1 your cuntry

1 your cuntry
2 what car do you drive

'13 Ford Focus 2.0, 5-speed manual

I ride your mom's ass


I ride this muthafucka

I ride this muthafucka


>not driving

I ride this muthafucka

>Not using double decker bus

I don't have a license

Are you younger than 16?

This is in Mexico?

pero que carajos es eso

Metrobus linea 7 lad

Driving in Santiago is the dumbest thing anyone can do. I have my car parked in my parent's house back in the south, driving in santiago is for suicidal people.

exactly this but switch santiago for buenos aires

You havenĀ“t seen anything lad

1. Flag
2. Toyota Tacoma

What the fuck is wrong with you non-North Americans?

I have a new pickup truck for day-to-day use and a classic muscle car as a hobby.

Too poor to afford a car
Parking is pain in the ass
Public transportation is really great, so sometimes it's even faster than a car

>non North Americans

I live in Mexico City
If I go by car I will die in traffic before I get anywhere

>driving the gas jew
Yeah no, living downtown makes this more expensive than public transit

I mean, look at Tokyo or Hong Kong.

But public transport is awful by nature. You have to share your personal space with strangers. Your safety and comfort as individual is hardly ever considered, public transport is only made to herd as many people as cheap is possible. Unless they make personal cabins in busses and trans public transport will always be the worst.

IMO: Walking -> Motorbikes -> Cars -> Bicycles ---------------> shit -> public transport

>You have to share your personal space with strangers
I ride a tram and there are single seats that always available. You can seat in quiet and read something or browse Cred Forums. Wouldn't say it's so awful.

Bitch are wet

Skoda fabia 2008
Dodge journey 2014

In most of the cities buses are packed full during rush hour. Also buses don't have AC, and you can listen to music and sing along.

How's your Skoda? I passed on a 2013 Octavia because no one in my family ever had a Skoda.

It's shit. We need to take it to repair regularly, like once every 2 months. I've told my mom to sell it but it's almost worthless by now

I'm a month from 24



few, dodged a bullet there

Honda Fit 2007

Don't judge, pls

>buses don't have AC
Ours do


I ride this muthafucka


Holden Astra

>Porsche 964