Can Chileans explain that?

Can Chileans explain that?

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Not true

but chileans are white

That image is false, we have every race here.

We aren't white neither amerindians, we always describe ourselves as mestizos, here is my arm, i'm neither white neither mexican.

Shut the fuck up Texas, nobody asked you

Oh, ok...

You speak Spanish therefore you're not white

Is this some SJW production?

It's hard for latinos to accept they are non-white. I think it's too much American bullying.

>>>>>>says the finn

Oh shit Jesús, you jumped too many borders


I'm 1/16 aymara and 1/8 mapuche, I never have pretended to be white, I'm just a mestizo like those street dogs

It's hard to find non-white stock photos to use in ads

>at least I'm not black

Spics are hilarious.

you are 8 year late to the shitposting of that video

>hispanics in newfoundland
Id honestly be surprised if there was more than .1% in nfld of spanish as first language people here

I'm america every stock photo is a black

Your filthy fat arm doesn't say a thing. Your face tells it all.

Hi america how are you

Breddy gud
How are u Texas?

I'm not fat

Feeling great

Well you taught Spanish America that Native Americans are inferior. It's your fault.



Los morenazis

Hot as fuck.

Define "mestizo"

estos chilenos les salto la termica y el chino solo queria que le expliquen porque se creen blancos

my god I love pinochet O.O