I'm getting fed up this internet age...

I'm getting fed up this internet age. It's turned Finnish girls into high-maintenance privileged western white girls because they have blonde hair and blue eyes and it's rare in other countries so they get flooded with attention on instagram/facebook etc., even the ugly ones. I think I'm not even attracted to them anymore. Even all the porn I recently watched was with Black chicks. White girls don't even give me proper boner anymore, in fact they disgust me.

So I'm thinking about importing a wife from some African country. African girls are much more feminine and traditional. As a bonus, most of them worship white cocks so my autism won't be a big problem there.

What do Cred Forums bros recommend me? Tips and tricks?

>I have autism so I have to get a girlfriend shipped to me from another continent

>What do Cred Forums bros recommend me

bleach, literally

>What do Cred Forums bros recommend me? Tips and tricks?
Kill yourself

t. abdul ibrahim

Just import one from France or UK or Netherlands. They have loads of African descendant people.

If he was Muslim he would have done it already instead of asking on Cred Forums.

If your in Finland, why not try Russian, Lithuanian, Ukranian, or Czeck women.

They dont have aids, and have much more intelligence than an illiterate darky.

most black women will be fat ugly psychopaths by the time they reach 40 years old,

Gold diggers who will leave you once they have a residence permit or realise you don't have lots of money.

sounds like finnish girls except they do it in 30s

It usually starts in their 30's. And then they just get old and delusional.

Really like her hair

If black girls were like that pic I would understand, but they aren't.

You're looking in the wrong places then

They're not that high maintenance, man. You can treat them like shit and they still tend to cling on you and buy you stuff and shit.

Or maybe that's just me

>African girls are much more feminine

Theyre not.

>African girls are much more feminine

kek. stop making these fetish threads, you've already uncovered yourself

>african girls are much more feminine
otherwise an alright b8

>marry black girls
>in Finland

Never seen that happen Kääbik

Do whatever you want to do and don't let other people shame you into doing something you don't want, date a black chick and get over your jungle fever, although I would just suggest getting tinder and finding one in Sweden, less travel.

Stop paying attention to bimbos. Find a country girl who rides a horse and your cock.

Come to the USA bro, you can smash & dash all the niggresses you want to get a feel for them

American women are overweight or obese.

If you want the best black girls around go to Dominican Republic.

I always though all finnish girls was like pic, kinda quiet and clinging to their bottle of finlandia vodka

God bless

They fell for the strong independent woman meme.

At least some northern bönde girls are still like pic related.

>live in rural Finland
>install Tinder
>every girl looks like that

Makes me wish I had the balls to talk to my matches

Just talk a little with them on Tinder and get over to Snapchat as quickly as possible, if you're not totally boring or trying to be sweet with them they'll be interested, they've all ready matched with you. It's not like they're going to laugh at you for being on tinder, they're on tinder themselves.

surely you can share some memes with your matches?

Then ask if she want to sauna & chill ;D

I had like 3 matches today where the girl had "tell me your favorite meme" in the description, you have the right idea.

>Tips and tricks?
Bleach + Ammonia gets the tough stains out

>tfw my gf is 8.5/10 blonde blue eyes and I get to cum in her everyday

Are black people without brown eyes real or do they just use contacts? If real I NEED a black gf like that

please post more black chicks

It's technically possible, but only if they are mixed.
I'd say 90% of the time its contacts

Best kind of black.
>off by one

ugly or less than 7/10 girls end up being ignored by everyone.regardless of race. most girl accounts on instagram have literally been a graveyard.

Durka durka muh digg muuuh diiigggg DINDU NUDIN! EY EY! DINDU NUDIN!

Go back to Somalia, you shitfucker.