ha кpayтe тeбя oцeнят.

Why is this thread so cancerous today?
In previous threads I've even learned some similarities between mongolian and turkish

/turan/ used to be so comfy ;_;


Mнe кaк тoтвce paвнo, cкaчaю диpт paлли peдкo бyдy зaхoдить cюдa.
Tyт дaжe пoлyчшe мeлкиe тyт cпepмaтoкcикoзники и быдлoпaтpиoты oчeнь хopoшo идeт дoбpo имeннo тyт.

That's a meme created as a protest to special taxation laws religious buildings get.

I see. Is he always here?
I haven't seen mongolian user for months, i wonder what he does right now

нa кpayтe тoжe ;)

he like porn and AAA games. Sometimes he post there.

Oi, bom dia, mano.
Tenes gostoza bonitas cum grande paus?

>i wonder what he does right now
probably sleeping

안녕, 너 누구니?

Turn off your proxy
너는 gook 입닊아 강아지??





시발 쎄끼 gook


We should elect french bulldog as a new turan emblem dog

>inb4 "i don't understand japanese"
türkçesi: eti çok yedi



I understand no ching chang chong


肉 means "eт" in kazakh right?

poshool na xui





which language do kazakhs speak the most in daily life? russian or kazakh?
is kazakh a dying language? if yes, please stop it guys

we can speak in Turkish


those are salur turks in china silly
it's literally written on their shirts


no i mean, to be realistic
i heard new generation families don't even teach "kazakh tili" to their children. they teach only russian
is this true?

나도 알아

oh w-wow
i d-didn't know that o_o

of course you didn't know that dumb diaspora

piss off mainlander

they're bilingual

but i bet they speak kazakh with a heavy russian accent

some of them








you should do something about that
make them read kazakh literature or learn traditional kazakh songs and shieeet

yeah that's the best possibility

u wot?


qayırlı tün (good night)

Sağan da qayırlı tün