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My name is Adolf Hitler

What do you think my future looks like?

friendly reminder that if you consider yourself a part of the "alt-right" you are pathetic and you are just as bad if not worse than the ess jay dubya boogeymen you claim to be fighting against

Japanese animation

Something happen with Corbyn this week?

what a shit op

what is boipucci?

wanna cum in a girl and make babies lads



is it really normal to have sex in the dark

uni is fun desu


If you're a dork

muh boy pucci

maybe shes waiting for you to ask her out?


I only have sex in the moonlight lads

bit gay lad

i dropped the ball and now i'm out of the game


its overrated
t. done that

>Joke's on her: I'm blonde, blue-eyed and a white supremacist who wants to build a battleship with the express interest of sinking migrant boats.

why does she have monolid?

Has she been asked for nudes before?


yeah he stormed the beer hall in munich and proclaimed a germanic caliphate to ban ki moon

>friendly reminder that if you consider yourself a part of the "alt-right" you are pathetic and you are just as bad if not worse than the ess jay dubya boogeymen you claim to be fighting against

>not up for dispensing noodz
yo what the f

>Ahhh yes, maybe if I pretend I'm in high demand people will somehow be fooled into thinking I actually ever get asked for nudes.


If I wanna sit in and drink super tennents in the day I will, no one's gonna fucking tell me jack

ask her for nudes


Pirate scumbags

need a 6/10 gf with no motivation or ambition who wants to sit in and eat crisps and watch films every night

haha lads just remembered when I was at uni and I shagged one of my female housemate's friends and she told her I had a massive willy and then all my female housemates knew I had a massive willy haha

hmmm the rash is intensifying as it gets closer to your nob

hats and subcultures:

alt right - fedora
antifa - beret
radical centrist - thinking cap

think i unmatched her right away swipe right to every women and all that

lol my last fuck buddy always made us have sex in the dark with no lights at all

you think it was cause she was ashamed of me, or that she was self conscious

post your sombrero

How big is your willy?

good lad, that'll show em

although karpackie 9 is better if you want to loose kidney function in under a week

porque no los dos

postea sombrero porfi

I'm basically that, except male

MI6 is here

im bedfordshire

hire me

mums been drinking and I called her fat and now she's getting aggressive


let me at em



>"It was me Bond, the author of Olivia Payne"
What the fuck were they thinking?

The MI6 wants to see my sombrero

don't link news. let them find it. keep the runts out


so it says here on your loan application that you need "several million" to purchase, refurbish and crew an antique battlecruiser in order to "blast those fuckin pakis out of the water"
Care to explain what sort of investment potential you see in this?

unless you were having sex publicly I don't see how her being ashamed of you comes into the equation

thinkin bout stuff


7" x 5.5"

buying a honda civic

im having illegal thoughts

maybe i should've said not that attracted to me

more like frying pan sexual


Like How The Fuck Do You Die In A Fire At Sea Like Nigga Just Jump Out The Window You're Surrounded By Water Lmao

don't get this gimmick


well yeah, we're ten a penny

need one in slag format

how long have you been waiting to use that one mate?

gonna need her to punch me in the abdomen after I make a daring pass at her whilst playing cards against humanity on the thursday of freshers week in front of everyone else on our halls floor


post more


Had bigger

probably unlikely because girls can always find someone more attractive, especially for a fuck buddy


me and the bf

perfect time to shag her lad

*places my bollocks between her bicep and forearm*


suck ya mum pierre

This picture isn't an exaggeration.

She's literally a refrigerator

Drumpf will lose

>tfw youll never live in NANtucket.

just phuck my chit up pham

don't want in "slag format"
want a nice girl who isn't materialistic or superficial, non-judgemental and happy with who I am

Just shaved my head. Not to happy with the result tbph

He does not know that /Brit/ has MI6 agents here

>she has a more manly figure than me

Sun readers are the salt of the earth. Your traditional sturdy, good old racist and homophobic, trusty and loyal, dependable, steadfast and true, Olde English yeomen, strong in the arm and thick in the 'ead. The very tradesmen and cannon-fodder wot made Britain Great. Fact. God Bless em, every one.

don't think any of you are manly enough for her

Je suis

Why don't you guys behead your queen?

not sure what they'll find other than shitposts

stupid bandit poster



Honestly the worst post i've seen all week

Hello Pedro, my old friend.

You're a boring cunt

Doing the Macarena

>tfw you'll never have a dick so long you could suck it
>tfw you'll never say with a grin, wiping cum off your chin, "If my ear were a cunt I would fuck it"

Can't stop listening to Taylor Swift lads.


but the legend
of the rent


I'd still suck her guinness farts through a curly straw

what is it with irish people and owning land as a status symbol

that's way to close to call definitively
polls like that are more to sway public opinion rather than display it.
we will see how things look after the debate

but at least, they're not Ireland.

Poo is coming out of my bum RIGHT NOW

okay mr living the high life on a monday night, cool your beans mate

coming out of this runts bum RIGHT NOW

rate my gf lads

I want this except I don't care if it's a girl tbqh, I just want a cute boy to hold me close and tell me everything will be okay

no homo


the english had us so poor land was the only asset to show off, a miserable few acres, plus english took all of our land so muh land and cattle and land were always signs of wealth in ancient ireland

owning land is a status symbol rentboi


coming in this lads bum RIGHT NOW

just done a casual line of coke


ayo hol' up

im shadow banned

Need an Irish bf with a funny accent

sounds like shit
my mate has exactly this setup plus very loving well off parents who rent him out their basement apartment for cheap.

doesn't sound good for me though, I need suffering in my life

im shadow boxing

listening to some sick clannad techno beats
it's basically animepop mixed with a bit of eurobeat
exquisite sound gentlemen

Eating spaghetti lads

Did you know it was imported from China to Italy?

really makes you think...

drunk a can of relentless and did a nasty shit

Wish you'd die.

Told this runt spaghetti was imported from China to Italy.

>and tell me everything will be okay
but they'd be lying
you could get run over or gang raped tomorrow

*enters the thread*


wew, rude

>tfw a landowner

peasants and serfs btfo

reminder this is gore and is not allowed


no fatties allowed

>listening to some sick clannad techno beats
>it's basically animepop mixed with a bit of eurobeat
>exquisite sound gentlemen

like how half the criminals on crimewatch are black

>obese garfield cat
so american

So what's your title? Duke? Baron?

*sprints through /brit/*


fuck off

owner should be made to do community service for cruelty to animals

>Hi, I'm from France

bought my dog 8 iphone 7's

Wish I could translate my misery into music lads.

Would be a nice way to make money and I'd probably get some qt groupies.

Just shaved my head and look exactly like Renton. Be honest with me lads, would you?

Fucking dreadful form.


I'm pretty sure it's a duchesse.

>Further evidence has been obtained to show that Jupiter's icy moon Europa throws jets of water out into space.

What time (civilised country time) does the Yank debate start lads? Anyone staying up for it?

business idea: over the counter pineal gland decalcifiers

kind of girl that would paralyze me if i saw her in public


me irl

Done the same lad. Number 4 all over.

Only problem is I dress like a skinhead. My wardrobe consists solely of docs, jeans and m65's.

just call him a squire

Did you know tomatoes originated in central and South America?

All dishes in the old world before the discovery and trading with the new world did not have this fruit

2 am

got any broon yer radge cunt?

holy fucking shit tokyo massive

going to have a cup of warm milk and go to bed :3

>Europa is a squirter


Thought we had footage of this already, I mean how much more evidence do you need?

feels really bad I will never be a space frontiersman like in mass effect and firefly 2bh

brexit will lose

Girl at work dropped loads of stuff today and I just looked at her and carried on what I was doing.


as did peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers and aubergines

they're all of the same family too I think

I heard Cate blanchett lives in England

is it true?

>tomatoes are a fruit

Ard Ri (High King)

did not read a SINGLE post in this runt-filled thread

I am yeah but won't be posting on Cred Forums while I'm watching


says the runt

cate blanchett more like kate blanket

>pine nuts

The gf was too tired to shag and went straight to sleep lads.

Guess you're stuck with me tonight haha.

didn't see there'd been a new hahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahaahahahahahaahahahhaha

we already knew it happened on enceladus

did that nonce finally fuck off?

>why yes i will indeed be watching the american presidential debate
>of course a refined gentleman such as myself keeps abreast of global political issues

quite like slavs desu

>it's a leigh darby squirts her fanny muck all over the place episode



What if Hillary actually collapses on stage or something?

>Ard Ri (High King)
I think Miss Lizzy has something to say about that

will NOT deign to read this or reply to it

Don't talk shit mate

I'll knock u in the gabber

Good taste

rimmed the gf

she's my gf

(you)'re welcome

t. fat yank who's never had a real tomato

forgot your grime

Doing a think

I've recently purchased this thread from Cred Forums; please ask my permission before you post.

The presidency will be as good as Trump's

Trump will probably just crack jokes or something

Trump literally wins


havent took these pants off for 4 days
I shit, sleep, fart and sweat in them
for 4 days
smelling ripe lads


Trump will go 26th

Looks a lot like the Queen of Canada too. Lots of royal families are inbred though and look similar.

what culture has poland got besides masking racism with religion

whats this debate about then

imagine if trump went dressed as pepe LOOOOL!

it means the race is over and Trump has won
either way her looking bad and sickly in the debate could easily cost her the election just like it did with Nixon vs Kennedy


is it true that the British only eat fish

pack it in lads i just said i quite like slavs

listen, lad: she's nothing but a cum rag.
there's nothing remarkable about her
she's is stultifyingly insipid, and says nothing original

Pics? x


ah yes, very impressive

Got one of those new polymer fivers lads, change from buying a flapjack.

Bit weird.

will there be websites streaming the presidential debate for non americans?

we barely eat fish


Also native to Mexico

What did old Worlders eat? Bread and meat?

you are my favorite bong to bully

Looks like Sophie Turner ate Maisie.


laptop is at 83c, only have 1 tab open



pineal gland is flaring up reading these posts

>Got one of those new polymer fivers lads, change from buying a flapjack.

yes, and french fries

It's called fish and french fries or f^3

yes that's all we have here please send us in n out burgers

please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste

ill bully your arsehole with my dick

zuckyboig look out for his own, goy
that doesnt make us an international clique set on grabbing power for jewish interests, dont listen to that hitler fellow!

eggs, onions, basically any vegetable that isn't a new world one

turnips, founder crops, fruits

*sneaks into the loft*
*does a poo in your christmas decorations box*


I apologize beforehand for tonight's debate.

nobody cares you insignificant little worm

Imagine if you were one of the sentient mermaids that lives on europa and you got shot out into space all of a sudden

what a shocker,

probably like the mer-people equivalent of throwing someone into a volcano

fish and chips is literally a british tradition, rasheed

We're canucks, not yanks



this will have it likely

it's not something you eat every day though

Doing a cheeky poo in the pants like my ancestors used to

t. Muh heritage American

*struts across the stage looking like an over wrinkled sweaty scrotum*

who's the queen of USA again?
oh..oh yea .. that's right

>American flag
ah yes
pointless post as usual.

*Teleports behind you*

*chops you in half*

heh baka

why the hate rittre boy?

*wags my finger in your face*
*sticks one finger out*
*puts it in your bum*

you mean king right?

Fuck me this is proper weird.

Didn't even know Australia had a Queen wtf? Google is broke when you type in Australian Queen it comes up with ours, must be because she's so famous

What happened to all the hat posts lads?

Think my posts are top 5 no debating, alie?

just whacked a tenner on the meter lads


Neck yourself.

fucking hate canadians

please fondle my bollocks whilst i bust a nut over a picture of her

Please refrain from swearing.

Imagine having a head of state who lives on the other side of the world and who has visited like three times in their whole life despite being old as fuck.

Hahahahaha nobody here can relate to that though right guys?

Accidentily liked an old photo of someone on their profile. INSTANTLY unliked it though.

Hope they didn't notice or I MIGHT just off myself.

>He's poor enough to need a pre-pay

they'll get the phone notification either way cunt

Based Georgie is visiting his Canadian peasants right now

how long does that last /what does it get you

brb lads

I'm off to seize the means of reproduction.

>Pretending to be retarded is top tier comedy lad

How's your persiflage tonight, chaps?

canadians are under the crown and therefore allowed to post in /brit/ under JF posting privileges, along with aus and nz

yanks are allowed to post in /brit/ if there are no canadians, nz, or australians and thus needed to fill out the mandatory JF quota
otherwise yanks are not allowed to post in /brit/ and should be barraged with FOY and JF OUT until they leave
this also applies to ROI but they should be barraged with GAS THE TAIGS lads and JF OUT

do your part to save /brit/

I can't fucking work this out it's monging me out.

Are they cousins?

Happened to me too and they noticed. Luckily it was just a mate's random status

Elisabeth has visited Canada 22 times
and 16 times to Australia

(Canada is her favorite though)

that looks weirder . why not just act as though it's fine. so you were browsing their photos? it's public and you're friend, right ? no harm

mmmmmmmmmmmm & then what ;)

>bashing loyalist countries
FOY on holiday

somehow liked a porn streaming site during a wank session once

only noticed a few weeks later

what about all the other colonies and excolonies

official guidance needs to be a tad long than this post.

She visits here every day mate. She literally lives an hour away from me. We're basically neighbours.

You are nothing to her.

seizing your means of reproduction right now

*locks them in a chastity cage*

What was Australia like before they discovered shark tooth necklaces?

neither are you lad

We need to execute our royals like france. They are doing better than us so it must work

im more hung than mandingo

LOVING the pre pay meter gimmick

I'm sorry mate

Computer, create a full holographic reproduction of the USS Enterprise designation NCC-1701-D.

Populate the enterprise with holograms of the current crew roster, but override their personality program with "klingon rape beast.holo"

Computer, reduce all lighting by 70%.

What is the current location of Ensign Westley Crusher?

>Ensign Crusher is in his quarters

Excellent. On my mark, teleport him into the holographic reproduction of his bed and disengage all safety protocols.


based britboos

>all the council house scum complaining that Freshers are being too loud and waking up their kids they had at 17

Shouldn't have been so poor now should we?

>I still remember how puzzled I was the first time one of my team members referred to my “American accent.”
>“What accent?” I said. “We don’t have accents.
>Brits have accents. Australians have accents. Even Canadians. We don’t.”
>To me, the British accent is a deviation from the norm—accent-free American English

are Americans retarded?


what was your mum like before she discovered my meaty chode?

I am VASTLY superior to your runts.

I'm not poor, my rent is £550 a month, just a silly decision on behalf on my landlord, I'd much rather pay monthly

Bout a week's worth of leccy matey

At my expense :c

other colonies can be met with
>are they in the commonwealth and white
can post in /brit/ under permanent JF posting privileges
>are they in the commonwealth and non-white
they are allowed one post per day to be met with abuse
>are they not in the commonwealth but are white
they may post if there are no commonwealth posters but should be met with abuse
>are they neither in the commonwealth nor white
then they can fuck right off

they don't actually get download notifications do they?

the gf

>Cambridges arrive in Canada

fucking lol. Prince Williams ACTUAL name is William Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg,


post-ironically browsing reddit

Started a gimmick today in work where I'd write messages on note paper and post them here but people got bored of it after about 3 posts.

Might try it again tomorrow.

My name is Cücksburg

How do you do?


Really fucked me over because I had no idea and so a few download notifications got sent to girls with bikini pics frmo years ago.

Just deleted my facebook didn't respond to any of the messages.

Fuck facebook, even does it if you right click and save as. Only print screen is safe.


sounds pretty jewy

Isn't it Mountbatten-Windsor?

>those pro-Clinton countries

Absolutely lel

saw that

wasn't a huge fan

good post

the Canadian monarchy is older (continuously) than the British one

(((The Royal Family)))


>Saudi arabia

nearly got caught wanking lads

it was to some pretty weird stuff too

Kpop killed it

Janny is a fucking machine

autismo janny is back

you now remember that forum you used to be a pretty big deal on

kshitcuck fucking destroyed hahahaha


bit racist

good times

wonder what being popular irl is like

I need an Eircode, any will do

had over 50,000 posts on it

good times

really miss spending my time on there when i was like 16


did he ban me?

not really. prince phillip only called himself mountbatten from the age of 25

here is prince phillips paternal grandfather, Prince Christian Vilhelm Ferdinand Adolf Georg of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg

not really

>tfw dual US UK citizen
>tfw voted leave and will vote Trump
ah yes

fuck off racist

got a warning

fuck off you unemployed prick

absolute madman

So do you have to pay US and UK taxes?



some people have all the luck

>Voted leave
>We actually left
>Got an Irish passport just in case

Can't believe there are plebs who don't have safety passports. Literally 2016.


No, if I earned over a certain amount I would though





kcuck is getting btfo lmfao

>be Polish
>get UK citizenship a few months before referendum
>vote leave

get on my level

didn't even get a warning
janny must be fuming that the mods didn't agree with him

What shit you lot taking /Brit/?
What would you recommend?

So far I'm pretty tame, only weed and MD.
Tried truffles but dosage was off.



VERY well memed

Give me an EIRcode lad



janny's playing a Whack-a-New again


How many levels of irony is this?

So the name changed generations before he was born and you still claim William's name is "William Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg"? Williams actual name is "William Arthur Philip Louis". you moron.

his nut is completely done in

imagine having an existence so devoid of meaning and pleasure that policing an anime imageboard for no pay is actually a goal you'd pursue

what makes these twats so special that they're allowed their own microstate


>share buttons on pornsites

underage detected

you know facebook and google also save tracking cookies so they know everything you browse, everything you type, basically every you like and do and then sell it on to people for money

i bet he has more transferrable skills than you

nowhere else allowed, they made their choices

sure you do mate

The fuck is this shit?

why do you love making new threads early?