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mediafire.com/file/smqsl3w6fv2c3cc/#001. Jasmerah Juni-Juli 2013.pdf


What is this with memrishit


Flipbong owes me one for saving his boipucci

S-sejujurnya, a-aku gak suka sama kamu. Hmph!

What do you mean

Akibat terlalu lama jomblo Indon chan mulai menganggap dirinya anak perempuan kecil

sounds like a nice title for an LN, stealing this

>dia gak kepengen jadi anak perempuan
Ayolah, aku kira kalian lebih baik dari ini.

how can you all go through this thread without hurting your facial muscle from the cringe

I have 4 younger sisters, I think I'll pass

This is me everytime I browse /asean/.

I don't understand the things that are being said

Kamyu syucih akyu penyuh dosyah.

Use google translate silly


Tidurlah, esok lagi mau kuliah, nanti terlepas angkot

Can someone explain why this video went viral in your country?

Apparently some lyrics sound like "Terima kasih sama sama" but what the fuck does that mean

My eyes are bleeding


>not ears

Bullet Train is hilarious, I watched every video

I don't wanna

Even Xxx factor is more bearable

>no matter how hard they tried to cover their tracks
>FBI was still able to figure out everyone involved
You can never win against FBI or CIA desu

I feel a little depressed now

Because I am ironically treating you like I treat a friend yet ridiculing you for my enjoyment.

And you literally did nothing



sleep bump

Wake up wageslaves!

>The Associated Press reports that Duterte would be offering countries in China and Russia the ability to lease land in the Philippines for more than a century.

Are the Jewish Russian still a thing?

Who's excited to watch the upcoming Drumf massacre today? ^_^

Well, it looks like the communists will now have their communist Philippines.

I will massacre your butt

Where are you when flipland now exist on the 2d world?

Terimakasih = thank you
Sama-sama = you're welcome
Apparently the song has funkot aka funky kota or city funk.
It's mixed between house and dangdut (our traditional song).

My body is ready

It's just the beginning >:D
Of all the countries, they picked the Philippines.
Really makes you think.

Because you have DEEN Studio branch there.

The Asean GF posted a selfie with half her tits out and a Marilyin Monroe quote.
What did she mean by it?

Nipon actually cares for flipland

Now if only their gommie president would listen

This is degrading, seriously

They're on the experimental stage (Jap anime was like this at 1st too), I'm expecting this to be so-so at max. But trust me, once they start knowing exactly what to do, they're going to start making good shit. If that happens, I will spend the rest of my life dedicated to this, after thoroughly studying about the Philippine literature, then I'll join them.

I never new. Where is it located?
From what I know, they make high quality animation.

Duterte has gone too far this time, Russian propaganda says so.

Its time for a CIA coup



I don't know, probably Manila.
>High quality animation

I never said it was god tier, it's definitely better than TOEI that they have there. But that depends on the anime on production as well.
Also they made Konosuba, i really like the art personally. Not too simple and it doesn't feel overshaded like the 1990's anime

because wan piss


Alternate stream

My stream went ded, fokken copyright

this is why you dont trust jews

The reporter guy is piss

That's the plan. Sever ties with US. Ask Chinese and Russian help. Focus army resource down South. Welcome Master Joma.

Drumf sounds so childish during the debate hahahaha!

Hillary for the win! =D

Wait so it actually has Indonesian music? I thought they just misheard the lyrics but it's legit? Holy shit Japan

>This debate

america kontol

Now Trump has easily won while Hillary was blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl most of the debate.

Back to the main program

>Trump has easily won

I don't know but I kinda feel like that was depressing. For both of them. They look so nervous and unprepared.

Its time for the Pinochet of ASEA instead



What happened?

you don't wanna know, bro

trump got stumped


it doesn't matter now

poor girl now dutdut is bring in her family to it
trump was a disaster in the debates

I want Gina Lopez to dominate me


must be in retaliation to this

The time of globalist rule is coming to an end

Magandang tanghali
what's for lunch?

>be ancient Borneans
>canoes to Madagascar

Skipping lunch

Ate Pika and Chicken breast with rice for breakfast which is fucking heavy

Can't be helped because
Pick only one.

Trump owns the debate

So, now that Russia is officially an ASEAN country, what local customs should I know?

That must be the reason why polynesians are so accepting of trannies when women are scarce.

white man's peepee goes inside asean girls puki

Delete this.

Design a birdhouse first.

>Alex Jones
literally tin foil wizard

How do we fix locally made TV shows, Flipbros?


>40 minutes in
>Trump is so eager to defend himself
>ends up like a buffoon
FUCK ;_;

Show that everything doesn't always end good, have shows that kill of the main characters and make the bad goys win

I'm 13min in, they're actually both calm and good atm lol

Trump needs to move a little bit away from the mic, I could hear his fucking spit and breathing

It gets worse. There are a lot of things Trump could use to roll over Clinton like her emails, the Benghazi incident, her endorsement of BLM, Clinton Foundation or all the leaks. It is surprising that instead of going on the attack he focus more on the defence. When Clinton would say something against Trump, he would have a knee jerk reaction and make a response which many times make him come across as insecure or too anxious. Clinton also does this but way too few in comparison to Trump.

When Trump brought up the emails, Clinton simply nonchalantly shrugged it off and played it small. A wise move on her part as deeper probe will be detrimental to her. She even used this to her advantage to sound more competent and responsible

All these will also happen in a sort of calm-ish tone.

But either way, I am hoping Trump is simply saving ammo for the next round or has something big for Clinton.

more like sillypenis

*sniff sniff*


Let's always pander to the cult group all the time! Happy! Yippy! Yehey!

cut it short. Pinoy teleseryes go on for way too long to the point were the story stagnates and it just turns to repetitive retarded shit. everything is also the same love story kilig shit or edgy adultery/cucking shit or parent/child separation shit. there's no variety or something to do with God/religion.

I dont watch local tv
what cult

Its killypines now!

>Drumpf got btfo so bad
Hillary needs to stop with the jokes though, I cringe everytime


the cult group = Bobotante Tangalogista Peenoise Pridists

can't wait for dut2x and hillary interactions desu

I wish someone would sell Nep plushies here

All I have is a silly Sinbad one

Social media is a numbers game ifthey see alot of dutertetards, pinoy pride commenting on their sites they will be force to accommodate to them
This is wants happening to gma toanextent Abs particularly in their news

He was debating two people

The mod literally pulled a red herring on the topic area of race relations and asked Trump on the Obama birth certificate issue.

What is important is that for most of the debate it is Trump defending himself not his policies or stance on the issues such as racial relations and the whole discussions of jobs in the first 40 minutes.

The environment of the debate was made in favor of Hillary from the start. I am sorry if you have to suck up what Huffpost or Mr Oliver Twist have to say because you ought to watch the actual debate for itself flipbong

Kalyan semuah syucih akyu penyiuh dosyah.

I did watch it. It is Trumps fault though, his rhetoric finally catch up to him. Trump came out worse because he didn't defend those things he said, instead he backtracked, lied and licked boot. It made him look like he pussied out or weak. Hillary tried to make as less controversies as she could, but I'm sure she'll have a hard time defending her emails and health in the next debates.

The various MM region-headquartered media corps. are notorious for pandering to the cult group. I don't know if various Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao provincial media corps. do the same or not.

What does Indonesia think of Awkarin?

>Kalyan semuah syucih akyu penyiuh dosyah.

In that case then its not going to change anytime soon because
Dutdutfags/MarcosINCshills = masa/pinoy pride = internet clicks = money
We better start censoring our internet

Tagalog should be used more especially in the rightway, the English world is forever be producing shows in English anyway it not the one endangered

unless we separate and do our each our own thing

They kind of have to dutertards masa pinoy priders are everywhere

Hillary pressed Trump on controversies and in some sense even the mod himself does it.

What Trump failed to do is to press Clinton herself more on controversial issues. He did not go deep into them when he raised them. Such as the email or the DNC leak which should he press her harder, would earn him the debate.

But his obsession with protecting his name seems to get the better of him as a result, making him sound nonsensical especially on the issues of not paying contractors.

Hillary IS the one dishing out controversies that is the thing to point out. Trump hardly bothered with it.

Either way he did at least for the first hour remained steadfast when he had to deal with Clinton and the mod.

His move to actually brush off all the hard hitting facts against Clinton instead of pressing them proves to his advantage in the sense that he conserved 'ammo' for proceeding debates

In fact here, Trump himself seems to attempt to also appear more moderate. Such as by agreeing with Clinton on certain aspects and rather oddly, on gun control as well.

On race relations I really think Trump did a good job until the whole Obama birth certificate issue came up which shifted the topic away

intense attention of her is fascinating.
another marvelous display of indon people way of solving problems by enforcing conformity.
the fact that we can't ostracize these people is a proof that we're unable to blame ourselves for any of our failures

The Sillypenis is luckier! It's the most homogeneous country on Planet Earth! It has only 1 indigenous ethnic group and only 1 indigenous language! You jelly, all other countries?

that why we should separate, seriously
They are just appealing to our provincial side ""the struggles""and appeal to emotion

it actually changed now a bit now they are targeting the OFWs more since most of the shows are now streamed online


who named their son awkarin in indo?
never heard of it and sound retarded

Literally who?

Indonesians have a strange fetish of giving weird sounding names to their children. At least young couples nowadays.




we need some kind of parental examinations or test for young people who want to marry and have a kid
welp wahhabist are shilling in here too

I knew this reaction image would come in handy some day



Too bad everyone is falling for the "get married as soon as possible" meme
This graph spread like wildfire over here

From left to right
>Age when you are married
>Age when you have your first child
>Child enter primary school
>Child enters secondary school
>Child enters senior high school
>Child enters university
>Child finishes a degree
>Child gets married

herpes wouldnt caused enlarged testicle famalam

Then what is hernia?


uwian na

nice photoshop skills dutdutard shill

Allah is GREAT.

Trump is too easy to get defensive over his personal image. Whether it's about how much startup capital he got from his dad, or whether he wanted the housing crisis to get worse so he could profit from it, or whether he pays taxes, he gets too eager to try to make himself personally sound better than everybody else.

This is what I had been saying which in my eyes made Trump lost the debate. He was too defensive to the point it made him came off as someone anxious, insecure and scared even.

Hillary's demaeour was calm and even at times rather smuggish towards Trump.

Overall Trump lost narrowly but the move to not go so deep into Clinton's dirty scandals may provide him more ammunition for the following debates.

>may provide him more ammunition for the following debates.
Assuming he can actually coherently express it. He had a chance to talk about how Hillary's strategy for fighting terror has been a failure and opened the door for ISIS but somehow articulated it as confusingly as possible.

>Moslims ITT

Kamu mah suci aku penuh dosa.

Feels good to be Chinese

He didn't want to hurt any feelings or that's what he claimed.

A lot of his points are not coherently
Express where they matter, except the part about frisking where it is perhaps the sole moment of the debate where he successfully pulled a punch in Hillary before it turned to shit again when the mod brought up "Obama birth certificate"

One might say that Trump is nervous or he did not come prepared and assumed something akin to the GOP or he has other intentions such as painting himself as more moderate which he does quite clearly in the debate.

Perhaps Trump is holding back his ammunition and laying a trap for Hillary when the next debate comes, hoping to catch her off guard by making her underestimate him. Clinton clearly went into this prepared. Perhaps Trump might hold back on key points for later use to surprise her.

Either way we won't know until the next debate comes. His claim that he held back could be taken as damage control or as a sort of threat to hillary

Nothing wrong with that,he can see the true intention of the woman through his anti jew glasses.

>be triggered by interviewer
>pulls the you're a woman, so you're beneath me card
literally feminist their tactic

According to Huffpost and rather oddly, Wikipedia, Islam is feminist

I'll be honest I think with his personality even if he tries to come out with all of his ammo I doubt he can make it stick on live TV even with coaching. Hillary has been debating and deflecting personal attacks for decades, and Trump can't not respond to personal attacks in a way that makes him sound like not an asshole (It's good business to profit from the housing crash, maybe I didn't pay that guy because I didn't like his work), he's very thin skinned.

He'd be better off just memorizing some of Bernie's stump speeches and repeating them every 25 seconds desu

everyone can edit wikipedia and Huff is leftist

Even in ultraconservative Malay heartlands like Kedah and Kelantan we're still a far cry from Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Of course since the men are victims of mother in law oppression.

His "assholeness" is intentional in my eyes at least perhaps as a way to intimidate and create amusement for listeners.

Trump is currently doing well and many polls thanks to Cred Forums shills I suspect, creates the impression that many people thinks he won.

Perhaps Trump better hope and pray that Wikileaks publish more on Clinton or familiarize himself with Clinton's scandals and stats. Because Clinton will be sure to have that in the next debate for her "fact checks"

And you owe me a favor

I am reminded of the whole "Bailey shoes" story I read for English literature when you said this

>tfw trump dutdut power tandem will never happen

Eh sok bule kamu bahasin pemilu Amerika

>that shitty tribal batak house

of all of indon ethnics styles they choose the ugliest and irrelevant one

Flips are terrorist according to Drumpf

Hey canucks

Can you take her back please?


>His "assholeness" is intentional in my eyes at least perhaps as a way to intimidate and create amusement for listeners.
The only amusing part was where he said he was smart to dodge taxes because the taxes are squandered anyway. Everything else was just weird if he's trying to appeal to the economically worse off since he's responding to accusations that he's the kind of guy who has been exploiting them with "yeah so what?"


New SP episode, the sheckles really intensified this episode

maybe putin can mediate

>be oldfag
>only joy when going out of house is eating at restaurants
>see pic related

Why the fuck is dutdut doing this? Is there even a point?

that's what socialist leeches do, in their view old rich people don't get benefits since they were unfortunate enough to work hard and earn good money.

Its just a proposal for now
Congress will have to deliberate first

I wish someone deport these idiots

Nah m8 socialism doesn't tax old retired people, they tax young people to prop up the social welfare net that props up the old people whether or not they actually need it. That's why you have free TV license and free public transport and triple locked pensions for old people.

Feminists absolutely BTFO


That was a bad move on his part which is sure to trigger middle class voters or a lot of them

Why are you still left wing though :3

hes right you know


how are you baby

What's free TV license, is that like free cable?

TV license is basically a tax that pays for the BBC.

it was raining it it reminded me of you

>ITT this thread
Kalyan semuah sok sucih, aku mah penuh dosa

Why is Awkarin so based?

and why is that

>turn on the radio for once
>switched to bombo radyo
>all these redpills

because I wanted to cuddle in bed

all am stations are red pilled anyway
its the reason why old people are salty


You would feel so dumb after hearing those bullshit

can i bite your ear while cuddling you?

suka blyad davai pizdec

Trump is preparing the biggest bait in history for Hillary Clinton

Trump just can't compete with Hillary, she's an actual politician.


Hush hush my fellow malaysian user.

Trump will win and Singapore will be ours

Make Singapore Malaysia

But I want Brunei.

We'll have Brunei too. Without Singapore, they are powerless against us

Malaysia boleh

Never ever

will it make you happy?

Malaysia will rise again

Well, this is getting lewd...

Her name is Noelle

Is it against the Brunei constitution to reply to posts on an intangible collective Roman wax tablet?

She's just really stuck up.


It is

It will get more and more lewd when you post your nudes now

But i don't want to!

Please do

Don't be silly.

I would never post lewds.

Now you do.

Lewd will rise again

When I tune in it was actually terrifying when the economist they invited, an old one that is keeps calling the Philippine economy a bubble and if the Filipino's don't learn or improve by 2025-2030, the fate our government and our economy collapsing and then being mandated by either japan, america and China is possible...and the funny thing is that in order to sway away from that path is through federalism. And another thing according to what I heard is that even if Mindanao separates...the big chance of it being nationalist state is high and even if it does separate the untapped resources is gonna make it boom of the commies are finally allowed to do what they can.

But yeah, it is kinda sound like bullshit and just rambling of an old man.

happier than everything

And now i don't.

Hmmm...so you wanted to before?

me too


Then do it


You wanted to

Make lewds great again


I-It's not like i'm horny for you, idiot!

I don't want to post lewds!

They also scream revolutionary gov to lol and are Marcos apologist

You do :3

And you will

Indon here. First time posting on Cred Forums. Nice too meet you lads.

What do you think of Awkarin?

Literally who? Haven't keep up with indon meme desu.

>The Associated Press reports that Duterte would be offering countries in China and Russia the ability to lease land in the Philippines for more than a century.
Source? Filipino individuals couldn't even lease for more than 99 years IIRC

What do you think of Duterte


At least they havent gone muh other ethic language yet

Fuck guys I fucked up...
>Walking to MRT station after work
>See an old auntie accidentally drop her wallet on the ground
>Pick up wallet
>Catch her attention, run up to her
>"Auntie, you dropped this just now!" I said, beaming
>She suddenly turns angry and accused me of a liar and a thief while I'm still holding the wallet
>People looking now, anxiety creeping in
>What would Cred Forums do
>Sees fountain nearby, throws wallet in there before I realise what I just did
>Stammers sorry and run the other direction back towards my office

You will be in the papers tomorrow or some Fb video


Post something that really makes you think.

Well, what are you waiting for

This is why I never get involved with strangers.

a locked door with no key is just a wall


Trump won the debate

autism: the post

>mfw i realized that the dutdutard shill and proxyflip are the same person

why are dutdutards so devoted to lying?


indon, what provider do you use to browse Cred Forums? fuck this telkomshit, i need my flag


You could have argued in your defence at least.
Salted fish fried rice is best fried rice.

That was very philosophical.

Really makes you think, innit?

I want to give her a hug

Sucks to be short.

There's your answer

And it seems like the "Hungarian" flip just recently shifted to a new britbong IP

>brunei gave someone a (You)
I don't even

>tfw all US nuclear powered aircraft carriers can go without refueling for 20 years
How do you even compete

>tfw too stupid to know how to invest or go into stocks trading
I just don't get it.

/asean/ likes anime

just bee yourself lah and watch youtube tutorials

Only Jews are supposed to really get it.

>watch youtube tutorials
I did and I still don't get it.

Honesty I started believing its a jewish magic at some point

Ask Mr Chang

Just give your money to Mr Lee.

Stock trading is fun. You need to predict everything. Don't use your empathy to corporation, just sell your stocks to get max profit.

>stock trading

It's more lucrative to get a masters in statistical analysis, improve your charisma and then book a flight to Vegas

teach me please

convert to judaism, I did and it all went perfect for me since then

I have no idea what these numbers are


Does converting to judaism makes you suddenly know jewish trickery?

Oui vei


I don't get it.


Where do Koreans post?

gi la nok gi gak nyo ore duk lare buke denga pom mugo pesen dio doh lagu tu dae denga ngepek gak chung tubik ddulu lagi start muto pah ko tembok nga saing


Where is comfy suburb of Jakarta? Lot of cewek, cafe, activities, but not too macet

Here I vote for Shah Alam hands down


Hi! Is there any official Indonesian site where one can download history handbooks in Indonesian?

Flipbong BTFO

come back in 5 hours whittu man, it's sleeping time

Trump BTFO hillary according to polls post debate

Magandang umaga po!

>An /asean/ thread lasting more than a day
is it ded?

forgot pic

>those are the only polls out there
It's pretty unreliable really and that's cherry picking, it depends on who's polls you ask, just google who won and one sites will claim who's the winner

The only poll that says Hillary won is the CNN poll. Sorry Flipbong

Only the butthurt left wing media are parading this as a huge Clinton victory

Like your beloved cuck John Oliver

sys.Cred Forums.org/derefer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fbaltimoregazette.com%2Fclinton-received-debate-questions-week-debate%2F

Whatever makes you feel better Sakurahime


We are talking about the debate Flipbongo

*sniff sniff*

Enjoy being on Stomp

why would anyone want to read extremely biased indonesian history textbook

I like reading various history textbooks, plus I'm trying to learn Indonesian so children's textbooks would be perfect for me.

t. Chink
I bet your favorite ""unbiased"" book is made by western, Zhang.

I believe you can find it with searching "Sejarah Indonesia" with Google. I only have a book, but not an ebook.

not textbook but rather magazine


mediafire.com/file/smqsl3w6fv2c3cc/#001. Jasmerah Juni-Juli 2013.pdf

history related


nah, i prefer newer book untouched by suharto shills.
dont believe me? check newer history textbook of highschooler today

Terima kasih!

>newer history book
>touched by soeharto shill
Are you retard? Soeharto has shitty name in our nowadays history book. They don't cover based PELITA, and about sent students overseas program (Habibie was one of them). Today's era is made by Soekarno's shill, that's because Mega now becomes the president, eh.

learn to read famalam, you only repeating what i said

BTW, I already download it, maybe delete this post, I don't want you to have any legal problems or something like that. I'm not sure if it's a problem in Indonesia.

What's that? Google doesn't give anything.

Also - what do you think about this movie, have you seen it:
Soekarno: Indonesia Merdeka (2013)

nobody give a crap about piracy here, thats why creative industries in this country has gone into the shitter

OK, thanks one more time, some of these books look interesting.

no i haven't, the meme director is quite repulsive, being known to pull meme controversy and always trying too hard to be "deep" with his forced poetic dialog.
its fun to see him triggers the muslims though

So what historical movies from Indonesia would you recommend? Aside from this one, I can only find some ghost stories (I guess your people really like it) plus these two popular action movies - Raid

>hating pre-revolusi era President
I bet you're butthurt chink. Soeharto and Soekarno were far better than post-revolusi era President.

Rencana Pembangunan Lima Tahun. Soeharto's program when he became the president. That programs were quite good, but failed in the end because economy crisis in '98. This coming from my dad's friend who is businessman, he became rich when before economy crisis at '98 because '88 to '98 was easy to get money.

If you want less biased historical story. Try reading the pre-1945 history one.

Aha, thanks
>failed in the end because economy crisis in '98
But wasn't that crisis caused by some currency manipulations made by people like Soros? I don't think that your authorities could do anything in that case.

>hating pre-revolusi era President
wut, i said i prefer less biased info, how the fuck you jump into that conclusion

most of them are quite garbage, can't remember any good one.

Actually I couldn't even find any western movies related to Indonesia, there is only that one drama with Mel Gibson and that old actress who played some a man.

Yup. It was because of Soros. Then because his failed promise (he promised he wouldn't be president again at his sixth times at media, but his ""friend"" told him that his people still need him) and his dictator way that restrict democracy, March 98 tragedy happened. He's in the end quit after that tragedy.
So it's mixed between social and economy problem, the reason PELITA failed. Not failed in the term of its program, but more like failed at its implemented.

>prefer less biased info
>choose another biased info

>another biased info
you do understand what "less" mean? alright, less obvious then


there's look of silence and act of killing, but even that hasn't been able to reflect whats actually going on, too much pandering on communist.
our history is quite in the dark because of lack of legit documentation

>i choose the truth based on whatever i want to believe
just prepare for your school today

from one of articles
>Tesla adalah anak ke-4 dari 5 bersaudara. Ayahnya berprofesi sebagai pendeta Kristen Ortodoks Serbia
Tesla confirmed Serbian


>i don't have anything else to meme on, so i'll just shitpost
this is why i dont browse this shitty thread a lot

According to rules (reveal the national secret after 50 years), it should be 2019 until we find out the truth. But since our history is really biased depends on who is our leader, it will be more longer then.

>complaining about shitposting on shitposting image board

I checked these movies on IMDB, they look similar to many western documentaries about Pinochet's Chile

haven't seen that either, my problem with that movie is the failure to show the inevitability of heavy casualty regardless whoever should have won. it sacrificed the existing dilemma for the sake of good and evil potrayal

existing moral dilemma*
meme on memeboy

Well, as someone from a country that was occupied by the Soviets I can only say that communism is cancer. I don't know too much about that purge in Indonesia, but it could spare your country something much worse.

That justifies murder of 600000 civilians?

And Poland has a far, far better living standard than Indonesia, even communist Poland. You pszeks do not know what is real Asian poverty.

eventhough the communism has lost but the mentality of average indonesian are undeniably communist.
not radical and outspoken one but definitely makes it uncomfortable to own a business factors without involving local population (regionwise not ethnicity-wise).
also, there's tendency to blame those who are successful here

>also, there's tendency to blame those who are successful here
kek, just like Slavs
I guess you also think that Franco's victory wasn't beneficial for Spain. Also - I didn't wrote that I support any kind of radical purge, I only stated an objective fact that no communists means no communism, even if it was unethical.

>That justifies murder of 600000 civilians
no, but it wont make any difference otherwise, the situation is kill or be killed back then.
the point is not the integrity, but rather to survive, thats what happen in a newly established country, everyone want their idea to be implemented.
trust me, even if the communist has been free, the number of casualties wont be far off from current numbers.
its just newly born confused country stuff, it have to be evil, and yes, we were evil

no wonder you're never successful

>I didn't wrote
write, sry

>2.99 GPA

I'm fucked, aren't I

Damn, are you even a real Singaporean?

New thread