Brb, moving to Malta

Brb, moving to Malta

Polan best

>too degenerate for terrorism

>Yes, we SHOULD bomb Fiji!
Said no terrorist ever

>all with low amount of muslims
Really makes the brain cells send impulses

>not having a low terrorism risk


no Luxemburg?

Yeah, but would you go there and face the Machete instead?

Too close to Belgium

not having a low terrorism risk


Only terror there is AIDS

why isn't Niue there?

Global Warming is the terrorist

meant to reply to

Not a country

Malta is Arabic

Good. Then you will have no trouble living there then.

>costa rica
sounds dangerous tbqh

>tfw the closest thing we got to a terrorist attack was that Dutch idiot from Cred Forums


Hey, just be glad Jurassic Park wasn't real or else you'd be having Pterodactyls flying above you

Semitic with extremely heavy Greco-Latin admixture, both and linguistically.

Culturally they're completely Greco-Latin.

They're not "arabic"

>both and linguistically.
both genetically and linguistically*