korean pop edition

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not funny.

>nonce pop
might stick with /ita/


thanks for sharing your worthless opinion. im sure everyone cares.


I care

why are brits so rude


/plymouth/ reporting in

were all in here

shift's nearly over

Not sure about this going to sleep sober gimmick

Can't get a full night's sleep, constantly waking up, and when I am asleep I have these weird vivid dreams that don't make any sense but are all internally coherent.

here we all are then

don't care

cat left a mutilated mouse on the doormat

>work tomorrow
>and then on Wednesday
>and then again on Friday
ah yes the life of a call centre runt


Have to time it right with the contractions
need at least a 2 inch dilation

the lads

Mate the weather is so shit right now.

kill me please

Pogba? Don't rate him


>18% of my pay every month goes to help benefit scroungers and lazy fat fucks/heroin addicts who need medical treatment

ah yes I do love socialism


is plymouth the one with the seatlle bf?

oh shit. Which part you from, mate?

do brits really call guns rooty tooty point-n-shootys or is that a meme?

thanks for funding /brit/, wagie!

some bastard has squashed a frog

just got back from the doctor's lads
>no signs of infection
>but take these antibiotics
am i being messed around?

>Bob Aloo Boona

Bet he loved it really

>weird imitation of purple aki's gimmick

not too sure about it



you get a rebound period when you've been drinking and sleeping for a long amount of time where you dream like mad

same thing happens when you come off weed or benzos after a long time

You're the reason everything is developing an antibiotic resistance.

Retarded GPs handing out antibiotics like fucking sweets.

no it's not a meme we do

I was told this was a general for refined gentlemen, so far I've come to the conclusion that I was told a lie

A real shame.

you'd be paid more than 18% less without socialism so DEAL

English people rude not sit beside me on the bus
How England so racist?

eat it to trigger the vegan scum

Doctors like that are responsible for the loss antibiotic effectiveness

Your """doctor""" is part of a group trying to send us back to the stone age by overprescribing anti-biotics until they are useless and the superbugs kill us all

You will literally be helping to save the world in a small way if you don't take them needlessly

love the murderers who try to act morally superior

it's like they're sociopaths or something, eating dead bodies and being proud of it


why? it seems like it'd be such a pain to say anytime you were talking about guns.

Easy solution make stronger antibiotics

Dispose of them by burning them, safest method

never had to take any anti-biotics


Ah yes

the torries

don't talk about them much 2bh

its not something we care about in real life


Going to my first weeb lesson tomorrow night. Can't wait.


>learning japanse

just put a fucking bullet through your head m8 you absolute runt


remember to wear deodorant

>girl from work just text me "why are you so weird sometimes"

ahh yes

only NEETS and chavs come to these generals. Go sleep in a road.

Are we really so exceptional compared to other animals? Why can a tiger kill a gazelle but I couldn't shoot a rabbit?


baka desu senpai

>girl from work just text me

Fuck off normie scum

>sorry i'm alive

fucking hell lads it's 5pm

what the actual fuck happened to this day

what am I doing with my life

ask her out for some coffee

Why is every other /brit/ thread I see kpop? What is wrong with you all

That's what they want to believe.

Lads where can I join the "alt-right"?

but surely there are brits that use them to hunt or something. I just can't imagine saying "go grab the rooty tooty point-n-shooty lad" everytime.

business idea: britpost on /qa/ until they take notice of our plight

ask her if she wants to get weird together sometime and post the response

thought so too lads, shan't be taking them.

He was Dr.Patel btw

might break a chicken's neck and film it

Sorry Mr Macdonald looks like life in England is not for you

she wants ur willy in her bum

just asked my gf what's for tea and she didn't answer me

kek, do it lad

because we have a choice senpai

tiger can't fill its nutritional requirements by popping to tescos

I am greek

My doctor is also called Dr.Patel

hes a top lad lad though

drinking the ol hot leafy water

i want to believe

don't do that

on milo yiannopoulous youtube page x

Business Idea: Block the customers of the following ISPs posting on brit:

Talk Talk

reply with "sorry... i try to keep the... darkness in my contained... but somethimes... it escapes >:)"

you can't because it doesn't exist lmao

Plymstock, you mate?

think this might be the post where i get 5 (You)'s

This time tell her what's for tea. If she still doesn't answer, questions it or makes something else, beat and rape her

Nobody in England hates the Greeks. English people try not to sit next to strangers on the bus.

You're just paranoid.

i will ONLY buy broadband from ISPs with adverts in friendly northern accents

best grime album coming through

Any new memes?


ASDA do Wi-fi?

the logical conclusion is this: we eat meat because it tastes nice and veggies taste shit in comparison, also you get a lot of nutrients from meat that you won't necessarily find in veggies


going to be getting on the bus later tonight lads

wonder who i'll meet


still raining
have to go to the postbox but its raining

>threatened to send some cunt to A&E last night
>I have bupa lmao
bupa better have the best fucking top jaw specialists after was ensued after he said that

West country is BEST country

quick someone called me based

Poor people, i presume

>talking to people on the bus
yankification complete

in a strange mood

There are so many posts in these threads that don't even get a single reply.

lads can someone record themselves going 'hennnnn' on clyp or vocaroo

you can get the nutrients from supplements lad

"it tastes nice" is the main thing and i guess if you don't care about animals thats all good

I'm still feeling the bern lads

>you can get the nutrients from supplements lad

Don't lie to people you fucking hippy

Obviously we just need to expand social services for tigers.
I think some killing of animals is strictly necessary, like pest control for example. I do think we consume meat to excess but provided it is done with the minimal pain possible I don't see too much of an issue with the killing in of itself, I'm sure animal would rather be shot through the heart than clawed apart.

stupid arse

based lad

some girl sat next to me on the bus once and started talking to me

took me like 2-3 minutes to figure out she was a bit fucked mentally

was pretty disappointed

absolutely based

There is a bloke who looks a bit like Spacker Pepe who always says hello to me whenever I get on the bus. Hmm.

not me probably, i don't live in the UK

is there a more comfy feeling in the world than seeing this sign after a long journey through the brown people lands

bad attempt

getting on the bus lads

hope I don't meet any wierdos

glad the NHS are eradicating treatment for fatties and smokers desu lad


>Nobody in England hates the Greeks
not true

i've known a few smelly greeks and they've all been creeps
except the girl who was qt but a psycho

so all in all
i hate greeks

You must have looked like a fellow loony

Feels good man

What are you up to brit? Me? Having a comfy breakfast whilwhile feeling unfulfilled and anxious about the future.

>get home from wageslavery
>so physically exhausted I can't walk in a straight line without stumbling into things and need to lie down

this ain't right

ah yes, the worst white people have to offer, my favourite

I learnt my passion in the good old fashioned school of lover boys


Probably the 'You are now leaving Devon's sign.

just need a fat tax desu

smokers are net contributors to the government kitty

business idea:holographic busses

It's like formal vs informal, rooty-tooties are the long form and rifles and shotguns are the only legal kind of gun so we just call them rifles informally

Saw a lass break down on the bus swearing and crying cause she couldn't find her bus pass. Driver let her on and she eventually found it and swiped.

Fair enough but mostly because the Greeks are irrelevant to us.

Most Englishmen have had no experience with the Greeks.

VERY rude

how long should you wait after a first date to text the girl?

are really going to project your overly emotional faggotry on to everyone else?

>can't afford any breakfast items that aren't either liquids or hot gases


> breakfast
that's three drinks and a cigarette

touching my willy

>Get the bus in the morning
>Always full of year 7s running around like mongs shouting and playing Pokemon Go
Nut is THIS close from being permanently done in with them. Really need to learn to drive.

>yank actually believes the rooty tooty meme

fucking retard

wish I got up early enough to justify eating breakfast

Staying up cause my bed is comfy despite me having to get up in five hourd


By the time she closes her front door she should have 3 texts, a voicemail and a photo of you erect cock on her phone

nah just pointing out eating meat is morally unsound

Still means they bring their own health difficulties upon themselves, they'd make an even bigger contribution if the NHS fully banned smoker treatment

2 years or longer. That's how long the last girl I went on a date with is waiting anyway.

Greeks are based

Bring back instituinalised bullying, it'll keep the shits in line

unironically smoked for a few months about 10 years ago

never got addicted but i still crave cigarettes occasionally


Passed my test a few months ago, best decision ever. Fucking bus is a nightmare

2-3 weeks

then you'd have to get rid of the fag tax though

Wasting my life on Cred Forums, as usual

alri laddies

neck yersen cunt

fucking hate group projects so much

We don't eat things for breakfast. I usually just have a coffee and 3-4 cigarettes.

Fuck it, going to book some lessons when I get home.

*walks towards you*

>100 montaditos
you're not in spain lad
don't lie

how's 8th grade going leaf boy?

VERY healthy

Remember Tulisa? Absolutely prime slag. What did she get done for again? Bragging about being able to get coke or some nonsense?

That's probably why you look 50 Alan my darling

World's worst sex tape

>tfw you hear year 7s talking about "peng tings" and how they fucked loads of girls with their 12 inch willies

she can't give BJs for shit tho

Professional poker is runt as fuck. I don't care how much they make.

literally just keep texting her like normal?

I really really really don't understand this "waiting after a date to text" meme. If I'm going on a date with a girl we'll have been chatting on texts daily for a while beforehand anyway.

fucking weirdos

Why though?

ah I see, thanks.

read the thread and specifically the other post i replied to in this post. they do call them that sometimes idiot.

It's a proxy lad.

new vlog up


students can fuck off

fuck off and never reply to me again you dumb spic

I too saw that thread on Cred Forums

xvideos.com/video5224483/tulisa_contostavlos_blow_job Worst blowy I've ever seen

jaja que picardia

Was walking the dog. Efford here

Fuck of red face!

Took me about 25 hours to pass at an hour a week so it's a long process.

Always skip the blowjobs, don't see the appeal

don't understand how it's nearly half 5 already

Feels like I woke up about 20 minutes ago but I've been awake all day

really sick of this shit

NHS costs are only £3bn out of the £12bn tax revenue, there'd still be a shitload of tax on fags

bit normie looking
and not even the good kind

*gives you a knowing nod*

Ya'll niggas better pay homage

went to school with this lad, lad

right pikey desu

post fucking machines

Get off Cred Forums

ahhh yes

No they don't retard. They are fucking with you and you're taking the bait

born and raised. Not a student

kill yourselves fucking scumbags

These are white children mate, they were talking about Pokemon and homework.


just bounced the igf's head off the e-floor

just fucked a peng ting with my 12 inch willy

I only watch blowjob scenes so I can imagine it's me doing the sucking

several different britanons confirmed that they do you fucking idiot. like I said, read the thread before talking about something.


*grabs you by the scruff of the neck and fucking launches you out of the window*

Haha reply to my MySpace bulletin jordan

Ask a person who uses their cutlery the "wrong" way round anything

What is the most reddit board? I would say either Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums or Cred Forums

have undiagnosed ADD


back from work lads

*does a reverse rain dance so it stops raining*

Why the FUCK are you here then you disgusting pinnochio looking cunt

Post the fucking machines or be gone, you have NO other purpose to us

had the day off LOL suck it wagie

taking a nap

Cred Forums
It's called Cred Forumseddit for a reason

I'd call you retarded but I'm pretty sure this is all a ruse.

Anyone watched that show 'The Night Of'?

right now Cred Forums because of the /r/the_donald infestation

hopefully they fuck off after the election ends haha

stop appropriating left hand culture shitlord

when they said don't come back on monday they meant forever lad

Cred Forums
Can't understand why nobody ever gives them shit. The most non-Cred Forums board there is.

yh its shit

Used to be an Ultra-normie before coming to this place. If only you knew my nigga. Working on getting my life back on track
soon hopefully


me having a bit of fun x

Cred Forums

t. reddit :')

yeah. shit innit

If a slag propositioned you in a club and asked you back to hers but told you she has a bf would you still go?

really lacking motivation to go to the gym lads

i ONLY use Cred Forums lads i will post my full browser history if you want to check do i fit in yet

>Get up at 6
>Travel for an hour to work
>Wait outside for half an hour for them to open
>Wageslave for 8 hours
>Wait half an hour outside work for the bus
>Travel for another hour home
>Get back just before 7
>It's dark when I leave and dark when I come home
Ah yes, most impressivo



yeah of course unless I knew the lad

I live in Dagenham...

As long as she assured me the bf wouldn't be back at her house

It's his fault for getting into a relationship with a slag desu, even if I don't shag her she's only going to shag someone else

the unemployed are people like you and I. not very funny

>need experience to get a job
>need a job to get experience

>when the internship needs 1 year prior experience

glad im getting dole

Story, please. That sounds interesting.

like you maybe

how much money did you get for lunch in school ?

£2 here

Rate my English lads vocaroo.com/i/s0x8AVFfi9wl
Have an interview in English soon. Feeling a little nervous not gonna lie.

12.50 on monday morning
just went a bought a teenth and stole food lol

Is there 3 of us in this thread

£3.50 iirc

Isn't Canada technically in the UK due to its position as dominion within the British commonwealth?

do NOT bully

bit antisemitic that
you will hear from my lawyer

lol and it's fine. you sound mexican

whatever you say dumbass.


FOB I got packed lunches


I probably knew you, I was in his year


geddon ba

ahh yes

who here /wishes they were rich and good looking/

nah lad
the UK is england wales northern ireland (lol) and scotland

isle of man and the channel islands aren't in the uk either

i'm not one of them


Ha ha I wish

>not having free school lunches

lmao stay poor

I got forced to take packed lunches and had to sit with the other mongs who did

still feel like shit. fucked my best mates gf over the weekend and shes going to tell him this week

so you say

I'm good looking but not rich at all.

Really wish I was desu. Everything would be perfect.

>free school lunches
doesn't that make YOU poor


what house were you in la?

>you sound mexican
The kind that live in the US or in Mexico? If the former for how long?

Well I hate Mercs. People who drive them are sa-a-ad!

Then tell him first.

hope he bashes your skull in you scumbag.

why did you do that

still have a sore on my lips from going down on that prozzie

the ancestors are from lancashire

Michael, you're talking to a man who uses a collective term for a single vehicle.

had 15 euro for the whole week (I didn't eat at the school lunch place) but since I lived near the school I could just go home. was better to eat outside when I only had 1 hour/when I could eat with the lads

>his parents didn't cheat all of the systems so they appeared to be poor but were actually super rich


Gilbert, shit tier imo

heard it got changed up after Petit left, he's probably dead now desu. His phd was in soil studies or some shit

>I'm good looking but not rich at all.
Ah used to have the same problem. Now it's a little bit of the opposite. I'm not handsome anymore but I have a few K Euros at the bank. Prefer now tbqh.

Next thread will be an anime edition

all packed for my holiday to morcambe bay lads


yeah got split into 6 houses the year before I left

reckon that pigeon cunt is dead too, earley fucked off recently as well

Lads, you from Devonport High?

Inner city scum.

>Trying to force shitposting
Fuck off

Jet from Gladiators to host Millennium barn dance at Yeovil Aerodrome. Properly policed, must not - repeat not - turn into an all-night rave.


yeah lad finished in 2011

I went to Plymstock

Yeah, wtf


haha had these at my school too lads

Mate scored some pretty good H. probably just going round his place to shoot up all day since im so bored anyway

In a bad mood and would like to aggressively rape one of those commie slags and cum right on their face.

listening to the stone roses lads

>Going to thailand and not fucking a lady-boy is like going to turkey and not eating a kebab
Ah yes /brit/ heterosexual men


beyond early

needed to beat that anime cunt to the finish line

friend has actually recced me the eagleton book
might get it

is there a more quintessentially british band than the smiths


normals rooooooooooooooo

Horrendous post