>tfw no BBC mummy gf

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>105F (40.5C)
I'm melting lads
Send your most qt women to fan my fat ass

>my ancestors were too pussy to travel across the ocean to the new world and instead stayed put on our shitty little island



Don't you dare ever fucking post my ma again

>korean pop
what's that then?

Keeping on the subject

Why is she so perfect?

*tells daddy*

No one but other dumb fucking yanks uses fahrenheit
Don't you EVER use it in this general again

cause todays a good day
*magistral autotuned singing*

Need a job that is interesting lads


buying the new eatbrain ep off the 'port

My dad left the UK after ww2

Told janny

Other way around, the Irish who stayed where the real hardmen as they survived famine and war

I'm on runt patrol.

>I took the time to convert it to your shitty meme measurement and you're still ungrateful



>come on user, there's room for one more
>why are you so shy?

Become an engineer like every other German

>I want to build bridges and make things!
>ahh yes standing in front of this CNC machine every day is great


>the Irish who stayed where the real hardmen

your dad? what are you like 50?

nan called Corbyn "bennite scum"

July and August were really a high point in my personal life and career wise. Trying to get that fire back in October.

Is it normal for your cum to burn when it makes contact with skin?

Am I an alien?

Post more June




VERY important poll


trap and bath do NOT have the same vowel sound in them

*creates dinner*

How fucking old are you gramps

I'd put my willy in her tummy button

that feel when no trap girlfriend to be quite honest

imagine being japanese

There's literally nothing gay about sucking a tranny's penis


I always think about this video whenever I talk to an australian

>Am I an alien?
No. You are just sterile. Sorry mate :(

Get out of my bathroom you utter lardo you're here to teach me the secret to your Scottish shortbread recipe not fail to seduce me

me on the right

>big black cock mummy gf
what did he mean by this?

Why the fuck does every politician get their own ideological name

No one is going around calling people Abbottites or Turnbullites here

Who's the black girl on the left?

There isn't a single TV weatherwoman I wouldn't breed.

Why have you started coming to /brit/? Did you wake up one morning and become a britboo?


Glad I didn't fall for the engineering meme

lmfao my dad got absolutely smashed at the pub last night, starting singing his heart out with his old commie mates, look at the state of him!



If you answered "No" you might just be retarded

still would without question

not everyone does

it's just the ones who have a cult

blair cult - blairites
corbyn cult - corbynites

democracy and youtube both have you right on this

have been pronunciating it wrong alll my life desu

do something related to something you like

so if drugs were legalised tomorrow would Peter Hitchens suddenly have no problem with them?


it does if you come from Kent but not if you come from Sussex.

She's fucking fit ngl
ranvir singh, has a great body

Not what your ma said when I have her face 3rd degree burns ye filthy paki skiprat

>tfw no qt brexit gf

Tone never came up with his own political ideology, he's just a neo-con/neo-liberal lap dog

a) That's not America
b) That looks glorious

probably because, being as mentally deviant as they are, are more likely to visit a cesspool such as this place and as such, generally has a greater awareness of the nature of the internet than the majority of the population
therefore it follows that when uploading such images of themselves to the internet, they take more precaution when doing so, as they are likely experienced with the consequences of not protecting one's identity, as letting their kinks get out to their family/friends will probably bring quite a lot of shame to them

or they can't pass lel

just made plans with a solid 8/10

honestly idk how I did it

Why do all girls have this meme handwriting?

t. shite

>She's fucking fit ngl
>Fucking a T*rk

By far the fartest general on Cred Forums, I also like to talk with likeminded people when I'm feeling depressed and /brit/ is always depressed. Not particularly a britboo, except for football.

Been getting into flat chested girls recently, I don't know why tiny tits look so good to me all of a sudden

all i like to do is eat, drink, look at buildings, ride on trains and listen to house music

Ewww nigga you gay

Northern spastics BTFO

Seriously though, isn't if kind of shameful your ancestors were too pussy to leave home and go on an adventure to places never seen before?


Most of these -ites, at least those in the same party, are barely any different from each other lad with a few exceptions


find yourself hobbies. maybe you'll like something so much that you'd like to work in that field

Did my mother get pregnant? No.
Sorry you'll never have a child mate :(


just made another delicious Aeropress™ coffee

Good taste. She's perfect.

excellent post

would like the mongs who voted "No" to explain how they pronounce it so I can laugh at them

t. never left bumfuck nowheresville Canucktown

is it the same with troll?

wanna know if this is regional or if im retarded

Juncker is literally a Bond villain, he even does the whole "reveal my whole elaborate plan before I kill you" trope.

Cause I burnt her uterus to bits with my highly acidic cum mate best ride of her life she says


you can tell someones personality by their handwriting

Who do you support?

The "so-called" gf has A cups and they're very pretty looking, not much to play with however

Most of my ancestors didn't get a choice on whether they wanted to come explore this vast new land haha

Wait how do Northerners pronounce coal and toll?

Have never been north of Coventry tbqh.

>tfw no blairite gf

liking small tits is an early sign that you're a bender


Toll, coal and troll ALL rhyme

americans say troll like coal

nonce poll


Love how wrinkles can make a woman even fitter

alri nova scotia lad haha

>The most notable captive was Guðríður Símonardóttir. She was sold as a concubine in Ottoman Algeria and was among the few Icelandic who were redeemed nearly a decade later by King Christian IV of Denmark. She returned pregnant to Iceland and known for having later married Hallgrímur Pétursson, who became a Lutheran minister and one of Iceland's most famous poets.
Ahmed my long lost son. Come home.

>Eating a pack of watsits then wanking odd with your cheesy fingers

I'm a mentalist

Coal is pronounced the same, but Toll/troll is a bit shorter

don't know how to explain it because I'm not a linguist

Would heem the little runt in the middle

call me a nonce if you want but I don't think having sex with a 14 yo is noncing. she's already mature enough to say no

nonces will call the "no" voters bent

LCFC, obviously

What about an Algerian team?

>he doesn't like small tits
lol, what are you, gay?

What was the point of this post mate?

chuck a sexually aggressive housewife my way lads

14, no
15, yes, since that's legal in most European countries.

have you ever interacted with a 14 year old? they are children

don't think that's his argument pal


6 nonces in denial so far

as of writing this there are 3 confirmed pakis in this thread


You might be mentally delayed yourself if you think 14 year olds are mentally matured

refuse to believe you madcunts

will NOT be pronouncing toll toal anytime soon

>spread small-tit-loving-noncery propaganda
>more big tittied girls for me

This one en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NA_Hussein_Dey

They are

Left one has better legs but right one has a better arse

Anyone care for one of these? What do you call them again?

got a butt plug in

Really annoying me how every torrent site is blocked



Have a listen you northern spacker

>has a player from Gabon
>mfw I've never heard of Gabon in my life

Prof is letting the lecture go beyond the allotted time slot and I'm going to miss my train REEEEEE

Just use a proxy nigga

im not northern you mad twat im southwest

hope it's a big one

>His ISP blocks sites

You probably should've just went along with being northern, it's less embarrassing


Pronounced scon too.

mmhmm ;3

mature enough to have control over their bodies. and it's not noncing if it's consensual

>australia chatting shit about someone else's internet connection


The words of a nonce.

Get him janny


this is how i pronounce toll
just without death in front of it

>paki infested post industrial wasteland
>glorious comfy white person place

>it's a girl randomly stops talking halfway through a conversation on whatsapp episode

ahh yes love these

Ah that's just a private joke with the icelandic poster. The joke is that he is the descendant of an icelandic slave in algeria who was saved while pregnant from an algerian man and thus that the poster is a long lost algerian called ahmed. It was a pretty good joke desu but you had to be there.
Actually I can do it for you too en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sack_of_Baltimore
Athman my long lost brother, come home!

cant be arsed to maintain a good ratio.

Wasn't really, just the ISPs being massive cucks
No sites are blocked, no letters recieved after well over a decade of torrenting

Im so lonely im gonna drink the rest of this vodka

bread n' nut bake

What do brits learn about in their history classes? They were knights and shit? Learning about Canadian history is boring.

jamaal probably arrived

I use to rely on Kickass, now I don' know what to do ;____________;

Exciting match in 8 bings lads

Who do you have your money on?


as in gone

>well over a decade of torrenting
so a couple of YIFY films?

I don't think that's a north-south thing lad

At the Labour Conference lads AMA (other than personal details).

Highlights so far

>Seeing Owen Jones get in the way of a woman in a wheelchair
>See Jeremy Corbyn burst into a place I was at and give a rambling speech
>Having a piss next to John Prescott who looks very ill
>Seeing Dianne Abbott having a pizza

>girl that was in my class on my apprenticeship is pregnant now

ahh yes

She's fit but her boyfriend looks like a complete mong, lucky cunt.


good post

>brits play football with their feet


Never heard of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? He plays for the Gabon NT.
We had Nicholas Anelka as an assistant manager too.

war of the roses, world war 1, world war 2... umm that's all i remember

Need to see her face

don't pronounce scone as scon or scowne

pronounce it as scoon

I'm from newcastle btw

Stuart Bingham

>Steve1989 MREinfo has uploaded 5 videos at once

well that's my evening sorted

ah yes. pokemon go streaming in central park at night, couldn't go wrong


Just chickened out of shaving my head. M-maybe next time

Do people genuinely believe Corbyn can win or do they just not give a fuck?


i've got quite a few, want to judge your taste


cant imagine living like this

I thought obamayang was just 'German' kek

made diner

Letting out some proper wrongen farts lads

Do middle easterners genuinely like it when Europeans hate them?

Did you watch the darts this weekend?

Didn't know they were /brit/. youtube.com/watch?v=tKjZuykKY1I
Good song desu.

>Computer, create a copy of Councillor Troi with 5x regular strength
>Computer, give her a collection of sexual devices, primarily dildos, ranging in length from 4 to 20 inches
>Computer, modify this Councilor Troi's sexual preferences to include sadism and violence
>Computer, restrain me in a device capable of repositioning me to Troi's will.
>Disengage ALL safety protocols

Pretty much this.
We learned about anglos and saxons and boudicca and King Henry VIII too

youtube.com/watch?v=rmmIs3P2aQo good song lads. makes me a bit melancholic

> at uni
> hear a yank accent

do you say yohgurt or yoghurt lads?

Canadian war of independence

He's a great lad, quite relaxing watching him open the MREs

excellent post

If you played Pokemon go, you are an utter runt

now troi i can get into

2, 1

Don't know. Ask a middle-easterner.

just got diagnosed with depression laddies

4d3d3d3 engaged

The deluded Corbyn supporters are all smelly students and scruffy people so they couldn't afford to stay in Liverpool / buya conference pass.

Pretty much everybody thinks he's gonna lose though.

I was at somewhere where he randomly showed up and started giving a rambling speech (literally started spewing on about migrants and how calling them names doesn't build hospitals or something) and loads of MPs were just shaking their heads.

Nah I was busy. Did you?

This girl just requested intercourse to bring her to climax with the clinical efficiency of the assassination of Bin Laden

>left one has better legs

you're kidding, right?

took you long enough

So how did he get a majority of votes?

on tablets for it?

Taking the train to Spain in the rain

on tablets for it now

-oghurt, the Y is silent isn't it?

Most of Corbyns votes were from older people lad

Naw I just saw it going through my twitter feed

yeah, gotta take one now actually

the french army has such nice looking rations

>Leafs not being autistic and actually making good posts
When did this happen?

Because not everybody who votes can afford to attend conference?

Yes, old people cn still be poor, smelly and scruffy.

On that note, what shithole Liverpool is.

I thought it was mainly old people nostalgic for the 70s union shit who still haven't let go over Thatcher.

all me

now tayne I can get into

Oh yes and he received a majority of votes from MPs as well IIRC

Think you're the deluded one la

on thebus

jaja no manches

molly water flowing in

who else /hyped for the debate tonight/?

Don't say that ever again

*Unsheathes Nodachi*

REALLY enjoying how class conscious my mum is.

My uncle (mum's younger brother) married a northern woman from a working class background. Nice enough lady, but my mum could never get over her "ghastly" accent and treats her very coldly.

Anyway they've had a son (my cousin) and he learned to speak a bit like his mum. My mother was horrified, repeatedly saying she feels sorry for the lad.

The kid is now 16 and after three years of public school he doesn't sound the least bit northern anymore.

And my mum won't shut up about how happy she is that "Ollie finally learned to speak like a human being!"


gagging for some fanny

*pushes you*


the rice

Sounds like Hyacinth Bucket.


your mum sounds like a horrible person. fuck her hope she dies of cancer bourgeois cunt


Shan't be bestowing my eyes upon this.

Explain the name of this place and the presence of chains around the sign hombre

Imagine if you left the flash on your camera

ate a girls arse last night. absolutely loved it

>Majority of votes from MPs

He literally took his own party to the high court because he couldn't get 25 MPs to back him again because he's that shit.

Stop talking rubbish.

There were lots like that, but there's loads of people barely 18 runnign round with CORBYN plastered across their t shirt.


might execute your mum in the revolution

eh thats a handbag

read THREE words of this then desisted

A wud absolute-lih leather yuh mam if a saw her in real life


lets be honest here

trump will embarrass himself tonight

but nobody will care because fuck hillary

cant stop thinking about how good it feels to get drunk and slide into a cute girls wet fanny and hearing her gasp

yank ate my arse last night.

keep supplying the cat images and I'll keep saving them

Smelly students are always funny, majority aren't even working class. If they knew what working class people actually wanted they'd be horrified.

>that slag on the right

bet you think I read this
guess again runt

Best dog breed

Do you think that May will stand down at 2020 or will she opt for the easy election win?

Might do another diarrhea lads

Might not

good lad

>fuck hillary
haha after you mate

radiohead is shit

do not


honestly dislike this wench

>Not owning one of these majestic creatures

haha wants he doing lad

what is this, post obvious things edition?

v good post

Post good songs by a /brit/ band who could never produce anything that good after it
e.g. youtube.com/watch?v=jkaMiaRLgvY

it baffles me that people like him

here's one for you


his dregs look like some dirty snow


16yo fanny?

>pure breeds


Ulver made 3 good black metal albums then turned to nerdy shite


Replied "they're a bit reddit for my taste" to someone irl when they asked me if I liked radiohead

They just knew what I meant straight away ;/

im not saving that image

i dont like it. its a shit reaction image. dont post it again.



kek gino is genuinely pissed off


>be very depressed
>muster up the courage to get a gf
>think it will heal my depression
>now have gf and sex 3-5 times a week
>still depressed

ah yes, so-called 'life'

>mfw tim is getting evicted very soon

Ahh yes, normie 'dancing'


Wish I could kill the Rocket League devs.

neeed some comfy kinos to watch

Right one has no proper calf definition but has better thighs, the left one's thighs are flabby.

I'm a calf man though so left wins


he's long dead, friendo

he's here boys heads down

What in Christs name is this shite

Wouldn't you like to know

do one poleaboo

that's old news

I thought Pakiboo was turning into a fat chick?

ecce homo no homo

proper miss watching gmtv everyday before school, keith chegwin shouting an banging on some poor cunts door while hes trying to have a shit


that's vinay you idiot

ah yes

>dads a fat cunt so gets hot easy
>has the door open all day even when it's blowing like fuck
>always cold as fuck in my room
>complains whenever I turn the heating on because he gets too hot
>put it on at night and he wakes up saying he can't breath lol

Gonna be fucking frozen come winter.

imagine being in the french army and eating literal gourmet food every single day

That's his da


check out this fucking girl

s16.postimg org/kg4foihp1/1433712193294_1.jpg
s16.postimg org/kg4foihp1/1433712193294_1.jpg


>self-entitled manbaby is mad his dad is doing what he wants in his own home.

dont care. cry more runt.

Am I autistic for finding dancing cringey?


looks so tasty


>v1 format? me? fie, good heavens NO

woops doubleposted
s12.postimg org/avgyn1prx/1433722715392_1.jpg




Why shouldn't I hate British people?

Why do I find the need to hold my breath when one walks by?

Why do I have to check their privilege internally for them?

shut up, cunt



Would not say no

>literally wipes their arse with their hands

ah yes, so-called "reddit"


The GF just posted a selfie with her tits half-out and a Marilyn Monroe quote

gf doesn't like black metal might bin her

business idea: sell french army rations in shops

doing a sneaky new

no it is
the idea of dancing makes me sick

the closest thing I do to dancing is jumping up and down and swinging my hair in circles at a metal concert.

Other things my mum did or does:

- Told me and my sister that we will be disinherited if we get together with a non-white
- Addresses my dad (her husband) exclusively by his last name
- Believes Harold Wilson was the worst PM in British history
- Uses "PAKISTANIS" as a catch-all term for non-native Britons and immigrants

Post it lad

the future of the strongest nation on earth is in the hands of these people

anyone going to stay for the presidential debate? quite interested but I'm at college tomorrow so I'll feel a right cunt if its boring

There was a bloke squatting for a poo next to a main road in Morocco when I was there