Why in God's name do Nordics put cheese on coffee?

Why in God's name do Nordics put cheese on coffee?

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You guys don't?

Of course we fucking don't

So you're saying other peoples do not?


leipajuusto is good, but I can't imagine putting it in coffee desu

I have never seen or heard of anyone doing this.

We don't.

fucking uncivilized barbarians
can't you understand that cheese and coffee are made for each other?

apparently it is not a Nordic thing, but a Finnish thing

thats not coffee, look at the picture. you cant be that retarded. please reply and tell me that you are not that retarded. please

Yanks put butter in coffee


sounds /comfy/ as fuck, would try/10

You do?

I don't know how widely available it is outside of the upper midwest, but carr valley makes leipajuusto. look for bread cheese

look at the composition of the brown thing, its not even liquid. thats not coffee

>the package itself orders you to dip it in your coffee


I think only Laplanders put it in coffee
I always just eat leipäjuusto straight or with some jam, never seen anyone just drop it in coffee

dude wtf

you do

>Have population of 5mil
>Have 100k Sami
>We get blamed for their wisdom

>it's a Canadians pretend they aren't Yanks who eat poutine thread

we aren't, Kraut

My mom does that. It is actually pretty good.
You can also do it with chocolate milk, that shit is deluxe.

>putting dairy products in coffee/tea

pretty normal all over the world


It's only a fatass thing to do if you're a fatass. If you're a normal weight and use up alot of energy and you need the calories it's a pretty sensible thing to do.

>but tea/coffee should be black

That's fine, but nothing wrong with this sometimes

>but tea/coffee shoould be sweet

die 2bh

I've never put it in coffee since I don't like coffee. I've just sauteed it in some butter and eaten it like that, mixed it with like a breakfast hash, and had it on a burger

it's just like cheese curds desu. nice and mild. when sauteed in butter it tastes really similar to a grilled cheese sandwich

Why don't they put biscuits in their coffee like normal people?
Why they do that?

It's... Heresy.

wtf thats pig disgusting

i drink löfbergs lila with some milk

Bulletproof coffee is a thing, but cheese? Wew.

Fucking lard shits

fucking nasty

>"We met a Sami couple in a cozy warm hut on the museum compound and they offered coffee with coffee cheese."

26,613,000 people

107,341 people

My grandfather eats baguette with jam dipped in red wine every morning.

Nothing wrong with that

Colombians do the same

ikr I tried and it's delicious but I always found that pretty weird.

i soak sandwiches in the coffee, delicioous

You'r grandpa is an alcoholic person, but he is french so is fine, my granpa used to drink red wine + toasted flour+ egg + sugar

We stick to mixing moonshine and coffee

Yeah he drinks A LOT of wine.
Suprisingly he still hasn't had any health problem related to that. That's French genes for you I guess.

>adding cheese or butter in your coffee

>not adding both

>drinking the caffinated jew in the first place

That is the most french breakfast I could possibly imagine. 10/10.

>toasted flour


Is gofio in english I think, is a chilean thing for alcoholic people, some people eat it with watermelons


We put cheese in tea sometimes.

t. Greek Cypriot

I'm trying it now lads

I have no idea what the cheese is supposed to be so I am using some hard goat cheese

wish me luck

the cheese used is closer to cheese curds. it doesn't melt when heated

I'll have to experiment.

coffee with goat cheese in it: tastes like coffee that you dipped a goat's stinky tit in

goat cheese with coffee soaked into it: breddy good, tastes like goat cheese with some of the goat flavor removed


fucking sami..

That's a cute girl you're posting.

>turksmell comes into a thread about sami coffee and posts "wtf"

why is this so funny

Thanks! I love her a lot!