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first for /cad/



Got my willy out and it's hard

China > West

things i don't understand about brit/pol/

>Hitler admirers and naziboos
>Churchill hatred
>Mosley worship

the Mosley thing is honestly the most baffling since brit/pol/ also idolises Nigel Farage, Enoch Powell and Peter Hitchens who despise everything Mosley would have stood for

weed speed mcat md ket coke shrooms acid and various rcs

probably some others but I can't remember

I love you Big J

just memes bro

Ah yes very nice to see William Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Kate Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg visiting Canada, great stuff

want to live in bath, york or leeds

tired of these ultra-boring Edition

>Expecting edge lord fedoras to be ideologically consistent

the state of janny's nut right now

Is the janny some autistic yank?


britcucks btfo

Do you have an electric cooker or gas?

Why would it be ironic?

I think Brexit will be good for Britain so I voted Leave.

On the off chance it's a disaster I still have my Polish/EU citizenship and can switch teams.

if the custodian is sisyphys, forever condemned by the gods to push the stone up the hill only to watch it roll back down, who are the gods?

the answer is us. WE are the gods and /brit/ is the stone.

i made this image

wash your teeth, mate

Those second parts a regions not surnames you utter melt. It'd be like Prince Charles children being called Harry Wales.

weed, MDMA, coke, LSD, shrooms, salvia
as for RCs: M1, MCAT, 1p-LSD & AL-LAD

only do weed and MDMA occasionally now.
definitely recommend MDMA, it's like a temporary social anxiety block

There's nothing wrong with globalism.

London Stansted is a bad airport

Southamptons a bit shit, lads.
Full of homeless.

only been to bath on a school trip, seemed nice
born and raised in york, would deffo recommend
currently live in leeds, city itself has good nightlife but it's a bit too modern would deffo recommend the surrounding countryside tho

hope this helps x

>Big & Tall/BBW body type
What is this shit?

I like both, I can't see why they are lumped in together.

If I told you which gimmicks, memes and images I am responsible for you wouldn't believe me, you wouldn't believe that one person could have so much culturally relevant output.

""""""""""London"""""""""" Luton is worse

London only has one decent airport. Heathrow.
Gatwick stanstead, and "london"-luton are shitholes.

we're the stone obviously.


the Canadian monarchy is older (continuously) than the British one

feeling a bit celtic tonight lads

might paint myself blue and steal my neighbours sheep

Have a britboo mate that ended up moving to Bath for a year without doing any real research. Few months in and he admitted how much he hated it lmao, was stranded there for a whole year

good post

london city airport is absolutely dire, one in amsterdam is unreal


>transferrable skills

Have considered writing a good post but decided against it.

good post

2 pints and 2 glasses of wine, but a hefty meal and a 40 min walk too

will I be hungover for work? hhhhmmmm

>he doesn't spend at least half of his salary on rent

what's wrong with you?

lvlin a dh in wow
bretty fun lol

Let this be a lesson, that the only good place in the UK is London.

Why did he hate it?

I have a pint or two with my boss at lunch every work day tbqh.

Imagine what a rare specimen I am, I drink more on week days than on weekends.

*likes this*

getting pretty sick of the wageslave life lads

bath is very comfy, historic and has amazing architecture and shit
bit boring though


I can relate to that haha


>four drinks

southern puff detected

Crash coming lads

Get ready

Statistically, this poster is not white

what a fucking bitch

>that old hillsbrad foothills theme

Heard Cambridge and Oxford uni academics can't actually afford to live in Cambridge/Oxford except the very top professors and administrative/managerial staff.

Sounds dire tbqh.

it's an actual word

>there are runts who can cook here


>$50 trillion in derivatives on the books

fucking kek, Germany is fubar.

Alri paranoid

homosexual MCs receive 5 Mics
in bizarro world where co flow is the new pop sensation

The Canadian Crown was established in 1534 by Francis I and remained continuously without interruption until today
The British crown was interrupted in 1653 by the republic and Oliver Cromwell, and latter by Stadholder William III who ousted the true royal house.

Take several seats, nigga

Job application got rejected lads

No, "transferable" is.

business idea: buy duetches bank

I hate you all!!!


why do brits hate whites so much?


Rejected this runt's job application lads.

British people have no culture

angola minute there fella

Bum is poking out from the covers. Hope mummy doesn't walk in during the night, she'll probably notice that I shave

2bh i hate brazilians

wish you'd all fuck off

that HILARIOUS (HAHA HUGE LOLxDDD) feeling (sick meme this ) when you put an apple cork in the wrong bin
absolute madman me
I put an apple core in the grey bin and NOT the green bin
lmao lads
living life dangerously

Business Idea: Learn to spell 'Deutsche'

ffs Ireland, get your shit together. How the fuck do you pronounce this Aoife?

Bath's very expensive compared to other places in the south west and is full of guardian-type hipsters who can afford to not have to deal with being too in the vicinity of Bristol.


Reckon I could heem the cunt who invented the faded pictures captcha without even trying

my way is older and consistent with the other similar words like transferring or transferred

>guardian type hipsters
>disliking bristol

>Yoga 710? I rate it


reminder that libertarians are basically right wing commies

>Rejected this runt's job application lads.

need mozambique now

should i be shorted DB?


I miss his student and work rants tbqh


I have found the poley song.

how do you pronounce niamh

realllly want a president who has no idea about how the government works lads

t. yank

So what are your SPECIFIC objections to sharia law lads?

>Big Sam
>The English FA

They're at war lol



some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90... time is a concept that humans created

I miss watching him scramble around like a runt trying to erase all trace of himself from the internet


nice proxy

don't blame him

guardian-type implying money, i.e. champagne socialist orbiters who can buy out of having to deal with 55yo baghead Rhydd from Newport asking for 37p every six steps up Stokes Croft



*bursts through your floorboords, snuffling frantically for food*
*squeals and dives back into cover as I hear you yelling and running towards the noise from the other room*

It's his own fault he doxxxed himself

anyone else play the tuba?


business plan: replace birmingham with edinburgh


Cred Forums is Cred Forums, britbro. They're for the most part essentially neonazis.

Like, nationalism is one thing. What they've got is another. I'm just glad they mostly stick to their containment board rather than going on Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

you need to actually be able to paint like the left before you can get away with selling the right

just saw that, very funny

ah yes, art

I wonder ((who)) could be responsible for this

coolin with my youngins

Why do you guys use "ezza" as a nickname? IE Jezza for Jeremy. I'm trying to figure out where it comes from, and failing miserably

I do blame him for being a fucking mong though


can decide if i wish i were dead or not

absolute meme reasoning

DVNO four capital letters

decided that i wish was dead

not as stupid as thinking art shouldn't be transgressive

america's a strange place lads

i don't even mind the one on the right, only literal autistics get upset about modern art, but this definitely isn't true.

Naw, it's ok

eating an orange lads

trying not to get scurvy this year

that's not true kek, why are you spouting rubbish

alri limey

embarrassing for blair tbqh

((((they)))) are here to defend modern art again



name a famous artist who can't draw or paint

>Blair still walks free

Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).
• Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
• Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death.
• Criticizing or denying Allah, the god of Islam is punishable by death.
• A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
• A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
• A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
• A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.

kanye west

so do it then

quite the interesting juxtaposition

Sounds harsh but fair.

tracy emin


pavarotti farting into a microphone doesnt make that good music just because pavarotti can sing

his medium is song though

i'm sure they can, but that doesn't mean they could produce high quality fine art.

*be reddit Remainer*
*read headline*
Humph some right-wing fantasy delusion spun by the Daily Mail or the Express I'm sure
*see newspaper name*
n-no...this cannot be...brexit is supposed to be BAD!!!

what imma fight for
my choppers drum roll

why do brits insist on using american slang? i cringe every time i hear you people saying "mong" or "spacker"

>go to tate modern in london
>theres literal blank white canvases with nothing on them
>people are standing and looking at them

i could not fucking breathe
wanted to burst out laughing throughout that entire """"""""""gallery""""""""

>friend request

oi oi


Reviewbrah would make an excellent trap

Don't you think?

she can sculpt

you are on the spectrum

Remember not to reply to an american who doesn't capitalise the beginning of sentences, because it's probably THAT poster

i like when they skip pronouncing their t's and end up sounding like they're bri'ish

>overtake Europe


Adolf Hitler
poor painter
greatest performance artist in history


He's 6'4" that's way too tall to ever pass

>the true royal house
no catholic is a true royal

>(((murdoch press)))
still a right wing rag desu

rate my OC lads and ladettes

you have mental retardation

in growth maybe

>reviewbrah is taller than me

fucking end it

I stole that


Somebody once told me
This board was full of roasties
I ain't the biggest flap on this page
She was looking kinda bad
With her pussy torn by Chad
to look like an Arby's sandwich

Well the flaps start flappin
and they don't stop floppin
Show them your beef
and the boners stop poppin
Didn't make sense to fuck roast beef
Makes duck calls when you hear them queef
What's it to you, don't be ass sore
Nothing's wrong with ditching a flap whore
The Arby's scares of all the guys
The wind makes their vagoos fly

Hey now, you're a roastie, it's nasty, go away
Hey now, you're a roastie, don't want your beef buffet
All roasties are whores
Get the fuck off my board

It's a sick place, and they blame genetics
But Jamal really ruined your pussy aesthetics
But the white knights beg to differ
Looking at your hole that looks like roast beef dinner
The cucks we bait, aren't getting it in
The innie virgins are free from sin
Their rage is on fire, how about yours?
That's the way I like it, FUCK ALL ROASTIE WHORES

Hey now, you're a roastie, it's nasty, go away
Hey now, you're a roastie, don't want your beef buffet
All roasties are whores
Get the fuck off my board

Hey now, you're a roastie, it's nasty, go away
Hey now, you're a roastie, don't want your beef buffet
All roasties are whores
Get the fuck off my board

Got that the wrong way round
How can you have divine right if you aren't blessed by the Vicar of Christ?

should have, 90% of the things there have no substance


Remember that time we made you dismantle your empire?

cba to watch the debate. dunno why you lot would

So, I went to /deutsch/ to ask a question about Germany. I asked in English as I don't speak German but most Germans speak English.

The reply I got was in German.

>Sieht der Thread so aus, als ob hier über aktuelle Themen diskutiert wird?
>Verpiss Dich.

Didn't understand a word apart from "Thread", so I Google translated it.

>Does the thread out as if being discussed here about current issues?
>Fuck off.

Now, I don't like the tone of this reply at all.

I reckon we ought to carpet bomb the bloody krauts one more time as it's clear they haven't really learned their lesson yet about being rude.


so apparently I am autistic for thinking this isn't art

ah yes
a great use of time no doubt

My gf has an IQ of 1001, and she's also a telephone

want to wank but porn doesn't do it for me anymore

what do you mean by this

just make a joke about bomber harris

>Remember that time we made you dismantle your empire?

He's not. He's like 5'8


see you in 5 days


Badly want to shag the Croatian president atm

i've got brum man syndrome lads

>muh war crimes
fuck off blair did nothing wrong

you can say it's bad but there's no metric to decide whether it is art or not

same, you eventually get into stuff like this

she wants a man from ____

Don't reply to him

>muh subjectivism

fuck off you absolute bender

magnificent beautiful art

wtf is boipucci?

who else /lonely here?

>"mong" or "spacker"
>American slang

doing an artistic post lads

respect its authenticity please

you cannot say this is not art

gonna need better bait than that spacker

just popped on over from reddit for a bit of laugh eh lad? good times, good times.

>Danny, a 22-year-old who lives with his parents, has found little satisfaction in a series of part-time, low-wage jobs he’s held since earning an associate degree. But the video games he plays are a different story.

>“When I play a game, I know if I have a few hours I will be rewarded. With a job, it’s always been up in the air with the amount of work I put in and the reward.”

>He represents a group of video-game-loving Americans who, according to new research, may help explain one of the most alarming aspects of the nation’s economic recovery: an unusually large percentage of able-bodied men, particularly the young and less-educated, are either not working or not working full-time.

>Economists say that an additional reason many of these young men - who don't have college degrees -- are rejecting work is that they have a better alternative: living at home and enjoying video games. The decision may not even be completely conscious, but surveys suggest that young men are happier for it.

>While young men might temporarily enjoy a life of leisure, the implications could be troubling for them as well as the economy. The young men aren’t gaining job experience that will better equip them to work in their 30s and 40s. That could lead to a lifetime of decreased wages, limited opportunities and challenges such as depression and drug use — problems that the United States is already seeing in areas hit with heavy job losses.

>If a historically vibrant portion of the population doesn’t feel as much desire to work, this could harm the economy’s future and the ability of government to use policy to create jobs.

Rest: archive.is/FGSWU


uhhhh wtf dude

whatever objective definition of art you use I can guarantee it won't exclude a blank canvas

>le modern art is all so bad LOL!
>we should just keep making plaster Greek style statues

Finally came to the realisation that Steely Dan is the best band ever.

What did he mean by this?


Remember when this used to be on CBBC lads

Used to watch it every summer

blessed by the lord himself

and if you defend catholics one more time i'll have you kicked out of the anglican realm of canada x

it's just shit

videogames are art

>steely dan
>a band
it's just one guy
called steely dan

>anglican realm of canada
Canada is a Catholic country now white boi
we beat the proddies out and now they are basically dead/dying

Art: something beautiful and thought provoking that can't be done by a 4 years old kid.

yeah shit art lmao

NEETs btfo

who are you to judge

you probably just don't understand it

da iawn

I went to lunch with the pakis at work today.

Good lads, funny too. You're all wrong about them

Best album?

google maps is amazing

i've spent hours looking at ireland and england

amazing place


No one says this

took a shit on my desk and told my boss it was me expressing my artistic side

convince me

>fell for the uni is better than school meme

no they aren't
they employ artistic elements but they are not "art" anymore than chess is just because you may have a beautiful board/pieces

finally showed her mouth lads

I bet you can't find a single Canadian post itt that isn't autistic

ive been looking at the galapgos

step up nig

>greatest British boxer is Welsh

English sissy bois btfo

>Canada is a Catholic country now
queen liz says otherwise x

Yes we do

I do the same with America

Its just fucking massive, there's so much in the country

ummm yes they are dude

a kid handed me a blank sheet of paper once.

video games are for utter man children.

If I meet somebody over the age of 21 that plays video games I sack them off sharpish. Never associate with runts.

what's wrong with it

I enjoyed uni

School can be worse depending on who you are.

At least at uni if you're a weirdo you can generally just keep to yourself.

are you retarded?

*grabs all the posters who's countries aren't in the commonwealth*
*sticks them in a pot and turns it on*
ah, boiled runt, my favourite

Studio album I'd say Aja but if you want a nice introduction I'd listen to Alive In America.

I always find live albums are the best intros to bands.

gas the taigs

you just don't understand true art lads

its too complicated and deep for you

yeah shit art lmao


>your credit score is poor


Recommend me a cartoon for adults like Bojack Horseman related that don't make a joke every scene like the simps*ns and fa*illy guy. What's good among the things they showed on adult swim?

>posts an Italian born in London

quite like maltesers

>the debate is being broadcasted on channel 4, bbc news, and sky news
I think I'm going to go for a cheeky BBC tonight, lads.


>thought provoking
your stupid fucking posts are thought provoking
>can't be done by a 4 years old kid
You need to be 4 before anything you create can be called art? You have an agenda

>video game players
>picky eaters
>tv watchers
>team sports fans (that don't actually play said sport)
>fizzy drink drinkers
>'people' that can't cook

Binned at light-speed.

you're over thinking it

might as well just watch in on Cred Forums lad
it'd be less biased

boring lectures, not many friends, shitty timetable, foreigner infested campus

Rick & Morty

If you think I'm going to listen to a band that call themselves "Steely Dan" I have bad news for you.

glad she took my advice to heart and is cropping her face out of pictures now

thanks luv

>disgusting feet
>disgusting face

Do me a favour and start cropping the pictures you post.

good lad

That's just a money-laundering tool. There's nothing to understand.

Heard the word proddie used once by some east glasgow runt

Only ever heard it from americans trying to fit in since then

these people are having fun and you're not

what does that say about you

What uni?

>google maps is amazing

>i've spent hours looking at ireland and england

>amazing place


I'm watching CNN for the real yank experience.

He identifies as Welsh

What about those great Irish boxers? Oh wait


Protip: Nothing ever can be defined ovjectively. We live in a reality where it is just not possible.

My brother is a married 28 year old with a house, mortgage, highly paid engineering job and is also expecting his first child next year. He still plays video games. How about that you retards


Pay your bills you idiot

looking forward to it she has some cracking tits

Your loss friendo

>that face
>those piercings
>those tattoos
>those rings
>the iphone
>the feet


except nobody watched CNN lmao

juste voated trump

Terrible post on many levels

going to bed

good night

Ireland has more boxing champions per capita than any other country

historically many of the best boxers were irish too like dan donnelly

The film character I most relate to? I'd have to say either Blade from Blade or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

>tfw can't join the neets for allnighter Cred Forums sesh because work tomorrow


Thank you friends. Will check them out.

is it a barratt's home?

I'd take them all, mcgregor as well

Went onto Cred Forums briefly to check what time the debate is on

Shan't be doing that again, was even worse than I recalled

its probably the main insult for brits over here
atleast it used to be anyway

Not sure if I should sleep or stay up to watch this debate

I'm just going to coffee my way through work tomorrow.

Shitposting is all I have in life and missing this would be like missing a loved ones birthday.

lost respect for katy perry

I'd pull the head off you

did hillary clinton shit herself

the cock that must've scrambled your brain pretty thoroughly can be defined in objective terms (mass, material etc.) and probably the degree it fucked you too

>mfw all the good """""Irish"""" boxers are in the UK or US because they all know Irish boxing is shit

He fought 3 fights

>tfw my nan was a donnelly

time to take up boxing I guess


I do, which is why it's concerning.

christ when will the yank elections be over? so sick of hearing all these yank arselickers polluting /brit/
fuck off

Hi r*ddit.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Universe


doing a poo lads

>tfw monday-tuseday is my weekend

>Not staying up, but not watching the debate
If anything worth seeing happens you'll know about it.


What did he mean by this?

Don't know what your point is any good British boxers go to the us

Ethiopian food is dank af lads


>looking around ireland
>no leprechauns

>ask tyson fury for a photo
>he pretends to not hear us
>say we're traveler boys
>he turns around and lets us take as many pictures as we want

3 professional bouts yes since he was a pioneer of professional boxing

that's why despite that he still has a wiki page

are you really surprised our best boxers go from a country of 4 million to one of 350 million given the chance?



Love how the irish like to pick and choose whether a muh heritage is actually irish or not

*kneels down facing Buckingham palace*

Pay off your credit cards


fucked it.

how is that related to my post?

irish have natural boxers bodies

t. Irish with a body like Barry Lyndon

Im not homophobic, look at my CD collection. You’ll find Queen, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys. They’re all bummers


the only people we get annoyed about are the yanks who have a pint of guiness on st patricks day and then say theyre 1/12 Irish

He was born in Dublin you muggy knobhead

I mean they never represent Ireland, Tyson Fury represents the UK for example

That doesn't mean he was great


Listen, would that cock exist if there were no one to observe it or observe these measurements of it? This is a question to which we do/can not have an answer, we just assume that the answer is yes and go from there.
Also without getting that deep,mass and material isn't enought to define it without ambiguity.
>In physics, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. This is often the result of instruments that, by necessity, alter the state of what they measure in some manner
>By necessity

one look at you lad and i'll know you're not homophobic

Because most of the 'best irish boxers' weren't born or didn't live in Ireland

I'M FUCKING TRYING TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Forgot to insult you in my post you stupid piece of shit

Does anyone want free money?

what happens on these islands? they look weird

that's false

but in response to the initial post by the other irish lad, then calzaghe is an english italian

it would be in your best interests not to pursue this line of inquiry

why are all these stone fences scattered all over the place in a random fashion?

ummmm lads



Remnants from holding pens used in the leprechaun slave trade