Could i pass as a local in ur country?

could i pass as a local in ur country?

Yes, at Pulse Night Club.

Just a bit too Portuguese

You can pass as an Italian


you look whiter than italian and portos, so hell yeah

mnin inti

you can pass as a gulenist.



You could pass as a local in my bedroom ;)

Of course. Lose the mustache and you will be swimming in pussy.

hana 9rab mela

in fact you're way too white to pass as an arab

yes really. but delete your fucking moustache

tunisian are not ar*p we are hybrids many mixed races

Yes. You look like my uncle


You look like you're either a really nice guy or a bitter creepy perv; your destiny is in your hands.

Why are you so shit at football?

Yummyyyy b9adeh najem ennik termtek

yes, if you shave the mustache
otherwise people will assume you are mexican and your name is Carlos

7achti b ommek 9bal

>implaying mexicans are not "locals" americans already

>55 fucking millions

Thats rude you hrissa muncher . how old are you bb?

Handsome man
Post hairy feet

also post the 9a7ba next to you if she is qt

You look like french

You look like my preconception of a Portuguese person.