Why does Poland advertise itself as a gateway into Europe for non-Europeans?

Why does Poland advertise itself as a gateway into Europe for non-Europeans?

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because they are poor as fuck

Poland is a well known shithole



Leave poland alone you hapa cunt

you can study here too if you like

Wow maybe if I study in Poland I can one day work in a hotel shaped like a tentacle dildo.


let's shit on Poland: the thread

One day we will shut your jewish mouths once and for all.

Education is free in Finland.

at least you will visit Europe

I don't see what's the problem,2bh

But you're a turk. We'very already been there and you admitted it.


People from here get Passports from Poland, an then go to more civilized countries


Nice meme. The only Finnish poster who posted his Finnish and Turkish passports here was born in Turkey to Finnish parents while his father worked there.

Implying they're jews.

It's a turk, a paki, another turk and here's the first jew I bet he ain't even a real one - just some russian faggot disapora/heritage fag.

Sure thing roach, I remember when you shitposted 2 weeks ago about Poland and slavs and went to a disapora thread and said you're a turk.

Eat shit.

pawel pls

Poland's nicer than Finland, I visited both a few summers ago. The locals average monthly income doesn't really mean anything when you're just there to visit, if anything it's better since it's cheaper.

That's not Poland doing the advertising, you dumbass

>implying it's not fake
Jew pls, before 39 jews had the highest number of people in prisons per capita in Poland. I know your tricks.

Of course it's not.

But they don't care, this is not a thread about what is and what is not, this is a thread by a butthurt turk in finland & co to bash Poland with memes.

there is literally nothing wrong with our Indian brothers

Because Poland is a very welcoming and tolerant country

So this why I've been seeing so much darkskins lately.

Like, yesterday I saw 2 of them. I'm afraid we're being invaded.


>krzywy dom w Sopocie

WTF Poland!