Do you like Portugal? I like Portugal

Do you like Portugal? I like Portugal

t. Alberto Barbosa

um abraço :)

nope sorry i only like white countries

i like pertogel


Was that why you left Somalia?

Port, you gal


I like Portugal

More or less.
It kinda make me angry with the fact that they didn't used their colonies to become a great european power and sucked anglo dicks deapite the anglos being assholes with Portugal.

Well, at least they dont speak castilian

It probably bothers us more than it bothers you, but you can't really fault us for having shit kings.

Do you like Braga? I love Braga!

Braga is probably our most beautiful city, desu.

I've only been once, but it is gorgeous.

Yes I love Braga!

But we were very powerful for many centuries silly

How can you hate Braga?

Kek,isso até Lamego tem.Braga é fraca para ser honesto

I LOVE Portugal

Braga é bonita, calma e limpa. E as pessoas de lá são simpáticas.

Nunca estive no Lamego, para ser honesto.

please love us



Braga é bom e talvez seja a melhor capital de distrito, concorrendo com Évora, Viana do Castelo, Porto e Ponta Delgada (sim os Açores não são um distrito mas vá). Daí a ser a melhor cidade, vai uma longa distância. Lembro-me assim à partida de Tomar, Amarante, Sintra, Sesimbra

>no Lamego
Diz-se em Lamego, paspalho.

Nunca estive lá, por isso nao sei.

Não há amor por Coimbra? :(

Nunca me convenceu, mas não desgosto


I love Portugal

Eu amo vocês. Muito. Muitíssimo. Músicas portuguesas fazem-me chorar.

A zona ribeirinha está subaproveitada e a tradição universitária é merda, p.e.

I guess. I don't see why I would hate them

A tradição universitária já foi melhor, já. É só otários, e o facto de haver melhor comunicação para as terras e mais polos de estudo estragou um bocado o sentimento de isolamento e união à coisa. Agora são só bebados e otários.

I didn't even remember where Portugal lies, just checked it
tell me something about yourself portugal bros because I know nothing

We had cars before you, so we get the "P" on our license plates and you are stuck with "PL"

We were one of the founding members of NATO
Our debt is 130% of GDP
In Macau and Timor our language still is spoken

We are secretly the best european country

We are the largest cork producers in the world


so, who is the real seafood king on the Mediterranean?

Us of course! We have millions of ways to make fish plates and we have some gourmet worthy bacalhau for the world to enjoy! We even used to hunt whales!

Who doesn't like Portugal?

dictator of Mozambique?

I like Fado and Antonio Variacoes. Latin American fag here trying to know Portuguese but I suck with keeping myself motivated.

Portugal is an underestimated country, honestly.
4/5 of their territory is on the sea, so big maritime potential. Luxurious exports (wine, food, etc...).
Great touristic place.

I think we are okay with Mozambique, we tried to help them by investing in their energy sector some years ago, we also pardoned their debt to us, which was around $400 million! To us a good relation with our ex colonies is pretty important because they're some of our major buyers


Praise Portugal and Portugal's Supreme Lord!

Portugal is cute as fuck desu

If you would have a create your perfect country creator where you have to adjust sliders for pluses and minuses you end up with Portugal.

Leave it, yeah.

That unfunny wank has run its course.

It's time to stop.

Portugal is better than Huezil
so yes, i like it

when you put it like that, I don't think anyone hate you except ISIS

No, they forced my ancestors to convert to christianism. Now, i'm lost from the tribe of Israel and surrounded by goyims.
Fuck them! May YHWE smite them!!

Well if your ancestors hadn't converted they would be killed, and you wouldn't be born! And even if we did let them live they would be killed by the Nazis anyway

and not a single alberto replyied that day. take my (You) hue brother.

>and you wouldn't be born!

I thought he was being facetious. I was unaware that Brazilians could feel sad.

Didn't see you there

Learn to enjoy life brother!

>a thread made so people can partake in conversation explaining whether or not they like portugal

>it turns into the portuguese taking amongst themselves with brazil

how did this happen?

we are actually desperate, thats why we laugh so much. take the cultures on its high apex like greece once were. they enjoyed tragedies to learn stuff about life. brazilians at the moment can only laugh and listen to music about literally "dick in the pussy". thats the sign of deep despair and lack of perspective. now you know that brazil laugh and happiness hides sadness.

1:give the gold back to brazil.
2:apologize for taking the gold from portugal using ponzi schemes inside unfair commercial contracts.
3. stop being a cuck and remove kebab.

Only 3 or 4 Brazilian posts, bruv.

I was aware that it was a "so sad it's funny" situation. Didn't know it would be possible to go back to sad, but I guess fado would be the trigger.

Everyone is welcome

Apart from that animated abomination

Wow my man