Your cunt (very Cred Forums related)

>Your cunt (very Cred Forums related)
>Are you getting a haircut?


actually I'm thinking about growing it out

How much?
I usually have it really short, but I've been lazy and my friends told me I look better with medium hair so I delayed getting one

Funnily enough im cutting my hair in 25 minutes

Feels good desu, only takes 10 mins I make it clean AF.

#1 on sides and back, #2 a little higher and #4 for the top

Too lazy to go to a barber, so I shave the entire thing off. I can't really pull any style off because my hair spirals like a hurricane and it looks horrible from the back because of it.

I got it cut last monday. I mumbled out "The usual but very short on top", all the guy heard was very short and proceed to fuck my shit up.

Very clean tastes


>the usual
>barber looks at you in the mirror
>sees cold dead eyes void of any hope
fuck your shit up it is then


Thanks bro

It's quick and looks pretty darn decent. I like it

I usually get air force officer cut, but now it's like a meme cut so I don't know, I might try something else

I'm going to get a haircut on Wednesday. What should I get?

Something cool but simple

I don't know what that is



dont know what to do with my shit 2bh

>>Are you getting a haircut?
right fucking now? no?
am I getting a haircut? well, eventually I will obviously?
stupid question

Nope. I usually just grow it out and just fix when it's necessary



Been growing mine for like four years and its bit below my shoulders now. Sucks to have wavy/curly hair.

You must be a virgin



It looks better than the monkeys I see at the zoo
Why? Are you a femboy or a hipster?

Whatever happened to your teeth? Do you still have headaches?

Thank you Mexico. My filling settled in, I got over my cold, and I just got my haircut, so I'm feeling very good now

Are you cute

That's good to hear, take care friend.

No, I'm very average. Think college aged Midwestern American of German ancestry.

Don't let other Mexicans know I'm being nice to you, but you too friendo


Just wanted to see how it looks.
From like five year old to 18 year old I've had just buzzcuts so I decided to go from one extreme to another.
What I got so far, curly/wavy mess that tangles easily.

*lazy hair day*
*wears hijab*

I'm not homosex

I see. You have hair of the same type as my brother it looks like. He's also growing his out but it isn't nearly that long. When do you think you'll cut yours?