When a southern american claims >muh germanic heritage

>when a southern american claims >muh germanic heritage

what about a yankee?

Southerners are so inbred at this point I'm not sure you could even classify them as human.

just as bad. Neither culture is german(ic) in any way so claiming >muh heritage puts you in the same brackets as stormfronters

>i might not have a job
>i might not have a gf
>i might be 200 kgs and 160 cm

>but atleast i have got my pure german blood

have you ever heard of south america?

How about Germanic people that kept with their homeland's tradition throughout the generations in a different country?

Only if you can proof that those traditions didn't suffer from the inbreeding.

What do you mean suffer from the inbreeding?

Even worse. Ever heard about intergration and assimilation? I don't like it when muslims don't assimilate here so why would i like it if >muh german heritage doesn't assimilate there?

What if the place they went to had no culture to assimilate? What if they were colonizers?

Just a metaphor. I meant that most of those people tend to follow "wrong" traditions. As people originating from the Rheinland celebrating the Oktoberfest for example.

pretty sure the colony was a portuguese one hence they had to assimilate into portuguese culture

Most of the south, especially the country side, were inhabited, and the colonizers were literally given nothing by the government besides directions on where to settle. They left Europe with the clothes on their body, placed in a distant area with no materials. They spoke Hunsrückisch for a hundred years, kept their culture the same as from where they left, passing generation to generation, and only started to speak Portuguese when a dictatorship was installed and obligated them to speak Portuguese.

Tell me about your traditions then.

I've met people 100% germanic but they see themselves as chileans, so no one of them care about their heritage. They looks like central europeans by the way

I'm not Germanic and I'm not from the South. I don't know the details, but I'll tell you what I know. There are over a million people who still speak to this day the Hunsrückisch dialect (with some changes), that lead a fairly simple agricultural life away from the urban centers, who follow the same religion, the same social norms and way of living they (and their ancestors) had once back in Germany. There are festivals that happen in certain cities with Germanic heritage, like Oktoberfest (pic related), others don't.

Someone else who actually knows what's it like could explain to you in details, but this is mostly what I know.



"muh german heritage"
stop, just stop, you fucking monkeys
you are worse than roaches with trying to claim your so called ""german heritage""
also >3rd world country

>500k Germans move out of Germany into a particular inhabited state in south Brazil
>surprised they kept up with the culture they had in Germany
Are you literally retarded or do I have to explain again?

I'm not even Germanic or live in the south, I just know some stuff about it because I've been there and I actually studied about it unlike dumb memesters on Cred Forums.

Get ready for the horde of """""Germanic""""" south brazilians

Mad tuga who can't deal with the fact that the shitty parts of the countries are Portuguese colonies and the good parts are Italian and Germanic.

the whole country is portuguese dude

ironically, if brazil was actually a german colony, you'd want to have portuguese heritage because being germanic wouldnt be cool then

Where the germans settled was forest.
There were nothing to assimilate

But low german from Pomeranian dialect was very commom in some cities too

a german restaurant, so what? we have that here too

I really wonder if Southerners are this cancerous IRL

Even the south had portuguese presence, specially from Açores.

Try to find one brazilian with pure european heritage outside some meme villages

Southerners don't give a fuck about muh heritage. They usually just self-report as ethnically American on the census.