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fuck this guy


I just ate Kārums.




Dear Cred Forums

Today a very cute girl who is also very smart talked to me and showed interest. I didn't want to kill myself today.

That is all thx

*gets caught intentionally*
ur move m8

you sneaky bugger

youll catch the elusive lith this way

Lithuanians of /balt/, what do you think of "Laikykitės Ten" show?

It's 2016 come on!

literally who

it's OK I guess

t. tapinizmo propaguotojas

Haven't watched TV since 2008.

it's on youtube, not TV

is this virusinė rinkodara?

leave me alone

Oh. Well haven't watched it on youtube either.

It's not a TV show actually. It's airing on Youtube and it's getting funded by Patreon.

We 2016 now.

wilno nasze


Reconsidering my settling in Estonia if you guys are just gonna be overrun with niggers and arabs like everywhere else

Bravo Estonia

The last white country in the world will be Belarus, maybe Poland as well if they continue their hardline catholic-conservative politics. Everyone else is doomed.

>Learning Latvian

Thank god we have some words the same or I'd kill myself.

Wait what?
Whats going on?

No even one wants you here Bilel

Do it anyway

i always knew Estonia is our greatest ally

There's a fly in my room and it always comes to my monitor I shoo it away and it comes back 10 seconds later


After I speak it fluently.

Thanks Läti bro

what did the germans mean by this?

>Latvia and Estonia classified as nordic
>Lithuania classified as eastern baltic

hmmm its like the Germans are trying to tell us something

but I'm white. I just want to be with other white people.


I wonder if it's any good

Darbo partija



Holy shit I feel really depressed now

hello my friendos, how do i win over woman that is 7 years older than me?

just bee urself

why is our first lady ugly?

how old are you?

Because your president if half Russian and has according taste.


holy shit i kekd so hard xDDDDD

Everyone post your age

t. 22

in what? wrestling? kick her in the cunt

Anyone who isn't 20+ get the fuck out of here.

you can't
women hate younger men

going to an hero tomorrow


Unless they're rich.






kids /out/

Pooped twice today XD

27 and ready to fucking kill myself

good story

Estonian quality posts.

pls don't you mean world to me

still better than lithuanians

Thanks but ids too lade xDDD

*jams on u*


*Situb sulle suhu ja sa arvad et see on fudge xD*

hes still out there.. right?

No, he dead, amen. I killed him






Hahahaa, the best worst advice ever.

>be yourself
aka. a fucking autist neet on Cred Forums.

Be better user, fake it til you make it. Be someone and then better than him. git gud cyka.

Please don't post webms of me on here

Why are you into coprophagia? Are all estonians like this?


pls, theres like 10 or so Estonians, we are not the same.

I hoped to see that tank fall off

>Doesn't understand Estonian illustrative slang speech


>Dear readers: Please stop calling us ‘the media.’ There is no such thing.

American media everyone.



Why do people think I'm gay? I'm not gay so please stop calling me gay

I saw that you tried to make a joke but it wasn't funny, just gross. Poo is for the loo, Ivan, not for your mouth.


Suhu sittuma isn't literal. It comes from a movie Tulnukas Ehk Valdise Päästmine, which is like a second epic to Estonians. Please leave you know nothing

I'm messing with you. My goodwill to /balt/. I might have to find a subtitled version of that and watch it

should i buy or pirate windows?

/v4/ is ded, can we into /b4ntz/ ples?

Tra sa sitanikerdisest ameerika pekine türavari tahad pepunussi saada?

shit didn't want to reply lol

lapsed tuttu

Is that even a question?
You can't translate it. Most of the brilliant humour is only understood by Estonians


Torrent it and download KMSPico to activate it.

I really hate Russians and I am not sure what to do about it.
It's like if I know it's bad but I still can't stop.

Can't even tell what color is that

Türa ma sulle teen tuttu mu uneaeg on peale kella ühteteist nii et on veel aega korralikult pihku lüüa




I can't stop farting

please help


7 years until I can throw fireballs

dumb cunt

arba aš daltonikas arba šitas žemėlapis yra šūdinas

>i know its bad

its not bad

fuck russians

record and post

My farts are wet/silent ones and very stinky too.


are you shartican?

Yes, I'm actually American.


New pepe article.

what are you doing here?

>My farts are wet
so you are shitting your pants?

Farting obviously.

first time I've ever visited another general apart from /brit/

just want you all to know this thread is shit, your banter is weak and you should all die


sent ;)

very provocative post

brit? more like shit lmoa

ur mum didnt think so last night lmoa

fuck off brit shit nigger

kill yourself

Здpaвcтвyйтe :DDDDDD

>Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get

You are fucking dead kiddo

Filma “Ručs un Norie” ir stāsts par divu eksotisku pasauļu sastapšanos, kas uzšķiļ pārsteidzošu emocionālu un dvēselisku radniecību. Antropoloģijas maģistratūras studente Norie Tsuruta no Japānas ierodas Latvijā, lai pētītu un rakstītu savu maģistra darbu par suitu novadu. Te viņa satiek vienu no vecākajām suitu sievām Mariju Steimani, sauktu par Ruču, kura nezina ne vārda angliski, toties dzied. Norie iemācās latviešu valodu un dziesmas. Un antropoloģiskā interese pamazām pārvēršas patiesā gara tuvībā, kas neapdziest pat tad, kad Norie ir spiesta atgriezties Japānā. Turpmāk Latvija un Japāna ir saistītas ar neredzamu un ļoti personisku pavedienu – Ručs raizējas par Norie „tur, tālumā” un uztraucas par katru zemestrīci Japānā. Bet Norie sauc Ruču par savu Latvijas vecmāmiņu, vēlas atgriezties un savā dzimtenē iet uz futbola spēli latviešu tautastērpā un kopā ar draugiem sauc: „Sarauj, Latvija!”.

Zemeckis is GOAT director.

Made Forrest Gump, Back to the Future trilogy, Cast away.

all these newfags falling for that shitty bate
disgraceful you all should leave

all of those are shit though

Yeah I know
I like all of those movies t.bh



joke's on you, we're just following tradition

underrated post


>I'm sorry, Wilson. Wilson, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

>only 1 (you)



I'm a bad boy... with a lot of hoes :)

I bet I could beat every single one of (you) in a fistfight.

>there are virgins ITT

*shoots you*

>Don't worry Wilson, I'll do all the paddling. You just hang on.

good shooting boy *spanks you*

i fist ur mum xd




stop being insecure, faggot.

From now I will only masturbate during weekends.

i would rather not kiss you.

hmmm don't care


I'm a virgin. it is something to be proud of if you are unmarried.

that's right you only kiss me

Because hangover fap is only second best to hangover shit.


Married to my work

>I'm a virgin. it is something to be proud of

this, tbqh

>there are non virgins ITT
enjoy hell

I'd say it doesn't really matter one way or the other. Not like anyone's going to know anyway.

>Not like anyone's going to know anyway.

Oh they know, they know.

t. paranoid schizo

I always control, trick is to pretend I go down on her.

man i would pay a hefty amount of money to be a supervisor in a room designed to administer opinions rectally :DDD

How can they tell? I look like I could have gotten laid before and I have.

tell me about Latvia

you look like a fucking victim of child abuse lol

Lithuanians in denial

Shithole like your country.

How'd you arrive at that conclusion lad?

i read a lot ;)


I'm not a virgin, but it's easy to pick virgins out from the way they act/look in most cases.

Unkempt nails
Lack of eye contact
Sitting position
Virgin walk

Among other things that only non virgins notice about beta virgins.

>Virgin walk
wtf is a virgin walk? you walk across the road holding hands with your mum? :DDD

>Virgin walk


I'm virgin but none of those account for me
sometimes I even do staring contests with strangers
just don't know what virgin walk is supposed to be

I remember the first time and the hole isn't really in the middle, I was a dumbfuck. Way down below.

If you don't know what Virgo walk is then u a virgo

That's all bullshit and you know it.

>sometimes I even do staring contests with strangers
and then you wonder why are they all avoiding you

You walk around with your dick out, hoping a vagina will land on it.

Better than Lithuania

there's many more of course. and the non virgins sniff these traits out straight away, almost subconsciously you could say

I always win tho
haven't lost a single staring contest
I can hold it for more than 2min

>and then you wonder why are they all avoiding you
not that people avoid me but quite the opposite I'm avoiding people by not going outside or ignoring some invitations

Virgins always make me laugh will all the stories they tell themselves to why they are still virgins and to feel better about themselves.

If the individual is not ugly there's just no way to know. They could possess all those mannerisms and still have gotten laid, more likely than not in this day and age unless you're retarded of course.

How much? What is your monthly wage?Are they more like Russians or Estonians?

I'll be visiting Riga for a week

Being obsessed with others people's virginity is gay.

superstar virgins
here we go

but it's true
I'm actually avoiding people myself

Latvians are more like Russians
Even their language sounds Russian.

As I said there are exceptions, but those rules generally apply to a big percentage.

pictures of everybody who has posted his picture in /balt/:

uk dindu nuffin

fuck you baltic pigs and your australian lapdogs

dont listen to anything Lithuanians say, they literally steal tractors from us.

Monthly average wage is 850 euros bruto.

russians are russians. Latvians are Latvians. Estonians are Estonians. there is nothing "more like" or "less like"

where did you find all these pictures of me?

After tax average wage in Latvia is 623 euro. But they have prices on par with Estonia where average wage is over 900 euros.

checked ;)

I'd say your generalizing a fair bit there m8.

not all that much over 900. it's 930 to be precise

was actually expecting to see my face there haha

Is there a lot of things to do in Riga? Will I get treated badly if I'm a manlet?

Yeah same, I take very good care of my nails

Hello I am still looking for an eesti gf.

Is that why Estonians are coming over to buy alcohol? Is that why stuff is cheaper here than in Lithuania?

Literally fuck off you stealing nigger
no one gives a shit about your height,, plenty of stuff to do in Riga as well, just dont use any taxi except Baltic taxi

what the fuck is this pic and why do people reply to my posts outside this general with it?

some estonian spammed it on Cred Forums

Some autistic Estonian started posting on Cred Forums with this gif always next to it.

You will get scammed into oblivion.

There was frequent eesti poster on Cred Forums who would always post this gif. It was so prolific that it came to be associated with eesti. At one point it was referred to as poor eesti's only gif.

Eventually someone modified it to be the same colors as your beautiful flag, though I never saw the original eesti poster use it.

>Is that why stuff is cheaper here than in Lithuania?

This what Scatvians unironically believe.

Cred Forumsacks get out

>Is there a lot of things to do in Riga?
Why are you going there if you don't even know what you will do there?
Visit Vilnius instead.

>Actual individual consumption, abbreviated as AIC, refers to all goods and services actually consumed by households. It encompasses consumer goods and services purchased directly by households, as well as services provided by non-profit institutions and the government for individual consumption (e.g., health and education services). In international comparisons, the term is usually preferred over the narrower concept of household consumption, because the latter is influenced by the extent to which non-profit institutions and general government act as service providers.

we buy alcohol from latvia (valga/valka border crossing only afaik) because your alcohol taxes are lower. it's like 50% cheaper to buy from there. also: you don't have the 'container return price' on bottles/cans like we do.

which brings me to the question: what exactly are you doing with the containers? just throw them in the trash and not recycle at all?

i bet it's the same underage faggot who is getting banned for posting cp all the time
t. dynamic ip user

That's because you've grown to accept that you will never lose your virginity and it's a lost cause.

I will after I have secured an eesti gf.

That's funny because Finns always go to Estonia to purchase alcohol.

huh? people can return empty glass bottles in some places for cents if thats what you mean

but generally yes, into the trash it goes

>Is that why stuff is cheaper here than in Lithuania?
it's not

>just throw them in the trash and not recycle at all?

Small reminder that Lithuania was literally not a thing before ww2

>They still don't have Taromatai

I had at least couple of chances to be honest
ehh oh well if I'm still gonna be virgin by 30 then I will kill myself
9 years to go to fix this


yeah if they had a reasonable taxation system not a socialist vampiric one they wouldn't come here to buy booze. i guess it goes for us too.

we recycle the bulk of it. glass bottles, aluminium cans, plastic bottles.
keep up with keeping the environment clean ffs lads

I can avoid that
how are your women like?

>this technology hasn't reached Latvia yet

Estonia do something about it.

latvian women are the tallest in the world so you're entering a world of pain and humiliation xDDD

werent we like the 2nd greenest country a few years back?
they hate foreigners

>how are your women like?

I suppose that's a bad thing? Thankfully I won't be interacting only with Latvian women i tseems like

>we recycle the bulk of it. glass bottles, aluminium cans, plastic bottles.
>keep up with keeping the environment clean ffs lads
lol fucking faggot commies

>posts pic of our lord and savior
>post is about being as russian as possible

>werent we like the 2nd greenest country a few years back?
not at all

he's "latvian" what do you expect

how many potatoes does a latvian gf cost? maybe I should widen my net.

>implying environmentalism isn't communism in disguise
you're not fooling anyone

>how are your women like?
ugly 3d pigs

>how are your women like?
They are sick of fat/disgusting sex tourists.

I am neither fat and neither a sex tourist tho



but your a greasy manlet



and you are not latvian

do the men hate foreigners?

Is she the master baiter?

I am Greek

>women who shave off their eyebrows and then paint them on

I will never understand this

So... about that time to go to sleep and get a good nights rest before work tomorrow right guys?

yes, we all know Merkel is shit and not a p8riot

literally this
also that looks shitty as fuck



Eatonian and Latvian for comparison



depends on who you are and what are you intending to do here

t. man

>Latvians will never stop being insecure and butthurt

Feels good man.

any of you staying up for the trump/hillary debate tonight?

>Latvian is a slavic language


she is laiza mineli :DDD ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių ačių

how many potatoes does a latvian gf cost?

n-no! go to sleep 5am, get 3 hours sleep and go in late with a hangover more like xD

No, I have to get up for work tomorrow like a normal human being.

Good night, sleep well.

Want it or not but your next president will literally save Europe nations from self destruction after 8 years of obongonomics and promotion of sjw culture.

what time is it in our gmt+2?

turns out they arent for sale

they will scam you and tell you to fuck off

I was thinking about going to Piano Man bar to watch it live, but I figured i'd rather be at home right now.
Not sure whether I should go to sleep until the debates, or wait it out but be sleepy...

5 AM our time.

>I drive
>t. real human bean

Gonna be around 4am here, preshow starts at 2

Piano Man best bar, but why not watch it at home?

Have watched all of the republican primaries not gonna miss the main show.

ok so I should stick to eesti then. how about lithuania?


Go to Estonia, they're better at everything.

Bravo Estonia

shit. that's a bit too late for me. (the good)
maybe if i lay off the booze and pull an allnighter... (the bad)
or just continue drinking and go for whiskey at some point (the ugly)

decisions, decisions...

I'll probably stay at home and watch it.


you can fuck a dog and get the same pleasure as from fucking a lithuanian

that one estonian said their women are easy going though

I am french and I intend to live there.

>just continue drinking and go for whiskey at some point
do it


Wait I fucked up it's 4AM.

I guess that means only 2 hours until preshows.

made me laugh tbqh
learn the language and be a good go.. i mean boy and i have no beef with you

ok cool.

speaking of those shitty monthly wages you were talking about earlier, I'd pay that much to rent an eesti gf irl. :(

Is your anus always this sore?

Answer me seriously, no memes why are you so butthurt and what keeps your butthurt which keeps you going for months already as far as I remember.

I really wanna known where this insecurity stems from.

so lithuanians can randomly shit on us, but we cant do the same thing for no reason?

hmmm i wonder what does it feel like to be as butthurt as a lithuanian

ask a lithuanian

>shitty monthly wages
>average wages in a country

stream for later

You're saying that 900€/mo isn't shitty?


>Randomly shit on us. Read the thread from start to beginning almost always Latvians start it.

Not a single Lithuanian said anything about Latvia or mentioned it yet you keep posting your insecurities about Lithuania.

And when proven that you post false information you magically stop responding. Nothing that guy posted is false or insulting to Latvia he posted actual data of your wages and eurostat prices which show that you're or (other Latvian?) is wrong. So I ask again why are you so upset? Being angry all the time isn't good for your health. I have nothing against Latvians, but I don't know if it's you or other Latvians as well really try to make me hate them.

It definitely is.

t. that's my wage

thanks. hope you will come drink with me sometime.

900 after tax is more than enough to live comfy as a single man/woman and put aside some.

youre autistic

and not to forget last thread when that Latvian posted the gene map, not even 5 passed when a lithuanian shows up "lol latvians russians" "lol all lithuanians handsome latvians ugly"

just keep with the traditions and kill yourself

you sad fucks are always the ones starting shit and then complaining


>my shitty bait posts with anime pictures made someone angry
feels good man

as if latvians don't consistently shitpost about other balts. estonia being fundamentally unfuckwithable so it's cringy as hell and lithuania being pretty much on par with estonia so it's even more cringy.

get your shit together xDDD

Ok guise gonna go grab a few hours of sleep until debate starts

Can we stop ostracizing minorities itt? It really triggers me.

We're all one race; the baltic race.


he gets triggered on every second post
you have nothing to feel good about
wonder how he functions irl, tbqh

except russians and poles

mate, youre the triggered one at the moment though

>inb4 no u

>youre autistic

Not two posts into normal argument without butthurts and you can't keep acting and posting in non butthurt manner. I can link to previous /balt/ threads too and show Latvians starting too. I kinda actually feel sad for you that you get triggered by one anime autist. You should learn to ignore retards as people did with Mikoto and other weeb posters. But it actually seems that you want to get butthurt.

>b-boo h-hooo you said mean things
>pls stop only i can say m-mean things

hmm I wonder where azusa (latvian weeb poster?) person gone to
used to post lots of crap

Right now i read reviews about latvia from tourists, all that buthurt

Who are you quoting?

>get triggered
>call others autistic

>that inb4
that's cheating, you little shit

People stopped giving him attention so he left.

now youve done it





>replying to pedo*oto or a*usa
yeah. keep feeding the pedophiles with precious (You)s

literally can not get anymore retarded than that

the usual



Good posters deserve appreciation

very interesting
post more please

what does this mean

about what though

>tfw earbuds are broken

>what does this mean
It's the way of giving you a (you) without having to think of anything to say. It's not meant in a negative way; rather it is a sign of appreciation.


ok guys I gotta go pretend to work for a few hours. please let me know if any bf-seeking eestis show up while I'm gone, thanks.

a balt related story: my last earbuds were bought in latvia.


okay, that's it for the night.

>special subtitles for the talking fatso

See ya

>We do know that 9 million euros was given by Russia, through a Czech bank, to [French National Front leader] Marine Le Pen. We know that this is not an isolated case. This is happening elsewhere.
Based Putin

She looks like Limburger.

Daily reminder we had colonies

Biker mice from mars, watched this with russians when i was at hospital