Why arent countries nice to each other anymore

why arent countries nice to each other anymore


tell us about you already

Va te faire enculer, posteur de bande dessinée japonaise de mes couilles.

i wont let you bully denmark just so you know

Some fag

Yeah let's go back to the good old days when we were constantly at war.

Drullastu heim, Lars.


fuck off codnigger

i love iceland (:

I love Cred Forums, friendliest place in Cred Forums

we won you lost

Skypes pitted them against each other.

but , and a lot of people got banned I'm pretty sure

Hitler gassed the jews because their favorite girl was Azusa.

I'll only say that.

Finland is nice

It all ended when the political board attacked.

Imagine waking up to Germany hate threads every day

para de postear neps, te va a dar cancer terminal men.

Imagine waking up to America hate and blame threads every day

i want to love everyone of int

They stole our land

Cause that's no fun

jews and world war one