What happens here?

what happens here?

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Narcos season 3

Drug war shithole. Immigrants from there tell me it's hell on earth.

Highest murder rates in the world, those 3 in the middle manage to kill theirselves more often than us.

god tier landscapes

other than narcoterrorism?

seems like an interesting part of the world that is rarely talked about

Aztec/Native Blood is some crazy shit.

antigua guatemala

also daily reminder that there was a genocide of the mayan peoples in guatemala in the 80s


They are Mayas, and only Guatemala, because everyone else have almost no natives, they are all mestizos. Not to mantion that Bolivia is unironically one of the safest places in Latin America. And its not because of mestizos because Nicaragua is unironically safer than Costa Rica, and its not because of Blacks because Cuba and Ecuador aren't that bad either.


Inexperienced president (Donald Trump lite) attempting to run a country full of poverty, lingering corruption, and gang violence


Gang violence, drug trafficking, corruption. Now the President Juan Orlando Hernandez will run for a second term despite the last President being overthrown for the same exact reason.

>El Salvador

Gangs, corruption, and more violence. Two political parties who are always at each other's neck.


Literally Somoza Dynasty 2.0 and soon to be de-facto one-party state.

>Costa Rica

Nothing much


Muh canal and Haitian migrants.


How does Nicaragua manage to keep its citizens so safe? Their murder rates are nowhere near Costa Rica's, let alone the first 3 you mentioned.

That president was a total prick


Tu faltas mis chinos

Cuando uno tiene un estado de uno partido, el gobierno tiene el poder a romper las carteles.

What do you ye think it is that makes Central Americans so violent?

Military dictatorships, civil wars, poverty and gangs that originated in the ghetto culture of L.A. got deported there (maras).

Brutal 30 years civil war, deportation of gang members right after the war, multiculturalism, lack of resources, communism, and poverty all at once.

So the future of Europe then if yis don't pick Trump and the Germans chicken out on us?
Fuckin hell.

>in Latin America
yeah man I sure hate all those Africans, Chinese, Russians, Muslims, Jews, paki's and abo's in Central America

Is Guatemala Mexico's Mexico?

they're in an unfortunate geographic position lying between massive cocaine producing regions and massive cocaine-consuming regions, and they're poorer so state institutions are much weaker, so the gangs can raise hell and do as they please

I've never heard of maras or LA ghetto culture being exported to centroamerica, tell me more pls

>multiculturalism is a factor in the rise of brutal gang violence

Because after the revolution, citizen security reforms meant more community policing as opposed to the hardcore lock them all up pants on head retarded militarized response to crime in the Northern Triangle (aka. Mano Dura or "Super Mano Dura").

Turns out, placing thousands of """suspected""" gang members into one cramped prison tends to turn them into actual gang members.



I've been there and honestly they're all fascinating countries as long as you stay away from the slums. Very nice people too.

I've felt more unsafe in the U.S. and Italy desu

It's true, they are not homogeneous so various racial groups try to screw each other over. It's the reason why jews and whites there make 90% of the elite despite being a tiny percentage of the population. It's just a breeding nest for corruption

Why has no one got the Balls to go full Duterte then?
Flips were poor as shite and look what that lad accomplished already.

I don't know a lot about it, desu.


>Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California. It has spread to other parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. The majority of the gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans (mostly Salvadorans) and active in urban and suburban areas.

>They are notorious for their use of violence and a subcultural moral code that predominantly consists of merciless revenge and cruel retributions. This cruelty of the distinguished members of the "Maras" or "Mareros" earned them a path to be recruited by the Sinaloa Cartel battling against Los Zetas in an ongoing drug war south of the United States border.

>The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angeles, set up in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants in the city's Pico-Union neighborhood who immigrated to the United States after the Central American civil wars of the 1980s.

>Originally, the gang's main purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from other, more established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominantly composed of Mexicans and African-Americans.

>Many Mara Salvatrucha gang members from the Los Angeles area have been deported after being arrested. Namely, Jose Abrego, a high-ranking member, was deported four times. As a result of these deportations, members of MS-13 have recruited more members in their home countries. The Los Angeles Times contends that deportation policies have contributed to the size and influence of the gang both in the United States and in Central America. According to the 2009 National Gang Threat Assessment, "The gang is estimated to have 30,000 to 50,000 members and associate members worldwide, 8,000 to 10,000 of whom reside in the United States.

>El Salvador's population is composed of Mestizos, whites, and indigenous peoples.

>86% of Salvadorans are of mestizo ancestry
>12.7% of Salvadorans are white.
>0.23% of the population are of full indigenous origin,

>The population is 90% Mestizo, 7% Amerindian, 2% Black, 1% White.

They seem pretty homogeneous to me.

>as long as you stay away from the slums
that applies to literally every nation on earth

they all speak the same language, the vast majority are the same religion and same genetic make up.

the central american states aren't like fucking Brazil or the U.S.

and as for the white elites, well i'm sorry to tell you, but it's always been like that since the 15th century

hey Guatemala


>that applies to literally every nation on earth
My point. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows to avoid sketchy places.

Duterte is a joke, and a cunt. He has accomplished nothing.

You really don't know about what you are talking about either. Killing everyone you see accomplishes nothing.


>In the history of modern war, fighters are much more likely to injure their enemies than kill them. In many forms of combat between armed groups, about four people are injured for each person killed, according to an assessment of wars since the late 1970s by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Sometimes, the number of wounded is even higher.

>But the body count in Mexico is reversed. The Mexican Army kills eight enemies for every one it wounds.

>For the nation’s elite marine forces, the discrepancy is even more pronounced: The data they provide says they kill roughly 30 combatants for each one they injure

Look how much the Mexican government has accomplished.

It's prohibition the thing that hurts the most.

damn it's like the 1930's in the U.S.

but i don't see how making heroine legal would really change things


>that applies to literally every nation on earth

except india

When I was in mumbai I went exploring through the slums, a european-looking guy who sticks out like a shit stain on a white sheet, brandishing my $700 camera around and snapping pictures, alone. I was never in danger, nor did I feel as if I was in danger

india's slums are very much an exception though



Let's just say that if you're poor (20% of our population is poor as fuck) then you will feel like you're living in hell.

I'm a low middle class dude and I've never felt insecure around here.

Believe me the amount of racism that you see here is amazing, this is a country where people use the word "indio" to refer to people that are dumb, the worst thing is that people see this type of things as harmless.

Also good luck finding a job if you look Native American, the majority of our gangsters are Native American looking so people that look like that are always subjected to prejudice, being white here opens you a lot of doors.

its a beautiful place that ameriniggers fucked up exporting terrorism, drug trade, maras, civil war and coups. it just needs to become safer and itl be all nice to visit the pyramids

pendejo que mierda haría legalizar droga en mexicaca? quieres ver la mitad de tu país de cholos de monte pullandose con basura? mogolico del orto el mercado de la droga esta en usa, ellos son los que tienen la demanda y por ende si su futuro depende de las drogas entonces los tienen por las bolas

>this is a country where people use the word "indio" to refer to people that are dumb, the worst thing is that people see this type of things as harmless.

We are the same.

No seas imbécil, obviamente estaba hablando de Estados Unidos, monosómico de mierda.

aja entonces vas a esperar a que estados unidos haga algo para que tu país de meirda se arregle no? no se les occure a los que proponen esa "solución" que no deben depender de usa ni en problemas ni en soluciones? dale solo queda esperar a que usa legalice la cocaina y mexico se vuelve desarrollado y primer mundo jaja pendejo

Actually they do have natives (regardless of organized ethnic cleansing attempts such as in El Salvador) and being a mestizo doesn't necessarily means being fully oblivious to Amerindian culture. Other than that I agree with your point even if you expressed yourself in a rather convoluted way. The Salvadorans do have some Nahuatl ancestry which would make them ethnically related to Aztecs even if obviously their country was never a part of the empire proper and did not share in most of its traditions.

Puto oligofrénico.

It's changing on discrimination, look at top government positions for a hint, I'm not saying is good but it is getting better.

Why so angry friend?

dime sobre tu vida diaria

a que te dedicas, que haces divertirte con tus amigos, has experimentado algo emocionante o interesante en tu país o en la región?

dale ahora di que usa es la unica salvacion de mexico putito

y también, cómo está la relación entre la gente y la policía? has tenido algunas experiencias con la policía en el pasado?

Their posters on here are pretty nice

>Nadie sabria que mierda es panama si los estados no se hubieran cojido el pais a la mitad

Buena negro

>a que te dedicas

Soy estudiante universitario

>qué haces para divertirte con tus amigos

Realmente nada extraordinario, solo nos gusta salir a la calle y platicar, de vez en cuando nos gusta ir a centros turísticos como volcanes, playas, o Lagos, pero la vida aquí es algo cara así que no siempre tenemos dinero para ir.

>has experimentado algo emocionante o interesante en tu país o en la región?

Nada realmente interesante, aunque una ves conocimos a unos noruegos y les anduvimos enseñando todos los lugares bonitos del departamento (provincia) donde vivimos, es algo que nos gusta recordar porque es muy raro el interactuar con personas de otros países aquí, y no se diga menos de personas que son de Europa. Terminamos por ponernos bien ebrios en una playa, y fue una bonita experiencia, como una de esas malas película de Hollywood.

>y también, como está la relación entre la gente y al policía??

Realmente no es una relación mala, la gente respeta mucho a los policías, rara vez se escucha que los policías abusen de su poder, especialmente con personas inocentes.

>has tenido algunas experiencias con al policía en el pasado?

Si, ya me han registrado por sospechas dos veces, es algo molesto pero al menos muestra que ellos andan haciendo bien su trabajo, realmente la única razón del porque El Salvador es todavía no un estado fallido es por qué nuestros policías no son tan corruptos, y se ve que ellos se sienten orgullosos de ser policías, a pesar de que el gobierno les paga una miseria.

Con los delincuentes si tienden a ser muy duros, hablo de que les pegan unas palizas que los dejan en cama como por tres días, claro esto no es bueno, pero así han logrado alejar a bastantes jóvenes de las pandillas, los pandilleros realmente le tienen terror a los policías.

¿Ves plausible que las cosas mejoren por allá pronto?

Por lo que he podido ver con datos meme en internet, ha empeorado bastante, pero no lo sé porque no vivo ahí (aunque de hecho me gustaría visitar algún día).

La verdad espero que mejoren, pero pues nada.

>¿ves plausible que las cosas mejore. Por allá pronto?

Realmente, e indiscutiblemente no, siempre y cuando las maras existan este país no va a mejorar, estoy hablando de que el país necesita asesinar a todos los mareros para que la situación mejore, realmente yo veo potencial en este país, la cultura de trabajo es muy buena, y tenemos mucha gente inteligente, pero como te digo las maras se interponen en todo, tú no puedes poner un negocio sin que esos parásitos te lleguen ahí y te pidan dinero para así asegurar que no te maten. Como puede un país mejorar así si los nuevos empresarios que generarían algunos empleos cierran sus negocios por temor a hacer asesinados?? Es increíble cuanta influencia la delincuencia tiene en este país.

>a empeorado bastante

La verdad a mejorado un poco, en la mitad del año pasamos de ser el primer país más violento del mundo a hacer el tercero jaja por supuesto eso no es progreso pero al menos algunos de los nuevos planes de seguridad que lanzó le gobierno han funcionado un poco

>aunque de hecho me gustaría visitar algún día??

Siempre puedes venirte, como te digo si tomas las precauciones que tomarías incluso en países del primer mundo entonces vas a estar bien, el año pasado recibimos más de 100,000 turistas americanos y europeos, y bueno, ninguno de ellos resultó muerto

>la verdad espero que mejoren

Gracias por los buenos deseos, igual ahí en México, aunque juzgando por los índices de Homicidios veo que han mejorado bastante.

Realmente ahorita es solo Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras y Venezuela los únicos que le dan mala publicidad a Latino América, la región se ve que ha mejorado mucho en los últimos años.

Drug wars, poverty, socialist revolutions, far right dictatorships, and USA-backed state terrorism.