What's the best Tame Impala song and why is it Let It Happen?

What's the best Tame Impala song and why is it Let It Happen?

First album best album

let it happen drags on way toooo long
the less I know is their best song easily

That's not Keep on Lying

>all these post and no mention of Mind Mischief

>Less I Know the Better
honourary second

Solitude is Bliss or Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind or Endors Toi

I agree. Endors Toi is close, though.
Listen to the video edit.

>Mind Mischief
this. nothing Kevin has written has topped this yet

>no mention of Apocalypse Dreams or Nothing That Has Happened yet

they're kevins best work desu

pls tell me you like it because of its 2nd half


>any song of that album


t. rockist

all of their albums are top tier pop, this one just did away with the tired psych guitar cliches

someone please enlighten me as to why people like this band???

they sound like utter 60's revivalist garbage to me annnnnnnnnd yeah that's about it IDGI

No, this one did away with drums and even remotely inventive songwriting



t. poptimist
See, I can do it too

same style of songwriting

I know it hurts to find out you were a pleb all along

if you like tame impala at all you're a poptimist

No, it really isnt

Currents is full of festival anthem music

If you dont see the clear difference then you are the pleb

>Currents is full of festival anthem music
What exactly do you think was on the other albums?

No point in answering you considering how stupid youre pretending to be

Oh, that's convenient

Yeah i'm sure you wouldnt have argued with whatever my answer was

Go bother someone else faggot

you mean the only good part? the whole song is repetitive and boring and the reason so many people dislike tame impala

>Yeah i'm sure you wouldnt have argued with whatever my answer was
So your problem is that your opinion might be challenged?

he's assuming you've made up your mind already to dislike whatever he chooses

Well, yes, it's been established already that we disagree on there being a significant difference in songwriting between the albums, so I wouldn't be disagreeing just for the sake of it. All I'm really asking for is something more substantial to the contrary than "No, it really isnt"

Sundown Syndrome. Alter Ego. Apocalypse Dreams. Keep on Lying. Nothing That has Happened..

Ok faggot. Innerspeaker and Lonerism were at least somewhat inventive takes on psychedelic rock music, with tracks that meandered into experimental territory while retaining a cohesive and accessible sound. Currents, on the other hand, relies almost entirely on electronic drum beats that sound far more prepackaged and unimaginative than the drums on the previous two LPs, and the songs themselves are more up front, obvious, teenage sing-alongs that dont really seem to go anywhere.

No, wrong.


>somewhat inventive takes on psychedelic rock music
How so?

>meandered into experimental territory
How so?

Feels like we only go backwards, let it happen, mind mischief

I'm not going to explain how music works. Listen to it if you dont understand what i'm saying. Youre either autistic or a troll.

I don't understand what you're saying because you haven't actually said anything of substance

My post was substantial, and if you'd ever heard the albums you'd understand it completely. Your ignorance isnt my problem.

Apocalypse dreams > Solitude is bliss > Feels Like we're only going backwards > Let it happen > Mind Mischief

No one else is even close

Mind Mischief, Bold Arrow of Time, Solitude is Bliss, Backwards

Choose from those

>My post was substantial
How so?

>f you'd ever heard the albums you'd understand it completely
I have. Regardless, if you're describing something, one shouldn't have to have heard it for your description to make any sense whatsoever. "Experimental" and "inventive" say nothing specific about the albums

>No latenight moonlight

Their BEST song and its not even on an album

>tfw can't decide between Lonerism and Currents
they are both amazing

>not InnerSpeaker

Objectively, Apocalypse Dreams. Subjectively, Mind Mischief.

You haven't explained how the songs on Innerspeaker go into experimental territory? What songs are you talking about? We're just suppose to take your declarative statements as fact? Sure you're not the one whose trolling?

Absolutely disgusting opinion right there. Latenight moonlight is the sort of derivative shit that validates the criticisms people calling them lame impala throw at them.

No one's impressed that you can name drop an obscure non-album release and claim it as their best work. It just makes you come off as a tryhard hipster faggot. An illusion which is ruined by the fact you like Tame Impala. Which makes you just a tryhard faggot.

>Apocalypse Dreams
i fail to see the appeal to this song. it's quite underwhelming compared to many other Tame Impala songs

nah its vapourwaive influences

Hey, I know it isn't anything groundbreaking, but 'Expectation' will always be my #1.
'Why Won't They Talk to Me?' is another unsung hero.

Let it Happen is great in context, as an opener, but just pretty good otherwise.

Why Won't they Talk to Me?>Less i Know the Better>everything else

Enders Toi or Apocalypse Dream or Mind Mischief.

Alter Ego or My Lover Mother Nature are the only right answers

Yes, not InnerSpeaker

that's not Disciples

Expectaion, Endors Toi, Eventually.

All of his best songs start with E.

Worst is ironically Elephant.

I like you


>All these posts and butthurt faggots
>No one has mentioned Past Life yet

That's because half the songs on Currents are better.
>Let it Happen
>Reality in Motion
>Less I Know
>The Moment

I saw them live a couple weeks back and all their songs pretty much sounded the same.

past life was the shittiest song hes written even their old demos are better than that

>forgets Yes I'm Changing

>all this hate on Apocalypse Dreams
>not enough love for Why Won't They Talk to Me

Expectation? Yea you meant Expectation

Who's hating on apocalypse dreams? That's an incredible song

>being this butthurt

I just like the song lol

Let it Happen is awful

'Cause I'm a maaan, woman....


Feels like we only go backwards. Prove me wrong.

Saw someone describe them as "Beach Boys on Acid"

So fucking spot on


my nigga

love/paranoia is awful

beach boys were on acid fuckhead

>no one lists eventually

>I just like this song therefore it's their best

And I thought it was back2skool time for your age

I'm more interested in how they created such coverart.

lol that's not alter ego



its half full glass of wine ya dinguses

Quite possibly the dumbest thing i've ever heard

My man

>not Alter Ego
>not Mind Mischief
>not The Less I Know the Better

wow a whole thread and no ones simply mentioned their best song Beverly Laurel