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Sfw req please!


Rain buying coffee

more art of bait-chan

If you're taking requests:

Draw Yotsuba wearing an MF DOOM mask, if you haven't already done so before

Please and thank you. God bless

Look very annoyed while drinking from a coffee cup

ill repost something for ya
i jelly
hiya rain, draw me a doge enjoying treats!

Can someone draw this?

>ill repost something for ya

Hey Rain, nice to see you, How's it goin?

ohgod hahahaha

Is rain a cat or dog this something I have been wondering for a while now


Requesting rain holding a pepe headed fish



my dog humps the box everytime I bring this stuff home for him, no clue why

Can I pet your head? You

heres a nice one
you first

/r/ Marco Neko crapping his pants

no butt requests?

Anybody else here into metal? Or more specifically black metal? I'm looking for some new bands to try out.
Listening to this right now:

How are you all doing today?

I would but I have no skin you furball.

taking requests


Can I request his butt

Could you draw tamatar please?


What kind of doge are you nimu desu~


Comin right up!!

Pretty good! Just got off work so now im gonna relax all day and sleep

Shes..uhm..well..really just a human with cat ears/tail...more of a shape shifter i guess?
Fuckin idk honestly. Cat i guess

This please. :)

they put one of my draw
Yeah! But pay attention its very tiresome and on someway the anons might get tired too ~
yeah i know but i want to try it. i will make it short.
still i want to know the anons ideas for this.
the main concept than i have its about an alcoholic guy who wants to be something in life, and ho his life its boring and depressing.
and i want to hear ideas.

>Pretty good! Just got off work so now im gonna relax all day and sleep
That sounds really good right now. What're you watching with your sister?

requesting nim the breeding bitch

Interpret this

requesting something of this bear?

Thank you ahasdjdds that means a lot
here ya go, idk if you're still in this thread

Sorry user, I don't know if I can.

Goddamn, that's quality

who is it?


well them stab them bones!
iz b a shiba inu

lol, thanks

:^) It's a nice one alright, a real nice one.
Got more?

Great thing from a friend

I thought you got it in the OC drawthread on /trash/

Why not Akita inu

Morgan from Fire Emblem

I could help you out and do this to you next time you're in the states~ ;)

Yeah I did, he's a friend though.


I see that's very cool!
what a cutie

Not the requester but damn, those cartoon eyes are really well done.

lurk moar
cuz theyre a lot taller and bulkier
very cute

Who says you can't be buff

Cat I get a high five

yeah I'm here, thx Matz

user why

Ready to clean with lina-chan

Do you want a request?

>lurk moar
But Nims, I has busy schedule!

There you have a treasure of memes, and a rare one.

fill 'er up!

No more maid lina? It was my dream come true... ;-;

Slime girl.

Can I see the booty and boobers?

I know kothing about it
AC is on downstairs so here i am...

What a sexy slime
u want something to be completed?

u like muscles bb?
ayy, look in my tumblr, i post quite a few there

Can't blame for going where the AC is. I have no idea what Deadwood is either.

So request are open.
Loli/shota rape, Rukimon, 5 inches manlets,me
are temporarily blocked

Maybe I do~

>look in my tumblr, i post quite a few there
Gimme link :^)

Gracias preciosa~ ;)

Yeah, if you like drawing it. Would you mind drawing user attempting to feed your avatar through the computer screen?

Thabk you!
I think im gonna grab my pencils to do more detailed stuff

Aw shit my bad

Aw I like the chibi rain but detail is still cute too

shush user~ you're gonna make me all flustered and excited~

not rly but thanks


thats your job, user~~~

those are some really milfy hips matz, do your tits have the milk to match?

Ah sorry user! I would draw it but I have to go buy groceries now! I don't know if I will be back...

>when you're really bored and nobody replies
Maybe I'll take a request

Don't worry bout it.

Alright I'm closing up.

I want you to ride me matz, all the way to the base

I....I want a request!

That's why I said it~ ;)

I'm gonna take a shot here and ask, is there anywhere I might be able to talk to you privately? Because you seem like a lot of fun to talk to.

aw, i was just about to (you) ya!

Stay safe

Pason, check your e-mail!

How about Tamatar

Doodle-chan, do it for Satan.

Sorry Satan maybe next time

Maybe next time

Requesting lewds with this qt

Doodle-chan, do you take commissions?

good good
si si de nada, taco taco

>loli/shota rape
Is normal or lewd okay then?

Can anyone draw The Dishonored Wolf taking it up the ass?

Damn nim that ass thiccccc let's give a smack and see what it do

Yes, but I do stuff here for free.
So make sure to act fast.
First come first serve.
Look out for the other two. Doodles.
Doodle kun, and Kuma doodle

Yes make sure to ask next time


I really like this girl you drew up & I'd like to commission you sometime! Any way I can contact outside the drawthreads?

at about 6 est im gonna start taking requests. im just taking care of some things

What have you made me do

I'll pump your tanks full then.

Taking simple requests.

why are you such a tease

baseball batter ninja

thank you

The problem with all of your drawings if you sameface and you chibi face. So your body never matches your face.

But since you have a draw-vagina you get praise where that Cian guy got shit on for the same issue.

im not sure, user. Why dont you help me find out~?

And i want it all the way up hitting my cervix

and sure! Im mostly active on discord where im Matz#5903 because im a ga(y)mer B)

Hngg please do~

oh i'd love to help, show me the goods

Oh wow,
Well no, not really. Just lurk here and hope for the best.

Anyone want something drawn and is okay with bad art?

you're a dirty lil' slut aren't ya? I like that ;)

You can't, she's too pure.

you do know that this drawfag is probably male and you are gay?

Something wrong with that, cunt?

Pedobear getting ambushed by the party van

no matz is grill, i met her when she was in the us

All right. May I request her getting double penetrated?

no, just that because they're drawing a female slut doesn't mean you are going to get any pussy.

yeah right.


cuz das life
k sounds good user, thanks for the input, ill that in the "helpful" bin, but, youre missing point, and the joke flies right past you, im sure youre fun at parties.

How about I suck on them see if any comes out

Can you cup the butt and give it a lil jiggle?

Hey Nim, you should make a full color version of your "Nim-Nim's" drawing you made earlier.

Sorry closed right now maybe next time.

fave position to get fucked in matz?

hope you can fit a few liters in your tanks
if not this will get messy~

Nobody wanting requests from a guy with gimp and a mouse... *tsk* *tsk* you people are disgusting

If I give you my e-mail, would you be willing to contact me there regarding commission work? I always seem to request you at the most inopportune times.

Could you draw this. And tell me if your doing it.

I tried the gimp + mouse life before.

It didn't go so well.
I just ended up staying with ms paint.

This please. :)

Hot damn that sexy

I hate MS Paint I've always liked having more freedom and the options and tools on that are just so confining
I'm on it!

Damn, now I'm thirsty.

probably should not be watching mad max either


Hey drawthred. Is it Halloween yet?
I'll try a request no lewd

I wouldn't recommend it.
But it's okay I'll be around. You'll just have to get lucky. I'm usually on at night or early in the morning depending on the timzone.

Kek, draw more girls.

I know that last drawing with the muscles was a joke. And you're capable of doing the proportions right. But half the time you just draw the deformed head on the grown body.

All right, I'll try & catch you some other time. At least now I know what to look for!

Any requests?

I like the tools on it too, but I lack the draw skill to really be able to use any of them.

I mean I could draw your pic on mspaint, its like exactly the same.

What tools do you use on gimp?


Tamatar pls


Im back!! Sorry i had to help Mother with dinner!

Sorry for the wait!

dingly willy.


...you a dude? ;-;

It's something

Welcome back Rain. Did you get a chance to grab your pencils?

sure any samples?


Here you go fam, if it's from a movie no clue but he comes off as some sly french burglar to me
Most often are the layering options, smooth stroke, and the ability to have more flexible sizes of length

Requesting Tamatar

You only need to post the reference once, y'know

What about suggestive stuff?

ah yes the shining shurikens

they were second in the league last season

fucking katana knucks cheated in the 8th inning with throwing axes instead of baseballs but the ref called it legal because they were playing in their home field in ontario

live on shining shurikens, live on

What you havein'

hmm maybe
cuz its

can you draw this as a boy?

dingle dongle

am I doing it?

Are you a real girl rain?


ohgeez user, so forward~

sure are~ Im glad you're enjoying it, user~

you do know that this user is probably wrong and you are straight?

naked girls everywhere

well i sure dont mind~~

any position in which im getting a fat dick in me is my fave position

Implying messy is a bad thing~

mad max is good though. I would cum to that movie

lmao no I just like making puns

Also im streaming! Forgot to tell haha

can you cuddle with my under a blanket wathing a movie or somthin?

keep pretending you are a girl, too bad you will never be one

Could you do something with this?

Ey Matz would you ever sit on a doggy dick?


Uh..id rather not

Good ol chx bake!!

Im a real WOMAN user...im 21 :3

Uhm sure

like wat, add a cock?

Add a cock if you want, fuck it, anything


Shit you're older then me

Ecchi/cute is ok

Counter-requesting by Pearl's futa cock ravaging her instead.

It smoked a cig after rendering your butthole useless

Thank you all so much! Here are my channel links where your art is featured!



thank you dude!!!!!

Dinner is ready me folks
Excuse me

For user who requested Muramasa in a bikini wearing headphones


counter counter requesting by her hanging dead and gutted

I think you grabbed the wrong person sir

Could you user's post that pic again? I'm having trouble getting to it, screencapping won't help.

Taking requests?


Woha, that's really good!

Can you do her in a french maid uniform with a ponytail?

cute. and hope you have a great day, and meal. thanks for doing the request. :3

I'm dead

Taking simple requests.
I can't do lewds :

Pason, you there?

You cheeky little fuck. ;)

Howdy. How is everyone?

kai or meer?

Yeah, what's up user?

you mean you?

am not ded yet


Anyone want something drawn and has VERY low standards? Hit me up

Can you draw Rain enjoying a cup of coffee??
for ref

>you mean you?

>give requests or the thread dies

Can you draw a cat wearing a baseball cap

Your favorite Pokémon getting it's ass kicked by a Togekiss

you sound like you're dying

Boy butt.

holy fuck, your voice is adorable

Get those tentacles doing something productive, like taxes or fucking anime girls or something.

Welcome back. I was just about to go to bed.

I'll draw the tomato since she's a waifu new to me

good one

thats illegal and i dont have a dog so nah. Plus I prefer big old dongs

Still doing reqs

yes but it will take a while
i dont want to draw the same character

Check your e-mail, if you have yet to do so!

Can you draw Okuyasu with a party hat on

loli rape

4 boob

artist name? style looks similar to other drawfags

Him looking down on everyone?

oh yeahhh

Was your first tablet the Cintiq 13HD?

That's a really expensive tablet for a hobbyist i think

well if you want your request, can you try buying some ikea somthing and trying to figure out how to put it together.

/r/ boop sitting on her knees cupping her breasts

Requesting you getting DP'd and spitroasted

A cat girl seeking a hug from his master?

You make it sound like if you were in a country where it was legal and you have access to a dog you would do it. If you prefer other things I totally get that though.

Can I have a tit fuck

Here you go!

I don't have a name but I've been doing requests since early 2015 without posting a name

Jesus fuck this pic gets me hard. I love the hair, buy wish it wasn't a furry face

you should draw the tamatar

Requesting d.va and Pharah licking the same cock

ey bby you want to arrpee?

user cummong all over your face from a titfuck
and in the titfuck user has his hands on both your tits, using them + squeezing them together around his dick


...........that vocaroo gave me a sneaking suspicion that you're a guy trying to do a feminine voice. I hope this isn't true.

And you should stop posting the reference 30+ times a thread

good shit, user

>Being Silly

Look through tumblr.

You're like a pornstar at this point
>make a doodle of a video you want to be in

moaning vocaroo pls

Lord dominator lewd pleeeeease

what the fuck is this

Here ya go
I actually haven't set up a paypal, you can just have pic for free user. lemme find it

spinning on a stripper pole in just bra/undies with a handspank print on your butt

I second this

damn, she broke her dick

lewdly lick ice cream cone or banana or popsicle or something like those

Matz drawstyle does remind me of her.

This nigga fabulous.

You're very generous, Pason. You don't HAVE to hook me up for free, I'm more than happy to pay you once you set up your Paypal!

Not bad

FOR YOUR INFORMATION I have only posted 8 tamatars in this thread sir


Oh how I would love to but that's not my oc why don't you make them do it? I can't just copy someone elses "art style" for you.


Tamatar please


*blushes* sankyu
hab a gud naite!
jfc noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Is rain still here?

kek, made me laugh. her dick is done.
It's fine, I lost some files (hardware failure) so I only have internal cumshot, no prblem though. Don't worry about it.
Thanks user.

i see...
cheeky breeky danke
the eyes always give me a giggle

>more annoying forced loli voices
it is like box all over again
good thing nobody is stupid enou--
>everyone eats it up

you mean getting its ass para flinched

loli rape


bump fists with a mouse

Just about

lewd vocaroo noa!

plus call me daddy

Nicely done!

Also taxes are important so good on you.

let him join.



I appreciate your hard work, Pason. You're pretty damn cool.

Could I request this being hung?

Finally a use for those leftover beerpong cups.

mouse bro best mouse

Fuck matz

Why do you hate the bear? Just curious

yeah d00d, sry if my voice is annoying. i gotta live up with that shit too
nuway, jose
yes, edups. now give me the chin

>not wireless

I don't really. I actually like it.
Just wanna see it dead. Not a fetish or anything.

First nim, and then you... ;-;

Thank you still, she's really cute.

Ill have to think of a fav pokemon.
Thats something you should ask them about, not me.

>liking pointer lag
>the year of our lord, two thousand and sixteen

gib blowjob bby

Still able to do requests, and if not, I'll be lurking.

...why do you sound so small? And you said you're 19?

My heart, lina. You've gone and stolen it.

/r/ing Boop holding a gun saying "dont show up to the next thread"

Thanks user :) you too.
I guess if we truly love something, we got to see it go.

pic not related.

Hehehe... yo, ossi, do a quick scroll through the thread and tell me matz doesn't want your hot tentacles. ;)

Nim you're fucking great never change

Honestly woulda loved that post if pic not related wasn't there.


im not a cow

i mostly just do non-avatar reqs of characters I know about

I had a wacom bamboo, got a cintiq since i wanted a new tablet and a new monitor. figured it would be a winwin if I just got a cintiq which is both, plus got a student discount to it was only 800 instead of 1000. Its really worth it

Hope you like it~

plz no

double titfuck coming up

>the eyes always give me a giggle