Why are brits so attractive?

Why are brits so attractive?



oi m8 we be saxons n shite XD

t. Polack who was sent back to Poland.

all the good genes died in their wars

t. ethnic and very white Frenchman

cos they're butifel inside


I'm not an ethnic French. France is an artificial country.

Nobody in the UK has any idea who the fuck that guy is.

i wonder why

delet fgt

whoaaa, really made me think

you brits try especially hard to convince everyone of this on Cred Forums. it's a lie and no one cares


>it's a lie

>let me tell you about who people in your country know

It's really not, he did a radio show called Political Animal that completely flopped then emigrated to the US to write for the Daily Show, he hasn't lived in the UK for over a decade.

he looks very semitic, almost indian like on this picture.

are anglos in britburkastan like him?

Brits are slavs

This argument is fucking shit nigel.

im not denying he was popular in the uk. but dont pretend like uk citizens are not aware of his super popular show.

>Nobody in the UK has any idea who the fuck that guy is.
I think you just proved his point that this statement is incorrect, though.

Much of their political, economical and financial elites are merchants, and I'm not even saying that in a Cred Forums way