Which one should I vote for?

Which one should I vote for?

'I don't think google works with non-english languages'

Portugal is the Greece of Europe.

Portugal is the Greece of Europe.

I hate australians so god damn much

It rotates :D

I find it incredible that not all submissions are memes

>No Alberto Barbosa
>No peruANO
>No finns are mongols
>No easter

>pathetic forced memes



the meme ones are awful, I hope you faggots don't actually vote for them

The one with the globe looks nice, it reflects our international vibe.

i voted them all but my fav is this

The second one or the moot post



furst one

>no Alberto Barbossa
Vote for one of the America bears

mods are faggy amerifats, they wont put up with such self idiotizing display

This is honestly the best one.


holy god they're all so bad

I voted for that gif with changing flags.

They all suck tbqh.

>through dick, unity

>I hate Australians so goddamn much
Please vote for this.