Even if the border between Portugal and Spain is gone

No one would not care
I mean they can be integrated in peaceful way

They just need to use common national flag

Do you have a suggestion for their flag?

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wtf this

>Even if the border with Portugal is gone no one would notice.

True. That's why have been moving the border 'de a pocos' since 2010. One meter per month. You say that's nothing but in due time the border stones will be in the outskirts of Lisboa.

It's harder to do that with France because the French would notice the Pyrenees not being were they are supposed to be.

All attempts at integration have been all but peaceful.

Also, you'd get rid of the oldest European border.

Just like we did with Brazil :DD

why would you even care

To be fair, it does look weird on a map, geometrically.

It's not even a full north-south strip, just a little bit, like a snake head choking on a large mouse.

You need to see the topology to really get it. Portugal is much greener and wetter.

Portugal exported guns to us about 600 years ago. This change our history to more developed one.
So I wanna Portugal to get their happy days

Why would we be happier under the same roof as Spain? We don't care for their king or their language. Heck, even Catalunha wants to jump ship.

Iberia shouldn't lose its borders, but rather become a superstate with different regions governing themselves to some degree (like in the US more or less)

>let spain annex you and evaporate your culture
>that will make you happy!

cataluña, pais vasco....

getting away from us was your smartest move ever.

Its has been gone for decades, we both are members of the Schengen Area.

To be fair, OP didn't state that this hipothetic country wouldn't be Portugal+ rather than Spain+.

But still, I wouldn't want Spain or Spaniards to cease existing. They can keep their language and culture. There's not enough bacalhau for both countries and we wouldn't want to manage so many people.

Also this. The only thing the border affects is the clock and how many random i's you put in the middle of the words.

Can the Portuguese and Spanish understand each other when speaking their native tongue?

Or is it like a Chinaman and Japman trying to have a conversation? Neither knows wtf the other is saying.


I think Japanese people prefer eating Iberia cuisine to other European cuisine seriously
You really have nice one

We already have a flag for the Iberian union, designed by the Catalan Sinibaldo de Mas i Sans. Can't post pics right now but look it up.
There are also political parties in both countries who want the union

Never meet a Portuguese but Portuguese and Spanish are both Romance languages while Japanese and Chinese are unrelated.

Seriously we can't understand what Chinese people say even if we can speak Chinese language

Usually only works in the Portuguese->Spanish direction. We can understand them, they can't understand us.

Spanish is open-voweled and syllable-timed, which is easier to grasp for a closed-voweled stress-timed language speaker.

Also a lot of the words change. Galician is closer to Portuguese, but still has a castillian accent.

Written language is similar enough to work both ways.

Ugly flag. Looks like those old Lego sets colour palette. Not that our current one is particularly pretty.

Also, there are no major political parties (>5% voters) wanting a Union on this side. I don't even think the meme ones do, to be honest.

Why was Spain so hellbent to attack us in Rocroi and attack Britain with "invincible Armada" when smaller fry was near?

The only to unify them is if one country dominate the other like Prussia did in Germany.

Peacefull integration will only bring disaster like in Yugoslavia

Cause memes.

Why the fuck do you think they havent tried before?Are you retarded?Portugal was never interested in conquering spain unlike france and england(even though we tried)

And call that the united States of Andalusia, just to mess with the burgers

Asturias would be less shameful than Andalusia.

We can read each others, but talking is another history, the accent and all. I can grasp what are they talking about and understand 1/3 words more or less. Apart of my grandad I never met a Portuguse. Heck, I met a lot more Brasilians than portubros.

Doesn't matter, the acronym just has to be USA

Agreed. I think an Iberian unions would be cool, we can unshakkle the disastrous Castilian influence and let the other countries there prosper. A more vital Asturian/cantabrian culture, or the Aragonese getting they own for a change would be cool. If Valencia throws his cultural cuckiness a bit more and we Catalans stop being such snowflakes and purge our politicians and streamline burocracy we could have a cool country.

Cantabria es Castilla

No way, they are way cooler and never conquered. Castilla is the son of Asturias, cantabria and Basques, plus the mozarabs and locals christians plus a bit of moorish culture, while the Cantabrians were the last tribe to be conquerd be the Romans , were never totally conquered be the Visigoths or the Moors, like the Asturians, even when the Moors ravaged them for hundreds of years they never stoped Fighting or resisting, like the Basques. Shame they have so few Children and they culture is dying and being absorved into the whole, we don't even have tipical sterotypes about them in Catalunya because they are nearly never talked about (apart of Fabada, Sidra or Sardinas people tend to know jackshit about them).



If they united, it would just be like the Welsh, Scots, and Irish with the British. More people would speak Castillian, but you would have a shitload of pocket communities where people rightfully sticks to their national language.

This. It's a matter of time.

There aren't here either as far as I know, dunno what he's talking about. It's been a whole year of elections in Spain and not even once I've heard any politician talking about Portugal, let alone unite with it.

Portugal was already ours when both those events happened, and before someone jumps saying it doesn't count because we "inherited it" I'll add we had to conquer it for the inheritance to mean shit.

Written is easy but they have a very strong accent. Brazilians are easier to understand.