Are there any languages other than English where native speakers aren't hostile to new learners? I don't know why...

Are there any languages other than English where native speakers aren't hostile to new learners? I don't know why, but I always imagine if I tried to learn a new language native speakers would pretty much tell me I'm "not allowed". Are there any languages where this is not true? Or even the opposite, they trying to get people to learn the language.

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i think it's just germs and baguettes who have a reputation for being rude cunts

I mean, if you can find a place to learn maltese go for it. Most people here will help you if you ask them.

>Or even the opposite, they trying to get people to learn the language.

Esperanto is exactly that

If you're comfortable learning a "meme" language, that is

and it has native speakers

Other languages you might want to go for would be endangered alnguages, they're not really in a position to be discouraging to people who want to learn some, and probably will be excited to share

Or you could just man up, honestly

>but I always imagine if I tried to learn a new language native speakers would pretty much tell me I'm "not allowed"
They are just being kind.
They know american brain isn't suited to learn anything that is not american.
It could result in some serious brain damage.

Pretty much any language? Now in more developed countries many will do you the disservice of switching to English because they can, but not due to ill-will (on the contrary).
I always reply to someone having a language question on here as it makes me happy.

The main issue I have with Esperanto is that it has no history/culture behind it which makes it pretty boring to learn to be honest. Still, I find the idea behind it interesting.

any language that doesn't have (((rich culture)))

there's nothing more annoying than some sperg from a shithole being all smug that foreigners can't learn his oh so complicated and nuanced language and it offends his ears to hear disgusting attempts at actually speaking it

people from relatively young countries with little literary tradition are grateful that you even bother to learn their language


>The main issue I have with Esperanto is that it has no history/culture behind it which makes it pretty boring to learn to be honest.

That's one of the most often reasons given, but that was the point of it originally so there's not much to be done about that.

Personally I enjoy that aspect of it. It's fun watching a language that started off with few speakers, strict rules, no history, etc. start to get more speakers, mutate from its own rules, and develop an (albeit short) history.

I think it's interesting to communicate with people using this "cultureless"/nationless language because after several years of it, it really feels no different to me than the other languages I know, which are "real" languages with a history and whatnot. I guess because I get more interest from talking to people than from reading old literature.

I perfectly understand why some people are attracted to the concept, it just not something i look for when learning a new language.

Most languages I think. Every Slovak is enthusiastic when a forwigner learns our language as it is spoken only by 5 million people and has complex grammar, which means if you have learned it, you really have an interest in our country, or you are living here.

I've a question for you

How similar is Maltese to Arabic?

That's fair, francamiko


I didn't even know that was a thing; not sure how
to feel about it.

Finns are pretty humble and flattering when someone tries to speak Finnish, even when usually they pronounce everything bad.

I am not Maltese but AFAIK it is basically Arabic with a lot of Italian and English vocab.

I have read people on the interner saying they can talk with Maghreb Arabic speakers if they know international vocabulary. Note - Arabic dialects differ from each other as much as Slavic languages, that is why I say Maghreb Arabic speakers specifically.

where do you get these retarded pepe pictures? i thought they were spread only in finnish boards

Swedes love it when other westerns try to learn their language. Issue is that Swedes also love to practice their english and will often ruin your opportunities to pratice your swedish by being way too accomodating.

as Finnboo ant I thank you from the bottom of my colony for this image

you are always gonna get bullied and laughed when you suck at it. give it up, you arent a such person who endures it and dedicates yourself to learn it.

of fug, fucking thumbnail

thanks senpai
Compound words are based.
unfortunately we go off the deep end here or at best in the next instance
What's one of the longest ones actually (semi-)common in speech?

Says the "highest suicide rate just because they can't learn 2 thousand more kanjis."

We are always happy to have more members in our Lusophone community

finland top tier suicider country with dual linquistic language (sweden and finland as the official languages.) children learns to speak swden and english and many chooses one more language like german or spain in highschool.
do you have highschools in mexico?

its funny that you say that somebody else commits suicide when they have overwhelming amount of work to do. the funny part is that you come from an underdeveloped country which basically rules with drugs and terror. there you go with suicides, when your countrymen are killing their brothers.

Spotted the triggered weeb.

I probably win more than you, am more educated than you and I live in the shithole that is this country. Take your Cred Forums muh drug cartels to some other place.

But still, sure i like you, you have the moomins.

I don't think we have really any more longer words in common speech than in English for example. We just write all of our compound words together, unlike in English where they're usually written apart from each other.


We don't have the highest suicide rate. Not even close.

a wise suicider once said: ''It is not enough that i succeed, others must fail.'' point being, winning is relative to where you are. so yes, i propably win less than you.

Oh, so it's the same as in German, which is to be expected seeing how clunky this can get.
Three seems to be the limit of practicality.

>i think it's just germs
Are we? I'm serious, this is the first time I'm hearing about this.

Don't study japanese.
If you speak in japanese with a japanese person they will answer in broken english.

>no estoku, no estuko

>i can't speak engrish



Finns in real life are pretty cool about non-native speakers trying to speak their language (though sometimes they just go straight to English which can be fustrating). That said all the girls said my Finnish was cute, which is to say I sounded ridiculous.


I've learned German and even went to Germany and spoke with Germans and they were never rude about it and always encouraging, but I have heard the stereotype before.

You guys are fucking cunts about it. All the frogs care about is if we're actually try to speak the language no matter how shit you are at it. Germans are condescending douches if you're new to it

at least that's my experience. Thought it would've been the opposite

Well it is not just simply arabic/italian
The base of our language is arabic my teacher uded to tell us in maltese class like 4 years ago that the simple words like colour and grass are from arabic, but the more complicated words like makkina (machine) are ripped from italian.
We alson spice it up with a few frecnh words and alot of english

It's a mixed bag of latin arabic and some ftench and english words.if you want to learn arabic but it is too hard maltese helps alot due to having most of the same grammar rules but being inba writing style close to latin


Or you could learn another constructed language like lojban or toki pona. You won't be made fun of by native speakers because there are none. :^)

English is similar in a way. A lot of simple words are Germanic, and more fancy words are French

Tut mir Leid deutsche Alter but it's true I have been learning German for five years and I think I can speak it pretty it pretty. I even studyed abroad last semester in Germany and so so many times I would speak German to people and they would automatically speak English back to me. I would continue to speak in German to let them know that no I'm not speaking English but they would continue to speak English. Like what was the point in learning the language if people are just going to speak English with me.

Germans are assholes about pronunciation, if yours isn't perfect they'll just switch to (heavily accented) English and insist on having all conversations in English from then on.

Damn, that sucks. I want to learn Dutch, but I know if I ever actually learn it and travel to the Netherlands, people will just speak English to me.

you have to see it from our perspective.
How often do we have the opportunity to practice our English with a native speaker?

Oh and also it's annoying because they assume that every American over there is a Tourist and are trying to speak the language because it's the touristy thing to do. Whenever all the middle easterners try to speak German (and some of theirs was not that good) Germans will still speak to them in German.

I know I'm exagerating a bit but Germans Kind of ruined German for me by making me feel like I can't speak it despite all the time and dedication I put into it.

Sorry but this was my biggest Pet peeves over there and passionate about it
I feel like you might have success there because not as many people speak Dutch and they would be happy to have other learn it.

Gonna respond to you in another comment

take your time, family

Yeah about that I totally understand. I was talking about this with a German friend over there and he suggested that that was a part of the reason and he also suggested that maybe because you don't want us to "struggle" whereas Germans would be okay for themselves to have the burden to "struggle" instead of me. For me I want to learn German and be able to speak it well so I want to do the stuggling because that is how I will learn and get better.

I think it is more of the first thing but the the way how I see it, you should be speaking the language of whoever initiated the conversation. So since I was the one who started it in German we should be speaking German unless I don't know a specific Word or something. I mean afterall it's Deutschland und mann spricht Deutsch dort and I just thought it was odd that they would be so willing to not speak their own language when I go out of my way to learn it.

Toward the end of my stay I had the idea to pretend like I don't speak English and it probably would have worked but I didn't have the opportunity to test it.

Sorry I am sort of Bashing your country Kumpel but that was the biggest Problem I had over there. Everything else was fantastic though btw.

What are Danes like to Danish learners?



Ok I'll learn Dutch.


no Latvian is hostile to someone trying to learn our language

why didn't you just tell them to please speak german with you