Why do the Asians stick with each other even though they usually despise each other in their respective lands?

Why do the Asians stick with each other even though they usually despise each other in their respective lands?

There some chinese and a japanese in my classroom at the university and they always stick with each other.

Do they feel threatened by whites? I'm an asian born in the west btw.

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china favors korean and japanese imports over western imports


Because everyone sees them as Chinks outside Asia.

Even though yellows hate each other, they have more faith with themselves over whitey and other shitskin subhumans.

We don't hate each other on personal levels
We just hate each other's country or government
And since Asians probably have things in common like culture, they hang out together

>I'm an asian born in the west btw.

Why don't you try hanging out with them and find out?

because white people are racists more or less.

The same reason Poles and Russians would probably stick together if they were dropped into a classroom full of sub-saharan niggers.

I'm an asian and I always talk with everyone without giving a single fuck, and whites do the same with me. So not really.

Well I went to the cafeteria with them but that would be a pretty awkward question. I mean, I can understand that the chinese can't speak english for shit and they might feel uneasy, but the japanese guy is actually pretty good (No kidding), and they can't speak with each other if not in English anyway.

the relationship of japan and china has lasted for over fucking 2000 years. we aint new. its not like amerisharts vs commies and something else like that.

japan has constantly been producing a bunch of chinkshit media like every kind of three kingdoms and any kind of myths fairly tales and historical shit of china as well. ive read/seen a dozen of them.

you asian immigrants in the west will never understand this sense and this is one of the reasons why those butthurt azn immigrants against japan blindly are pathetic.

What? You're the only one butthurt here.

Well then, you just gotta realise you don't fit into East Asian society but with your people cunt.

>go on an exchange year in Rome
>only speaks with Asian fellas


Are you originally related to the 3 nations in east asia? if not, you know why they wouldn't talk to whites and also you.

there are even gaps between those 3 in terms of relationship and culture so you thinking those foreign asian students not taking risk interacting with locals would talk to ya. thats a no.

I guess it's still a "bamboo roof's" fault if you don't bother to learn the language or make connections and then get shittier jobs than you're educated for.

First of all, it seems like you got the impression that I'm judging or something. I'm not.

Secondly, the jap guy actually talked to me and he was actually friendly as fuck. Considering the fact that I'm pretty much as western as it goes(At least attitudinally), I was still wondering why they almost always speak with no one but other asians. No need to be butthurt.

Whatever delusional shittalk you have here.
People are different.
They may be outgoing and enjoy interacting with new people and new culture.
Some might just stay in and take time alone to assimilate slowly.
Given the fact that they haven't been living in the country more than a year. It's baffling and tricky every time living in different country after familiarisation in their homeland. Not fucking everyone's goal is to soak everything like a sponge with foreigners and its culture.

coming down to conclusion, its all about different people with different purpose on a exchange student programme. If you see asian only talking to asian, they are just not bothered to learn the language and interact but have his own education in his schedule.

I don't have to state the obvious but you keep acting like boipucci
same thing happens here in korea with white or black guys unless those who come here are cucked koreaboos. they do the same like your guys in italy. okay dumbling?

t. Yellow man

Japan's right wingers always say that the rest of Asia should support Japan against the West but, what do you think they might say if you ask them why don't Japan support, let's say, Korea or China leading a fight against the West?

I dunno. well it's most likely that Japanese always stay with another Japanese, though.

>the rest of Asia should support Japan against the West
HUH? not against China?

what the fuck is your problem?

The only Asians who do that are the ones who grow up outside Asia. Like Asian Americans or something.

In Asia everyone pleads allegiance to their own country, it's not like Europe where everybody sees themselves as white European. For example Chinese don't see kinship with Japanese just because they're both East Asian with similar cultures. I never saw Chinese exchange students talk or hang out with Korean ones, for example. Our allegiance is to blood and country, not race.

^also, don't believe in people who say Asians have unity. They don't. Most fob Asians don't trust each other and dislike each other.

In my classmate they are all from Asia, but I guess it also have to do with the fact that there aren't any other japanese.

Got a real Grumpy Gus here boys.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Asians never developed a common religious bond. "We are all Christians" or "We all are all Muslims" that has united people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

this bitch has a bad attitude as well as his bad brain accepting wrong customs made by his delusional fucktalian or his externnal environment. Or it may not be just a custom its just him logically dumb.

Why does he fucking wonder when asian gather with asian but leave italian? Immature monkey shiposting because those asian don't behave like him probably.

Hey fucking inferior south asian monkey not everyone lives like you so dont wonder about exchange students keeping silence with italian.
They have got their own reasons and its a global social phenomenon.

During the 20th century, communism became a kind of weird "third" religion.

And there wasn't equality in Asia, it was just China dominating and imposing Sinitic culture on her smaller neighbors.

Le absolut madman.

Jokes on you, I'm a chink.

From what some Japanese said to me in Australia (most of the time forced to live in the same room) Italian are noisy and rudes, one Italian dude was bringing his gf in the room without asking and some other minor details. They hated him.

This is mostly chinese students on every country.

The other asians usually socialise with the rest but chinks mainland are notorious from keeping to themselves

There's also a lot of white students from other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, Brazil, heck, even the US. So it's not only about Italians.

whats your problem with south east asian?
t. SEA

Doesn't South Asian mean Indians, Pakistani, Bengalis and the such?

T.Korean international student who got bullied in America and never made any local friends.

wrong reading...

Japanese korean and Chinese have a strong respect/politeness/introverted culture, they also share the same food culture more or less. They have much more in common on these aspects than we will ever have with them.

If you told a chink he was the same race as a Jap, he'd probably stab you.

Actually I went on a programme in the UK for 6 months, I had my guardian and people with same status out of school to help me explore shit rural town and build relationship all together. Then suddenly your curious fucktooth people kept asking questions if I'm having problems just because I barely talk with people in the school. They put me with counsellor and one mate to help me keep up with the timetable. Fucking stoopid. I had to ask my guardian to say its wrong and its just people like this Italian judging me.

They're probably expats. I don't think a Chinese guy in China would feel any kinship with a Japanese. Nah, he probably only knows the propaganda he was fed by the CCP about WWII.


Sorry I deleted the post because I noticed that you were talking about the chinese' attitude towards the Japanese and not the other way around.

By the way, no, he's from Shinjuku and it's here only for a year.

I'm getting a super strong John Cho vibe here...

It was really funny because I didn't understand shits those red nose staffs say. Because I was used to American English at the time. Made the situation worse.

Ehh they're all like that but where I'm from the Korean students are the most cliquish. Most people quite dislike them for that.

>Chinese have a strong respect/politeness/introverted culture

OK but no it's wrong.
Native chineses can be many thing are many thing but polite isn't one of them

Koreans are well-known for forming cliques.

>Literally the most hated asian country by other asians

>muh propaganda is what makes Chinese dislike Japan

Mind explaining Korea then?

>trust me user, I know what Chinese in China are like because I am le expert

NewsFlash: Manners and tastes are different in different cultures.

I read some Chinese forum and talked to some Chinese and they view Nordic countries as more introverted than China.
I think you're talking about Japan, mr anime-pro.

>share the same food culture more or less

koreans don't like any nonkoreans

Chinese are definitely not introverted at all. Also Japanese introvertedness was traditionally a behavior of the upper class and when Europeans first got there in the mid-19th century, the commoners were incredibly loud, crude, and Neanderthal-like.

The Bowing culture is also present in Korea, I have been confirmed that Taiwanese were doing it sometimes. My friends were actually from Hong-Kong so it might differ with mainland China indeed.

Though they sort of have the same confucian studying culture so students would still be much more introverted than the rest of their population.
>when Europeans first got there in the mid-19th century, the commoners were incredibly loud, crude, and Neanderthal-like.
Lel. Source?

hes lying though

this the limit of Cred Forums and the reason sickens me each time

he doesnt even know about how chriscianity was there in the 16 century

>he doesnt even know about how chriscianity was there in the 16 century
Dude, they killed all of the Christians.

>nitpickin' cherrypickin' n shiiiit ignoring any consequence

you dont even have an argument, chang

Cred Forums is a purely shit board

Noodle good cereal bad


The upper class of Japan basically had to impose civilization on the masses so Westerners would consider Japan a respectable country and not barbaric.

They are like brothers with deeply hidden and buried family resentment. They have to meet and hang out sometimes despite that.

>t Lived in West Coast USA and hanged out with all type of Asians.

Seems doubtful. During WWII, the Japanese considered Chinese barbaric and subhuman.

Even without sources I would have believed him more than your butthurt reply.
Thanks. These particular links don't work for me but this one does

Ah it was one link. Lol I'm so dumb XD


>Chinese are definitely not introverted at all

Anyone who's ever visited China would attest to that.

>people spitting everywhere and yelling in their godforsaken screech monkey language
>the second they spot you, start pointing and yelling WIIIATT PEEEWWWWSONNN WIIIAATTT PEWWWSSSOOONNN

its more like a random reply for you gookchink immigrants

i dont expect any decent discussion on this shit board anymore

come here to literally only shitpost, Zhang.

traditionally chinese are more cultured than most people assume today, you can traces of it in non mainland chine country like taiwan, singapore, etc.

communism destroy people who attain and preserve chinese high culture and mannerism, the result is remaining chinese people having peasant mentality, even today rich mainlander mentality is still just an elevated form of peasant way

That's weird, as an Asian immigrant myself, when I first came to the US, I studied English and watched every American movie out there before and I had a nice American accent, when I first went to the high school, I sat next to the hot girls and I just straight up said "I'm new to this place, will one of you girls show me around town?". Now that I've been here for many years, I barely hung out with other Asians.

>itt: chinks getting buttdevastated

No crap, that's Russia today as well. The rich in Russia now are mostly bydlo who stole the country's resources in the 90s.

That's just nudity and not even that bad. Nudism is considered progressive today.
>Matthew Perry’s interpreter, Rev. S. Wells Williams, while generally a sympathetic observer of Japanese customs, nevertheless declared Japan the “most lewd” of “all the heathen nations” he had ever described.
"most lewd"XD
>transporting excrement (a valuable commodity) in uncovered buckets